E50M goes Ham!

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Steel and Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used: xvm
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. Still one of the most powerful tier 10s for randoms IMO. It’s also so much
    faster than the E5, thus more easily avoids getting shat on by arty.

  2. Since the physics changes the E5 feels slower, like it used to go 40-45 on
    level ground, now it goes 35~. So that’s kind of a nerf? Still needs more

  3. Best MT in game! :)

  4. Show me bad games from you,pls!

  5. Foch just SERIOUSLY just said that the E-50M is LARGER THAN THE E5?!?

    Wow, nice depth perception m8…

    So now that you are so salty as to be TOXIC to people who actually like WOT
    more than they dislike it by FAR, WG makes you a COMMUNITY CONTRIBUTOR?

    Seriously if FuckYOU were to stop playing WOT and all of his fans were to
    watch Int4ct instead, Morale of the player base would increase drastically!

    And Int4ct is VERY SALTY, just that his brand of saltiness involves more
    making light of the lack of intelligence of many players, not you know –
    HIS OWN FANS, OR EVEN the fans of WOT that do NOT find issue with EVERY

    I am done here. FochOFF! and FochOUT! If I wanted to hear a bitch complain
    about every little god damned thing possible like a spoiled and entitled
    princess, I would subscribe to FeministFrequency, not watch videos of a
    tank fighter game.

  6. Best MT imo

  7. AMX 13 90 reported for only doing 284 damage.

  8. Jesus, Foch takes my argument that BEFORE IT WAS BUFFED the T110e5 was
    nothing but a SHIFTY VERSION OF THE E-50M!

    That BEFORE the e5 was buffed, there was literally nothing better about the

    Now that the T110e5 was buffed, it is NOTHING like the E-50M and vice versa!

    You want a slower tank with a LOT of frontal armor, low top speed, low -for
    a medium HP/ton, NO armor on the sides and rear – as in not enough to even
    sidescrape at 70+ degrees angle!

    Or do you want a MUCH FASTER tank, with better all around armor, that CAN
    actually side scrape, still has enough UFP armor (150 at 60 degrees) to
    bounce really anything NOT spamming Premium rounds, has a TON of
    penetration as well as the BEST overall accuracy, and second best gun
    handling both of which are much better than the current T110e5!


    What it DID do is give the T110e5 a PURPOSE over what the E-50M could offer!

    Seriously, since you are now a community contributor, you are more of a
    dick than ever!

    Oh well, no big deal as there are a million other WOT YouTube channels, and
    honeslty, I only watch WOT to keep track of progress lately, as WOWS is all
    I am playing.

    And since you don’t even TOUCH WOWS (You would MUCH prefer to play WOT so
    that you can bitch about everything all day! And if you were to bitch about
    WOWS, well anyone who knows anything about the game would just laugh in you
    face for being such a noob!) – I can unsub if your bullshit keeps annoying

    Here I thought I was helping your channel by watching WOT videos of tanks I
    actually like, but as you are so VERY KEEN to take my comment from last
    video, and PURPOSELY, likely just because you enjoy being an Asshole (New
    SerB perhaps?) – took my words and REVERSED the message entirely!

    WITHOUT even so much as ACKNOWLEDGING that before the buff (even if you
    think the buff went too far) – It was the T110e5 that NOBODY PLAYED! And
    there was a very good reason, if you had took the time to look at vBaddict
    back when the e5 was nothing but a giant POS (instead of just NEVER playing
    the tank at all and PRETENDING you know what is best) – it was one of it
    not the LOWEST rated Tier 10 Heavy for a good while, and this is based off
    of worldwide average match statistics.

    The E-50M on the other hand? For the last 3 or 4 YEARS has been and still
    is in the TOP TEN tanks in the ENTIRE GAME, often landing at 6th place with
    the Object 260 in first and M60 in second, remove those 2 reward tanks that
    only the top echelon of payers own, 4th place!

    So yeah, I would LOVE to hear you explain how it is that the T110e5 being
    buffed, has somehow RUINED the usefulness of the completely untouched
    E-50M, because it simply HAS NOT.

    So fuck off, if WOT community contributors exist to troll their fans based
    off of logical comments made in a previous video, fuck WOT’s “contributor”

  9. 3:58 That physics though… *facepalm*

  10. Foch is in a good mood today..

  11. E50M is weak!

  12. Not going to play the Fatton every since it got ‘buffed’ with ‘buffed’
    being a relative thing.

  13. Once you’ve watched a gazillion battles by top players in tier 10 meds you
    could be forgiven for wondering why anyone plays anything else at tier 10.
    Mobility, gun handling, DPM, high pen…and always sprem to increase it (as
    though that’s necessary)….what do most heavies/TDs offer by comparison?
    Nothing, other than not requiring quite as high skills to get the best from
    One reason I found the game got boring as shit was the mass of proto-MBTs
    flooding the game.
    If I wanted MBTs, I’d play Armoured Warfare.

  14. you realise my phone makes a fart noise whenever you post shit

  15. 4:48 ouch, lowest possible roll. RNG, man :

  16. Landoforpresident


  17. I was waiting for this replay, since the livestream.

  18. Devor110 aka. Bigcube

    Glad you are uploading daily now

  19. oh nice a new vid :)

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