E50M goes Ham!

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Steel and Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used: xvm
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. First! To hell…. 

  2. Richard Komendanchik


  3. Just about to go sleep… jeezz foch

  4. E50 amour _itch

  5. Richard Komendanchik


  6. Yeahhh :D

  7. The wot volume is a bit loud 🙂 btw I love the your seriousness, with it
    your jokes are becoming funnier ;)


  9. 70ms ping, I wish it was that low for me. Currently is three times that

  10. Well I had 12 069 damage but the fakin’ gun hit twice the ground, but
    though I think it could be waay more. -SirFoch 20XX

  11. You dirty teamkiller ;)

  12. Foch do you reckon that position would be good for a Cent7/1??

  13. when are you going to show the snapshot thingy

  14. E50m such OP avrging 3k a game..but with a 38% wr :/

  15. Nice tank paintcolour! :P

  16. “Cant shoot moving targets because i have 80 ms of ping” Thats hilarious
    hahahah. I would be so pro with 30 – 50 ms lol

  17. When you screamed “SHUT UP!” in the beginning you sounded a lot like they
    do in Monty Python when they imitate girls voices

  18. Well my ping is also quite bad in recent games, maybe around 60-80 instead
    of the 30-50 i usually had.

  19. E-50 stop going ham!
    Anyway the game sound is WAY to hight i can barely hear you

  20. Tank is blue because da ba dee da ba da.

  21. Foch just a suggestion, don’t get mad, the ingame volume was a bit high and
    blocked your voice.

  22. 0:11 – Hello ladies and middlegen!

  23. 70 ping is bad?? The best I’ve ever had for wot is 140ping.. at the moment
    the under sea Cable between Australia/ nz and the singapore south east asia
    servers is damaged so for the last month my ping has been 250 to 300. These
    guys that complain about 70 ping make me sick. I am struggling to get a
    recent 1900 wn8 with this connection. All these unicum are playing with
    30ping grrr. Wonder how many of us would be unicums too if we didn’t have
    massive lag and struggle to hit moving targets or pop and shoot properly..

  24. Pretty amazing job considering the ping. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Nice game! Entertaining commentary as always, however the ingame sounds
    were way off this time, about 2times louder than they should have been.
    Other than that, keep going ham!

  26. Arty is fucking designed to counter OP garbage spots like that, you know?

  27. dude u blue. y u blue.

  28. Foch, go to that position with a t-62, t-54 or any other tank with good
    turret armor and you’ll see how OP that position is…………..LOL Love
    going up there in my t34 and watching the t10’s cry

  29. Hey Foch how is the derp video coming?! 

  30. Cant blame you for beeing blue (nearly ban). Those monkey teams doesnt give
    you other options….

  31. Nice gg sir foch. Little question….which tank has the better camo? E-50M
    or Lepoard 1? I would say its the Leo 1 because its smaller but its WoT
    (and thats far beyond reality) so i want to ask you.^^

  32. Obj. 907?

  33. 70 ping isn’t that bad. :

  34. Next video please turn down the game volume. I always enjoy your videos.

  35. Ahh there was an Object 907 on his team :O

  36. I play with 120 ping :(

  37. Lol I love ur explanation for being blue:)

  38. Will FCM 50t works on this spot as well?

  39. 907 review pls

  40. what does he say @5:20?

  41. I laugh every-time when EU players complain about poor ping. In Australia
    when I started playing WoT my ping was around a quarter second (the
    server’s in Singapore I believe) but after one patch it dropped to between
    130-150! I wet myself with joy.
    Then it rebounded after the 9.4 patch to over 250. If you have never had
    low ping then you just hone your psychic skills and fire when a tank will
    probably be, but if you have low ping given then taken away – suffice to
    say I WoT no longer – at least not until it gets down again.
    So as I was saying – When I hear an EU player complain about a high ping of
    70ms I laugh every time – it stops me from crying.

  42. What I would give for 150ms

  43. dafaq i have 100 ping…
    and ure complaining cuz 80 ?

  44. You should try out that starting position in a Soviet MT (like T-62A),
    Foch. It’s just custom tailored for those things… because STALIN!

    Really nice game, pity that those clutch shots didn’t work

  45. Is Foch ever not blue?

  46. Sir Blue.

  47. “i have a feeling that arty’s gonna take a huge dump on my face”

  48. Well paid

  49. Damn I want a Maus! 😀 Tho I’m grinding the E100 line…

  50. well, that crew is balanced.

  51. +TheFochYou I thought you used a server reticle overlay mod? When I watch
    your stream you have one, and they aren’t illegal – that I am aware of
    anyway… I USED to use regular server reticle til I found the overlay
    mods. Regular server reticle ALWAYS bounces around and jukes even when
    sitting COMPLETELY still and aiming carefully!
    What surprised (and sold me the most) about the overlay mods – is that,
    between your normal reticle, and the servercross overlay, it creates some
    kind of coincidence between the two, where once the server reticle catches
    up with your client-side reticle, it stays COMPLETELY still! Whereas with
    just the standard server reticle, good luck EVER seeing that thing settle

    I remember TRYING to snipe in my T34 with the normal server reticle, and my
    target was about 450 meters off – because of the long range – and the fact
    that the server reticle by its self NEVER stops moving – it was blind luck
    if my shot went where I TRIED to aim it! After a few more, nearly identical
    situations, every time I tried to accurately aim at range I would miss, so
    I stopped using the normal server reticle and switched back to standard,
    and whaddya know – my hit rate SKYROCKETED again!

    It wasn’t long after that around patch 8.9 or so that I saw Circonflexes
    using an overlay mod, and I watched closely to see how it worked, and
    decided it NEEDED to add that to my mod-pack! Once I did, MY GOD! It is
    probably my favorite mod to come out since J1mb0’s crosshair optimized dual
    circle reticle – AND 30x smooth zoom with scope shadow eraser!

  52. So if you say 70-80ms ping is bad and makes you less able to hit shots, I
    feel great about my performance. That is my regular ping, hard ever better.
    So guess I would do 800-1000 dmg more with 20ms? Hurray, Unicum.

  53. Really interesting position i never even knew you could climb that high

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