^^| E50M Replay Cast

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Source: SirCircon

Thanks for watching!


  1. Hey Circon, if you press C the chat stops doubling. I have no idea why it
    works, but it does.

  2. nice as always sircircon 07 man

  3. Difference of unicum player, and real godlike 0.001% unicum. Nice example
    here, although that platoon failed bad it still is clear that Sir outplayed
    them bois with ease.. It looks so easy when one are level like this.. Foch
    and Circ are both just right at the top there and that is why it is so nice
    to watch their replays, no gold all the time, just pure and high level
    skill! GG Sir! :)

  4. Flapablesteak 89

    Love u Zircon! ( . )( . ) Flashed ;-)

  5. I’m loving these replay cast. Thank you.


  7. Why is it your favorite? I thought I was weak (Kappa) and why don’t you
    play it more?

  8. The Sanity Assassin

    Yup Circon the replays are borked in wot… but its not broken comrade, its

    Enjoy Tankfest Circon.

  9. Nice play sir. Love the U Tub posts.BTW I know the UK is under going the
    biggest upheaval since Cromwell but leave politics off channel please. luv

  10. Hey Sircircon can i ask you what mods you are using to get an aim like that
    please and thank you :P

  11. Circon always has more HP than he needs.

  12. Hey circon have you had a chance to play on the sandbox server? If so, what
    do you think of the changes? (Idk if this would be breaking NDA, just
    asking if you think the changes are good or bad)

  13. It is not a bug Ivan. Its a feature ,da.

  14. Lol that E75 what a crybaby

  15. If I ever get into a fight i’ll be sure to throw potatoes.

  16. Nice 🙂
    enjoyed it ^^

  17. its is a replay bug

  18. Wow that e75 was incredibly salty

  19. Hey guys, just a reminder, i am in england right now! Attending Tankfest
    this weekend! Back streaming Tuesday! ^^ See you at tankfest??

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