^^| E50M Tier 10 Scout Tank? (World of Tanks Gameplay)

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Source: SirCircon


  1. I knew these light tanks were not the best spotters

  2. Glad they’re adding those new tier 10 scouts – they’ll be SO much more
    relevant in tier 10 games ;)

  3. My highest amount of spotting damage is is a Super Pershing.

    Meds are the new Lights.

  4. Grinding to T110-E4 is more fun than of -E3 though!
    Especially playing with T30 which is actually a tier 9 “Super Heavy” is
    very enjoyable.
    T30 is a T34 with 750 alpha..!!!
    T30 is a tank I regret selling.

  5. This is why light tanks are obsolete. Meds can be so much more aggressive
    and share the same view range, so they’re able to rack up assistant damage
    far easier than light tanks can. Camo is rarely more useful than being able
    to get to aggressive locations — the only exception would have been Prok
    because of the bush that can spot all the 1/2 line bush wankers but as seen
    in this game your spotting result still far exceeded anything a light tank
    could usually achieve.

    The solution, by the way, isn’t to nerf medium tank view range — having
    maps dictated by who has competent scouts because every other class is
    blind as a bat would be absolute shit — they did that to TD’s and it just
    made them even more shit. The solution is to fix the shitty maps.

  6. when the lowe gets more turret armor than the E50M 😀 dank meme bois…

  7. nice scout :D

  8. Who needs T10 light tanks anyway?

  9. The Guy Known As...

    ”E 50M IS WEAK”

  10. 9.3k spotting, 9.3k damage between both other platoon mates.
    Hmmmm seems like a pattern there somewhere…
    To be fair, it’s easier to get spotting damage when you inform competent
    platoon mates where to focus ,
    how say you?

  11. Holy balls. I’ve never gotten 9k spotting damage in *anything.*

  12. Such field camping, much wow. Awesome spotting, damn.

  13. I decided to be a complete dick, and so i just disliked your video for no

  14. What’s with the Aussie flag circon?

  15. I got 12.5 k spotting dmg in my 13.90 on same map a couple of days
    ago…..insane game and it was a 5xp-game.

  16. This just highlights how useless lights are in the current setup. Great
    game though circon. I’m sure people trying to do LT-15 can take something
    from this.

  17. So glad light tanks are so relevant :’)

  18. Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi

  19. E50M was always my meat and potatoes tank, just reliable as all heck, with
    the flexibility needed to be a good spotter/flanking/offensive pushing
    tank. Really the only downside is the catchers mit of a turret face, but
    even then, that’s not that bad.

  20. Dang, that was impressive!

  21. 2:44 in case anyone wants to know / does not know. You can drive directly
    over top the flat top rail cars to his left. This would shave off a bit of
    time for someone in a hurry. If you worried about being spotted then going
    around is best however he simply drove back to where he would have been
    spotted if he drove over the cars to begin with whihc makes me wonder if he
    knows you can drive over them.

  22. The title should have been: E-50m as a scout IS (not) WEAK!!!

  23. And that is why foch puts optics on everything xD

  24. Oh, I had scout games in ST I and other heavies too, these are glorious,
    when you shit on the system and use a totally different tank for scouting
    😀 PS.: wEak50M

  25. Holy shit! Awesome game, man.

  26. e-100 is the stronk skaut tenk YES !!!

  27. Scoot scoot

  28. #ScoutsAreValid

  29. oh those sick memes

  30. Spotted 9k dmg in that same spot in my amx 13 90. Shit was priceless. Gotta
    love it when the entire enemy team goes camping in the 1-2 line.

  31. i always scout in my 50m, ramming anything i see first and usually get 3-4k
    a game, going over 5k if Im lucky.

  32. Chi-ri still better tank Kappa


  34. Szymon Komla (Epix9000)

    nice meme

  35. Dat spot lel

  36. its weak

  37. Preview of the new tier 10 german scout tank.

  38. Username TripleZero


  39. ahh E50M gud scout.

  40. Second

  41. E50M is weak kappa :^)

  42. when in doubt load skill rounds

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