Easily The Best Livestream I’ve had In Ages

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Source: LemmingRush

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  1. Hehe, jingles never claims his advice is good

  2. It’s good to see you, HEY you look Great Lem ;P

  3. Why you no buy M48?

  4. M8 get a lamp plz

  5. Yes…long upload…love it!

  6. 26:20 Lemming for Wargaming President 2020 #BanAllCampingPreventionUnits

  7. Lets get Lem to 100k subs…spread the word..Best WOT youtuber I think…

  8. Ohhh. A face reveal without knowing

  9. Love the face cam lemming, glad you’re streaming again

  10. An hour and twenty minutes without the AMX 40? how do you live?

  11. My superstitions were correct….lemming is a shmexy man.

  12. Woody Allen 😀

  13. Excuse me wtf, why do you have a face?

  14. wow, the lemming face….  can’t decide if it’s ‘more’ or ‘less’ nerdy than I had anticipated…

  15. dude, u need Maus, it is so big and strong, best armer and survivingbillyti


      Until everyone figures out how to press the 2 key and shoots you in the cheeks, then it gets annoying. Lemming seems to favour the medium tanks.

  16. handsome bois~

  17. Lemming vids are a mix of tanks and ASMR…?

  18. Hey, you have a face, and it is what it is…

  19. Oddly, you look more or less like what I expected. Though you had lighter colored hair in my imagination.

  20. Love this kid…should stream more.

  21. He has face and he is not ugly

  22. More titts pls

  23. thanks for the great videos lemming. i learned alot from u as a relatively new player <3

  24. God damn it… I thought lemming would be a little skinney blond dude with longer hair. Like a hippi look

  25. dude you have a face no way, Nah jk it’s been a while since you uploaded good to see you making content again

  26. jesus christ you look a lot like me. im so sorry

  27. Gosh i love the M46 Patton but hate heat-spammers penning the turret cheeks really freakin easily :/ i’m curious if the Cent 7/1’s turret is stronger.

  28. Finally we can see that you have a face too. Now show us your bobs and vegana

  29. Daym. Lemming you handsome bastard.

  30. Andrzej Luxanna Roztoczynski

    Is this a repost of yesterday’s last stream? I watched like 2/3rd of it on the site that ought not to be mentioned here, but I guess I will watch it here too.

  31. Some people suggest mediums can scout, but what they don’t realize is that heavies can scout.


    Holy shit dude I thought I was white and pale!! Lol ? been a sub for a while now, but it’s the first time I seen your actual face. Follow the birds south for a week or two buddy! Or until you get rid of that sickly green glow you seem to be rocking, before you start developing rickets!!!

  33. Bob Anthony Cabudoy

    that LUCK™ on the 4005 HAHAHA

  34. Mediums can passive scout and can often be good at it but active scouting with a medium except in some very specific circumstances (or unless it’s like, a batchat or something I guess) sounds like a terrible idea.

  35. tier 9 is best atm i have 12 tier 9 and i dont finish them i dont want to 😀

  36. learn to drink without slurping like a kid and keep the good videos coming! You can tell your from canada with your laugh!


    What time of day/week do you stream lemming?

  38. I thought that I was the only one that likes tier 9 more as tier 10. I sold my ST1 and Obj.705 after I got the IS-4 and Obj.705A. But I started to miss my obj.705 and bought it back. It now is one of my favorite tanks. I do not know why but I like rear turret tanks. (not because of side-scraping, I always get penned if I try that in every tank.)

  39. You got a nice face, lemming

  40. Noooooooooooooooo, a bloody face cam

  41. You should hire a bot which fail a lot of games for you, and then you go on the battlefield as a orange or red player

  42. Can you make a video about “stat-padding” ? Not so much how to pad stats but how you can see your own progress in a specific tank.

  43. Okay. I figure i have to do this at least once now hat you’ve done the big head-reveal.

    *Shrinking back in horror and disgust*

    “Y-Your….Your face! What happened to YOUR FACE???!!!”

    Okay, now that I’ve gotten that out of my system….

    Good to see you streaming. 😀

    Feel good.

  44. About eleven minutes in, 

    “Why do people play OP tanks so badly.”

    They play them badly because they don’t yet realize that OP power isn’t skill. The reason they are attracted to OP tanks in the first place is that feel they need to make up for their own deficiencies with the OP tanks advantages. When you do that, goldspam and op-vehicles are only natural.

    “What language is that?”

    The language was Czech.

  45. Hi lemmingrush!! Really enjoyed watching the stream. I have a question with regards to shooting in snipermode. I saw multiple times that when you click to shoot after you aimed in the view instantly changes to arcade view. Its like the shoot button is linked with the change view button. Or do you manually roll out via the scroll wheel? I can see were there is an advantage were after you fired the gun you have a broader vision to see what is going on the battlefield. Is it a mod or did u link the left mouse button with the shift button to get that effect?? Greetings from Holland

  46. I’ve watched 45mins so far and my opinion is that lemming could have played a spotting/ attacking role on highway, westfield and pilsen and won those games in his light tank, instead of farming damage from heavys in city, completely the wrong fight in my usual opinion.
    what does everyone think?
    Is farming damage the priority at the expense of losing games that are clearly winnable? (I know he’s trying to 3mark)
    I ask because my MO is that I want to assist teams to win, spot, push, tank damage etc, not play selfishly.
    But with tomato team mates, am I being naïve? I don’t use xvm, should I just assume its 1 v 29?
    Great stream btw, LR, thanks for the insight.

    • It is always better to farm damage and kill tanks than to rely on your teammates. Plus doing damage and killing tanks increases your chances at winning a lot more..

  47. Can you link that wn8 mod pleaseee

  48. Dude, you are being focused cus you are a light tank in heavies brawl

  49. Only WoT youtuber who actually inspires ppl to play better. Also big ups for the skis behind you 🙂

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