EBR 105 Review/Guide, Gaining Map Control With Vision

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Source: Taugrim

I review the Panhard EBR 105, a tier 10 French wheeled vehicle in World of Tanks (WoT), with replays of Karelia and battles.

One thing I didn't mention in the video is that this tank has a tendency to fishtail and spin out. I tend to deliberately slow down prior to reaching the point where I want to stop to prevent fishtailing.

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Amazing top speed (95)
+ Amazing reverse speed
+ Superb acceleration
+ Superb handling
+ Superb HE shell (500 alpha, 105 penetration)
+ Superb camouflage (~44 with Camo, BIA, Food)
+ Superb shell velocity (1300)
+ Good alpha (390)
+ Large wheels provide protection against HE, HESH, and HEAT
– Very poor APCR penetration (190)
– Very poor view range (350 base), but you can reach 445m with Optics, Vents, Food, BIA, Situational Awareness, and Recon
– Paper armor
– Very low DPM
– Low HP (1300)
– As with all tier 10 lights, suffers from high penetration loss over distance

Recommended Equipment
1. Optics
2. Rammer
3. Vents

I talk through how I'm reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully players improve their gameplay.

“Road to Unicum” full guide and FAQs:

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  1. i’ve met these a few times playing in my tier 8s. They are… so hard to hit.

    • One helpful tip is to wait until they start turning – for a moment it will look like they are stationary. That is what I did to kill the first EBR 105 in Karelia.

    • +Taugrim Something I have noticed that works for me is aiming HIGH against these tanks. With ANYTHING else in the game we train ourselves to shoot a little below centerline and is one of the reasons most people find Russian side armor so frustrating because you HAVE to aim high to pen it.

      The wheely boys seem to be the same thing for me, shooting at the height of the gun tends to provide MUCH better consistency than the instinctive center mass or low for tracking shots.

      Something to try.

    • Ya.

      The main thing is that the wheels extend below the hull. So if you shoot and hit the bottom half of a wheel, the shot may damage the wheel (module) but the shell will miss the hull.

  2. I really am struggling with the low tiers on this new line. I have played french lights and mediums for most of my WoT games. The low tier ones seem just to be so bad now. From experience I know that it all gets better after t6, at least for the batchat line…

    • Tier 5 is where the French light line starts getting good. The ELC AMX was nerfed but I played it to grind the XP for the tier 6 AMD 178B, and while the ELC AMX is no longer the hummingbird with penetration it once was, it’s still plenty functional.

      The tier 6 to tier 10 of the wheeled vehicles are all solid to very good. I especially found the tier 7 EBR Hotchkiss and tier 8 Lynx 6×6 to be very good tanks for their tier. Although most people IMO play the Lynx incorrectly and therefore have a poor opinion of it.

  3. Andreas August Gebauer

    Always looking for tips like these to enhance my gameplay. Thank you, Taugrim!

  4. great video, i learn so much from you! <3

  5. Swedish mediums please

  6. I’d really like to see swedish mediums.

  7. swedish meds pls

  8. Yousef Sangkula

    I want to see Taugrim and LemmingRush do a video together, maybe toon up or something.

    I always find their reviews to be very specific and detailed. Plus, I like how they go through map tactics rather than focus on individual tanks in the battle.

    More power!

    • Yousef Sangkula

      +Ares I am aware of that. I just want to see the kind of chemistry they can build with that sort of partnership. Both are very good players in their own right.

    • It would be interesting to see the two do a series on platoon tactics – everything out there is pretty much either individual tactics or clan wars, but I find that when I’m in a platoon I never really know how to get the most out of it.

    • +Ares I think Lemming is more young than a jerk. He just doesn’t yet have the life experience to grasp the people behind the pixels. But I agree, Taugrim and Lemming teaming up would make for an interesting video. Lemming is hyper aggresive, Tau is more cautious….it would be great viewing to see them team up.

    • Yousef Sangkula

      +ARCNA442 now that is an IDEA

    • Yousef Sangkula

      +Harbinger Zero can we make this a thing? HEHEHEHEHEHEEH

  9. good vid ,
    does the christy suspension improve the handling on the EBR?

  10. Crazy Russian Bot

    Update 1.6 will equip heavy tanks and SPGs with secondary 30mm autocannon or heavy MG to counter fast moving Lights.

    • I would love autocannons, those were so much fun in Armored Warfare. But obviously not on heavies, but rather on the fast vehicles.

    • Crazy Russian Bot

      +Taugrim I think wheeled are OP currently, I dont know if we get secondary weapons, just an idea how they could be countered better.

    • Crazy Russian Bot

      +Taugrim i think they are op because I get hit by frikkin RED players moving at 80kmh all the time, while I either can’t hit them at all or they just absorb my shots.

    • So the tank curves are already flattening, as I had predicted over 3 months ago.

      Look at the EBR 105:

      For players in the middle, per the past month it provides a +1% WR lift, but for players on the upper-end and lower-end, their WR drops meaningfully.

      Basically the more players play these tanks, the more the tank curves are flattening.

      The EBR 90 is still over-performing – it provides a +2% WR lift over the past month, but that’s come down from the ~+3% it was previously.

      If your shots are getting absorbed, you’re either aiming incorrectly or using the wrong ammo type. I don’t have any issues consistently penetrating wheeled vehicles with AP/APCR.

    • Crazy Russian Bot

      +Taugrim yeah, I was probably shooting HEAT without knowing it.

  11. Patrick Ellinwood

    Taugrim, really the best LT commentary and play. You make a lot of principles sound simple and obvious. Makes me want to play some more LT. Yes new MM is much better not so rigid.

  12. Another lovely video. I vote Swedish mediums due to large guns and useful armour. The Italians have troll armour like the progetto 65
    Do you plan a video on the t-103?

  13. YASSSSS, you got the 105 <3

  14. It depends how it is implemented. If it’s implemented in a way that retains the higher gold ammo cost, it’s still P4A (Pay for Advantage).

    Even if the alpha on HEAT is reduced when HEAT is the gold shell, it then often becomes an issue of no damage (can’t pen with silver AP/APCR) vs pay more for doing reduced damage.

    What WG should do is follow AW’s well-designed model, where all ammo costs roughly the same and there were tradeoffs, i.e.:
    1. APCR has highest pen, low damage
    2. AP has high pen, medium damage
    3. HEAT has medium pen, high damage
    4. HE has low pen, highest damage

  15. +Taugrim So if this was implemented like AW, would each tank need 4 ammo slots?

  16. I would like it if you could direct me to the math on capping vs finishing off X hps of the enemy team. X has to have a tipping point. Like 10k HPs left on the enemy team is most def better than 50 cap points, for example. And 50 HPs probably is not worth more than capping, but where is that happy medium?

    • +Harbinger Zero I think you have it reversed. There is no credits for capping, only XP gained.

    • +Duke Frywokker I just checked the Wiki and it is now indicating XP for capping, so you are right! I don’t know when it changed, but it was not that way in the past. If the Wiki is correct and you get 1 base XP per cap point, your personal gain will always be best served by capping I would think. This is a shame because capping is mostly a red herring. But…to reward players for game play that for the most part does not increase the team’s chances for winning is typical of WG’s bad game mechanics decisions.

    • Damage gives more XP and killing tanks give best XP, the games that are capped early give very poor XP even for the winning team.
      So killing is best because it gives most XP of all options for everybody.
      Then again, a win by cap is better then a draw because you can’t find that last tank. And how many times did you see a los when your team yelled: NO CAP, KILL ALL 😉

    • +Mike Mohawk not once, and I’ve been playing since beta. I have however, seen lots of losses when people tried to cap and failed because they badly underestimate how long it takes to cap. :-p

    • That’s the main thing about capping – people are essentially giving away their location and sitting passively in the cap. Most players cap in the wrong situations.

  17. I think you could choose which 3 ammo types out of 4 you want to carry.

  18. Haoquan Liang I never shoot gold because I hate it when someone shoots gold at me in anything. And it is more fun to taunt gold noobs who you outplayed with standard rounds or HE.

  19. Me in my EBR105 goes to an aggressive bush. Maus from G says noob scout after i spot half the team, Maus drives across the mid of malinovka and gets HESHed

  20. Ricardo Guerrero

    Great vid. I’m a bit suprised the is-7 got you. A little moment parking perhaps ?

  21. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Grille 15 is not on an useless position; The only thing useless is Grille 15 itself.

  22. Been struggling in my 105 and have been waiting for this vid, thanks?

  23. What do you think about EBR 90 vs EBR 105 tier for tier? I just noticed the 105 has the worse turret armor (although they’re both pretty much paper) and the back is not even angled like the 90 (and 75)… not sure how much that makes a difference, but especially against HE shots it might actually make a difference.

    The pen on the 105 really is only barely higher than the Tier 9 one…

    I just unlocked the 105 and am wondering if the 90 is worth keeping… what do you think? Probably won’t stick around with yet another EBR, since I already have the 75 and at least for now keep the Lynx for Frontline.

    • The tier 9 alpha sucks for its tier. The tier 10 pen sucks for its tier. Both have worthless armor. I really liked the additional degree of gun depression with the 105.

      Both are very very fast tanks and are worth keeping.

  24. I see no problem with ridge-surfing the mid in a scout on this map, as long as there are 2-3 scouts, spreading their view range.

    • It’s not that surfing the mid ridge is bad, it’s that your contribution is primarily limited to spotting. It’s easy to do so I tend to let pubbies do it, and they believe they should do it. Spotting on hill requires much more finesse.

      By going hill, I was able to work in meaningful damage to break open the east side of the map for us.

  25. Italian mediums are increasingly awesome from tier 8. Progetto 46 is better than Pantera but Pantera was still surprisingly good.

    • Yea my impression is that the tech tree Italian meds from tiers 8-10 are good to excellent.

    • +Taugrim If you like lights and mediums and autoloaders, you will increasingly love these as you go up the tiers. They are also favourite tanks for people like Skill4ltu, but, as he says, challenging to play.

  26. Grille 15 = Brave Sir Robin

  27. As usual great video Taugrim. Love that EBR 105. Would love to see videos on the Italian Mediums I have had them for awhile and enjoy playing them but would love to see your viewpoint and strats with them.

  28. I love my Italian Meds. Totally worth it. But the Swedish meds would be cool to get your input on, so I vote Swedes (I am far too casual a player to start up that tree anytime soon though)

  29. Abhigyan Kishor

    The grille actually came up to c1 to help you when you first spotted the t100lt but then figured he might have to go to base. He was not a boy nor a turret, in my opinion a decent player

    • Thanks for pointing that out.

      I still think he was being too conservative – IMO a TD should be in position to support the lights, if they are spotting intelligently (which I was).

  30. Wow… youv been having a bad time recently too, havent you? Out of unicum win rates/// I know the feelings.

    • In January, yes my WR nosedived. Lots of tilt solo.

      In Feb through March, I solo’d all but one of my battles in the AMD 178B, EBR Hotchkiss, and Lynx 6×6 and had stellar WRs (66%, 60%, and 70%). Those are good-to-excellent tanks.

      In April, I’ve been playing the EBR 90 and EBR 105.

      To be completely honest, the only reason I have a 66% WR in the EBR 90 is because I’ve been platooning with other blunicums/unicums. I started with a 50% WR in the EBR 90 through 26 battles.

      I have a 62% WR in the EBR 105 but again I’ve been platooning with other good players. The EBR 105 can carry in some situations but the pen is a very large limiting factor.

      I enjoyed the entire French wheeled vehicle line. Speed is so much fun 🙂

  31. Chris Robertson

    @18:00 you got hit because the Obj. 257 right next to you was spotted and shot at.

    • So it’s often the case that as a light tank you can get hit unintentionally by enemies trying to shoot a spotted friendly that you are between.

      I watched that segment and it looks to me like there wasn’t an enemy tank who was in a position – largely thanks to my spotting and brushing them off hill – who could have spotted the friendly heavy given the distances, hard cover, and bushes.

      So I think that E75 likely made a good blindfire.

  32. JungleHunter Predator

    Great battle and awesome commentary as always! My question for you or anyone: Which Tech Tree tier 8 french light tank do you prefer more for front line mode: Lynx 6×6 or the B C -12 T ? Thanks!!

    • I played the BC 12T in frontlines and it really works out .I recently got the lynx , but I will soon test it on frontlines. I think the lynx is better because of the single shot gun / HE pen. I don’t like BC DPM and the small alpha. Both have pretty much the same mobility (10km/h difference is too small to be noticeable) and the same cammo . Only the view range is better , but when I was playing the BC12T I wasn’t spotting much .Thats my opinion.

    • I think the Lynx 6×6 is highly underrated. Its gun is magnificent for its tier. The gun combined with the mobility makes for a highly mobile tank that packs meaningful punch.

  33. Christophe Roulin

    THX for your video Taugrim, very interesting!!!
    I don’t like my EBR 90… Hope it will be better with 105…

    • I personally prefer the EBR 105 over the EBR 90, at-tier.

      While the silver pen of the EBR 105 is lackluster – and that holds true for the EBR 90 as well – with the EBR 105 you get a far superior HE round (500 alpha is glorious), the APCR alpha of 390 is much more meaningful, and getting back another degree of gun depression makes it easier to work terrain, like the ridge on top of hill in Prokhorovka.

      The gun and gun depression for the EBR 90 are meaningfully limiting to its offensive capabilities.

  34. Wheeled cancer.

  35. Go up the Swed mediums, Please

  36. Awesome, your movements are inspiring. I am way too stationary when i play lights.

    • It’s funny you say that, some detractors have said that my light tank gameplay is “boring” largely because I don’t move around enough.

      Hemingway has an awesome expression: “Never confuse motion for action.”

      I try as much as possible to have objectives in mind when I move from point A to point B. That’s why I love WoT so much – it’s such a thoughtful game for PVP.

  37. Excellent video again! The only mistake I think that is good to mention about the first video, is that you drive over a lot of trees on important moments, so they can still guess the direction you’re heading. It’s amazing to see what happens when you have a connection with allies and they want to work with you. Even more when you manage to turn the tide and win close battles like that first one. The best thing (which at first I found one of the worst things) about your play is the weird unpredictable short moves you make, like on the hill on Prokhorovka. I always have the feeling that you’ll get punished for them, but it never happens, haha! It’s cool to see how quickly you managed to adapt to playing wheeled and create your own playstyle in them.

    • Yes, microing one’s driving to minimize driving over destructive terrain is a subtle, but important thing.

      Although I try not to worry too much about it as long as it’s not obvious where I might be 5-10 seconds later.

  38. The E75 hit was probably meant for the heavy behind you on the hill. He was probably spotted.

    • Another posted said that too, but I don’t think any enemy tanks were in a position to spot that friendly heavy.

  39. Thanks Reinhold.

    You summed up in a nutshell exactly what I’m trying to provide with my WoT content 🙂

    I’m pleased that my content has helped you to significantly improve your game!

  40. What do you think of them so far? I was hoping for more gun depression. Usually you get that or a strong turret, or in some cases (e.g. US meds) you get both.

    But the SWE meds may be lacking both…

  41. This morning I was playing my challenger and I shot a tier 8 ebr 3 times in a row from like 100m and I managed 3 no damage crits. I was not happy about that.

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