EBR 90 3rd Mark Highlights Funny Moments!

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Source: Circonflexes

💬Discord! https://discord.gg/vnVP5FK

👉Credits: made by elli

🎵Music: Handprints | Gaiety in the Golden Age | Take Me Out To The Ball Game


  1. this is cancer

  2. Anyone else who struggle to play the video? I can either have 2 seconds at 1080 or 20 sec at 144 before it needs to load. I have played a few other videos at 1080 and they work fine.

  3. Know what could solve the problem of people playing high tiers having no clue?
    Skillbased matchmaking, just saying…

    • The Lord of the Memes

      You see people will complain no matter what, but they would rather have noobs on their team so that they can play against noobs, than only be able to play against tryhards

  4. Your highlights are always soooo good, glad you’re making them!

  5. Hahahah Circon, nice man !!!

  6. After how many years with no 3 mark highlights this is pretty epic

  7. Is EU3 actually full of retards?

  8. always that last 2% so much “FFS!”

  9. Youdid bloody good in not-Prokarovka, not-Malinovka and not other-ovka !!

  10. Listening to heavy metal when playing WOT is a must!

  11. Circon! Stop circle and go Spot!

  12. 7:35 head banging i feel you. sometimes wot players just morons.

  13. wait why isnt circon using the top gun? , looking at the EBR 90 now the top gun is just all green stats being added on

    • better shell velocity and better prem ammo (7 lower pen, but it’s apcr instead of heat so it’s better in almost all situations except for flat bare armor)

  14. that mines game too good to be true 😀

  15. At least the Cromwell now has company at fun police hq.

  16. i have to be honest on this one: your driving kinda sucks sometimes 🙂

  17. Is EU 3 down? I haven’t been able to play on it for over a week…

  18. My second most favorite part of Watching Circon’s videos: 3:45 , I get to dance to music while I watch funny stuff!

    Also if you want idiot teams come play on USC NA server … its like crap teams, every match

  19. It’s sad how I see how good the pc Version of world of tanks is Used to play on the xbox But world of tanks consul kill their game in the new updat and made it into armored warfare 2.0 And they also killed off the player base For consul

  20. All ways an enjoyment to watch you play World of Tanks, well done 🙂

  21. What is the name of this jazzy christmas music right at the start?

  22. 5:33

  23. What was the funny music name at the beginning of the video ?

  24. Darn it Circ to soon. Gonna save watching this untill X-mas eve. Merry Christmas uncle Circ.

  25. I actually feel bad for you for what happened at 6:22 I’d be through the roof…

  26. Circ + Jazz, my lord what a combo !

  27. so dirty circon…so dirty

  28. That was fun to watch!

  29. i use pro aim mod for this thing

  30. Russian already has the 100lt lt432 and 54ptwt, they don’t need wheels

  31. where does circon play music from

  32. what is that gun mark mod?

  33. 404 team not found

  34. nice video i really enjoy

  35. circon, what maps do u have banned?

  36. I love how at 11:30 circon was so happy and then he saw it was mines lol

  37. Wow that last game was insane.

  38. 80 kmh auto aim hits.
    Played this game 4 years non stop and havent touched it for 1,5 years now.
    With my +2000 wn8 skills in German heavys and TD’s these little buggers spoiled my fun unfortunately. Still love the streams and vids though….

  39. EU3 is like the NA server.

  40. Isn’t it wierd how the wheelie bois can zoom around dodging shots left, right, high, low and, center and, bounce AP and, APCR off their magical unicorn 3000mm wheelied side armor. But when you play one, everyone hits you and pens you and, crits you and, to add insult to injury the game won’t let you right click, left click to the aim bot degree that enemy EBRs do?

    Wheelie boi bias.

  41. so many idiots playing and the lag is real, i just take my e25 to the middle and park it in a bush and go make a samich, easy $

  42. Razvan Adrian Solea

    i can’t play this tank for s**t

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