EBR 90 Review/Guide, Countering Enemy Light Tanks

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Source: Taugrim

I review the Panhard EBR 90, a tier 9 wheeled light tank in World of Tanks (WoT), with replays of tier 10 EmpireÙs Border and battles.

The Panhard EBR 90 combines a low profile with superb mobility and camouflage. Its gun provides superb handling but is underwhelming relative to the other tier 9 .

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Superb top speed (85)
+ Superb reverse speed (also 85)
+ Superb acceleration
+ Superb camouflage
+ Superb gun handling
+ Low profile
+ Large wheels provide protection against HE, HESH, and HEAT
+ High pen HE round (90)
– Very poor silver AP pen (185)
– Very poor gun depression (-6)
– Very low view range (330)
– Paper armor
– Low HP (1150)
– Relatively low DPM
– As with all wheeled vehicles, can’t turn in place and can be awkward in cramped areas

Recommended Equipment
1. Optics
2. Rammer
3. Vents

1. the premium ammo HEAT penetration is 230, not 240 as stated in the video

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

“Road to Unicum” full guide and FAQs:

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  1. Errata:
    1. the premium ammo HEAT penetration is 230, not 240 as stated in the video

    Additional thoughts not mentioned in the video:
    1. the camouflage on the EBR 90 is superb – over 45 with my crew with Camo, BIA, Vents, and food. Even after firing the camo is still slightly over 10. This explains why the T-54 ltwt and B-C 12t didn’t spot me when I was firing at them from that hill and why the Obj 430 didn’t spot me in field in Ruinberg
    2. I’m very surprised that the EBR 90 has a +3 WR relative to account win rate according to the tank curves. I found the EBR 90 to be awkward to play at times due to the crappy -6 gun depression and the horribad 185mm silver AP penetration. While I have a 66% WR in the EBR 90 that high WR is largely due to my platooning heavily with blunicums for ~90 of my 150 battles. WR is the most easily padded stat by platooning with skilled players
    3. when I was set on fire by the arty in Ruinberg, notice that I waited to see which modules were damaged before repairing. Being set on fire often results to damage to the ammo rack and/or the engine, so you want to keep an eye on that and repair whatever is most urgently needed in the moment
    4. I found the Lynx 6×6 to be a better tank than the EBR 90. This flies in the face of popular opinion, but the Lynx 6×6’s gun is superior for its tier. I think most drivers in the Lynx 6×6 over-yolo, but if you don’t do that, you can do incredible things in that tank. E.g. in 100 battles in the Lynx 6×6 (99 solo queued), I pulled a 70% WR and my average DPG (1750) was almost the same as my tier 9 EBR 90 (1766)

    • Taugrim I’m a shit player but it’s a pain to active scout against these things. They’re fast af so teammates can’t aim properly at them and they have 90 pen on HE rounds. They make great anti scouts because of this imo.

    • EBR 90s do make effective anti-scouts. That said, you can vision them if you rely on soft cover (bushes, etc) correctly.

      Also, active scouting is over-rated. What’s most important is to find locations with the magical trifecta: field of view, hard cover, and adjacent soft cover.

    • Lynx is MILES ahead tier by tier.

      As I said in your earlier videos on wheely boys, my only concerns are the 8 and the 10 because their guns play odd at the tiers they are at leading to weird balance issues against paper armored tanks. (Grinding the leo PTA when the wheely boys came out and running into HESH spam at 300M from the tier 10s was…unpleasant…)

      I figured the 9 would be bad because the fun just isn’t better than the lynx, just lighter with Heat.

      Maybe the gun is so crap people actually do scout jobs with it so it wins above average since most teams don’t have ACTUAL scouts ?.

    • I pulled better WR on Lynx aswell, although the DPG wasn’t nearly as good, but I attribute that to the learning curve of the tank. Those wheelies are definitively not easy to drive, specially for me playing with 180ms of latency with the server due to my location, some maps are barely driveable with that thing, bouncing everywhere like a freaking rubber ball. Lag doesn’t normally bother me in WOT but it definitively shows it’s ugly mug with those fast tanks.

    • The gun on the Lynx is definitely better, tier for tier. But pretty much everything else is worse, only 6 wheels: which means every wheel down slows you down 1/6 not 1/8; it does not have the same speed driving backwards as forwards. It also has worse armor than the EBR 75, particularly noticeable when firing HE at each other, which is one of the tanks you’ll have to 1vs1 probably the most.

      I sold the Lynx, but I’m not quite sure just yet if I’m gonna regret that or not, as it was kinda nice for frontlines…

      On a side note, I applaud how you manage to carry games with silver bullets only, especially on tanks like this. But I wonder: If you’re doing this as a “protest” to WG (I assume?), wouldn’t the same rule apply to consumables?

  2. EBR 90’s wheel damage absorption is really OP. I shot an EBR 90 3 times and did 0 damage with my Bat-Chat once.

  3. Crazy Russian Bot

    haven’t used food in any vehicle ever. maybe I start once I have grinded enough tanks

    • I only use food to boost view range when it’s meaningfully needed. That’s it.

      Otherwise I use Auto Fire Extinguisher on 95+% of my tanks. Being set on fire is HUGELY crippling.

      Also, Auto FE is way better than manual FE, since it only allows 1 tick of fire. Whereas with a manual FE you may eat multiple ticks before extinguishing it. IMO the Auto FE is one of the few consumables that pays for itself, based on damage to HP and modules prevented.

    • +Taugrim not only that, it even REDUCES the chance of getting set on fire to begin with.

      So you burn less and break less if you get lit up, AND you are less likely to burn at all.

      The 17k difference is well worth it to not need to pop the extinguisher every 4th match.

    • That is an excellent point about fire prevention.

  4. You’re going to love the EBR 105, sir. I’m building a crew to go through the EBR 90 again as it took me a while to figure it out.

    As expected, quality and great mentoring in the video!

    Also: NERD


    • The EBR 105 gets an extra degree of gun depression, which should make it a bit more comfortable. And 390 alpha is glorious for a light, along with 500 for HE.

      But that 190 pen is so bad on paper. Will have to see how well I can work with it.

  5. Great games, thanks for the replays.

  6. Far be it from me to advise someone with your skills, but my only comment would be I’d have used HE some more than you did against the lights. I load it first if I see another wheeled vehicle on the opposite team, as an initial penetrating hit can mess them up quite well.

    • Against the EBR 90, when he’s driving laterally to me his wheels cover most of his hull, and HE will not penetrate that. That’s why I kept AP loaded, plus I didn’t know whether I might have shots on other less-squishy tank.

      A consistent 240 > the possibility of 320.

  7. 12:13 I noticed you changing your mid line position so you didn’t block the STR103’s gun arc, not many players are that considerate

  8. If you’re surprised about the 3% problem (and indeed the above average performance for the entire line) i can shed some light, being on the weaker player side overall but having a blast in it.
    This machine can affect the outcome of battles in a way different to both damaging and scouting for your team and enabling them to damage upon your scouting. You’re the greatest distraction. People hate these, you don’t truly understand the extent to which they do, having that gigantic purple xvm target painted on you, i bet you’re probably misunderstanding some of it as xvm focus, but believe me, people hate these with a burning burning passion. And when they see one agitating in their field of view they see red, abandon whatever they were doing and drive across maps IN THE OPEN to end them.
    I’ve had absolutely UN REAL things happen to me driving one of those. Entire flanks of heavies turning around and chasing me all the way into the other side of the map, getting torn by my camping TDs in the process.
    I like to refer to it as “key jangling”. You know what i mean by that. I’m sure you don’t yolo nearly as much as the rest of us, your contribution to matches is more thought out and tactical, something not accessible to the less experienced players, but what we CAN do is affect the outcomes of games in this other way. Creating openings and making enemies commit mistakes, by merely existing at the wrong place and right time.
    There’s a depth to playing these from a psychological and not just a tactical point of view.

    • > believe me, people hate these with a burning burning passion. And when they see one agitating in their field of view they see red, abandon whatever they were doing and drive across maps IN THE OPEN to end them

      That’s interesting to hear.

      > There’s a depth to playing these from a psychological and not just a tactical point of view

      Absolutely. That’s why I made 2 videos on the Lynx 6×6 and why I’ll likely post a 2nd video on the EBR 90.

      Most people think these tanks are strictly for yolo/active scouting. That’s only a part of it. The speed and camo open up a lot of interesting opportunities.

  9. I love the wheeled vehicles. They were introduced basically the day after I got the derp gun on the T49. Most of my games in the T49 begin with a 1200+ damage killshot on a wheeled vehicle.

    • Yea the T49 can really rain on a wheeled vehicle’s parade. When I see an opposing T49 I am very careful where I go initially. E.g. the E6 ridge in Murovanka is high-risk if there is an enemy T49 with the derp.

  10. It is disappointing that these easily dispatch light tanks after Wargaming was explicitly clear that 1v1 light tanks would devastate wheeled vehicles. The only reason that wheeled vehicles are running rampant and overstepping into the role of the true LT is that Wargaming does not understand LTs nor do the vast majority of the playerbase. So yeah.

    • +Cate Masterson The wheeled vehicles are also just generally overpowered to entice people to grind them. After enough time or number of players having grinded them they probably get a nerf and the new lines are granted the “entice people to grind them “balance””.

    • EBR 90 has the lowest HP and lowest DPM of any light tank. I’d rather play a tracked tier 9 in a 1v1 situation.

    • +Taugrim I’d rather play an American or German wheeled vehicle.

  11. Red Hot Chili Paper

    0:46 I looked at the chat and fucking lost it

  12. You make Light tanks seem fun again. I miss my OG VK 28

  13. Do you think that with this tank’s WR better than you expected, you can imply that this tank’s skill cap is lower than most other light tanks?

    • +Taugrim I agree with your assessment that the tier 9 and 10 EBRs have relatively high skill floors, even if players don’t know WHY they are being useful, they often end up accidentally being useful. Case in point is how a lot of less-skilled players will stop driving into position and try to fire at an EBR running circles in a field for multiple minutes instead of ignoring it and getting to where the battle is actually going to be won. The EBR might be making a terrible decision versus skilled players who have the aim to hit them when they drive out in the open, but versus less skilled players this disruption can probably pull some victories out of their ass that they really didn’t deserve.

    • +Taugrim But does that mean that if it really has a high skill ceiling, great players like you would excel on these EBRs relative to the Lynx?

      I’m thinking hard whether or not I should go this line. I’m purely a F2P player and I don’t wanna ruin my 2200 recent WN8, hehe.

    • Yea I think EBR 90s tend to attract a lot of attention, and it’s a distraction.

    • The issue with the EBR 90 is the gun. It’s only very slightly better than the Lynx 6×6’s gun, but on a tank a tier higher. I find that I can more easily carry in the Lynx 6×6 at-tier compared to the EBR 90 because of that.

      My DPG in the Lynx 6×6 is ~1750, and ~1766 in the EBR 90. That’s crazy that they’re almost the same. I also average more kills in the Lynx (1.61) compared to the EBR 90 (1.26).

      But for whatever reason players tend to play the Lynx recklessly, and as a result my WN8 in the Lynx is over 4.4k, whereas it’s 3.2k in the EBR 90.

      Keep in mind that if you are willing to load and fire a lot of premium ammo, you won’t struggle to pen in the EBR 90 to the extent that I do. So there’s that.

    • +Taugrim Hmmm, thanks for your insights. I will definitely go through this line until the Lynx and then I’ll make an informed decision whether or not I should carry on. Keep the videos coming bro!

  14. JungleHunter Predator

    Thank you for all these guides on the new wheel vehicles as it’s great to learn how to combat them. I hope one day they will add German versions. Hell, I would love to see halftracks somehow incorporated in the game.

  15. I would say there are about 8 vehicles total in game where the difference of 185-200 pen matters, for example, if the raw armour thickness is above 100 and angled(Type 59 etc), Tier 10 Heavium lower plates(E50/M, T110E5, M48, etc) and against 195mm effective armour(VK100, Obj 257, etc). So yes, tier 9 light tanks are slightly better against those targets compared to the EBR as weakspots on most tanks are non-existent. But the EBR has enough speed and penetration to pen the ass or sides of corresponding tanks that aren’t listed to the same effect of any other light tank.

    • But it’s not 185 vs 200 pen (+15).

      It’s 185 vs:
      205 (+20) for AMX 13 90
      215 (+30) for Ru 251
      208 (+23) for T-54 ltwt
      212 (+27) for T49 with 90mm
      220 (+35) for WZ-132A

      I am able to tell the difference even with a differential of 10 penetration, let alone 20-35. The EBR 90 meaningfully struggles to pen many tier 9-10 heavies from the side.

    • +Taugrim The main reason I made this comparison is because this is what you stated in the video, and 200 vs 205 is almost the same(especially with shitty APCR vs the AP on the EBR). Don’t forget, 25% pen RNG makes even the IS7 able to pen a T110E3’s cupola. The only extra vehicles I would add in the special case of the T49 and WZ would be the vehicles like the T54 and Obj 140 to vehicles that are easier to pen at high tiers.

      I am aware you are a unicum and sense the force and all, but the average joe that is attempting to get good stats is going to spam gold and resupply credits with gold purchased(yikes) and in that case the pen difference is like comparing the old T-50-2 to the old Chaffee, which had a similar gap in pen.

      Meaningfully against higher tiers with 230mm of effective armor frontally, you will still have to tap the 2 key in any case for a good chance to pen. Can’t wait until gold rounds are balanced both performance wise and financially.

  16. I just got the EBR 90 and I love it!

  17. Great Video great Tank.

  18. Thanks for another insightful video. Please keep them coming. One question though.
    In the second game you talked about the t49 getting lit on fire and the damage he took, stated alway use a AFE unless your crew is trained in fire fighting. What was your damage to the arty fire compared to his?

    • I took 282 damage from fire compared to the T49 suffering 550.

      In tracked lights between tiers 6-10, for consumables I take
      1. (Large) First Aid Kit
      2. (Small) Repair Kit
      3. (Auto) Fire Extinguisher

      I only run Food for #3 for tanks where my view range is below 445m without Food.

      I’ve never trained Firefighting with any crew *except* the French wheeled vehicles.

      Why, you ask?

      It has to do with the fact that the wheeled vehicles have very low dispersion values from hull and turret traverse, and that they aim so quickly. So I don’t need to take Snap Shot nor Smooth Ride. But I do need to use Food because their view range is awful.

      That leaves me vulnerable to being set on fire. Therefore as the 4th skill for my Driver and Gunner of wheeled vehicle crew members, I train Firefighting instead of Snap Shot and Smooth Ride.

      You can easily see how little an effect Snap Shot and Smooth Ride have by selecting them for the EBR 90 on tanks.gg:

  19. These are not balanced with light tanks, light tanks do not “easily kill them” 1v1. The impact overreaches into the role of the LT.

  20. Only channel where l like the video before watching it entirely…l always know taugrim will put out quality!

  21. 12:12 the number of times I’ve slammed on the brakes this past weekend and watched the ground in front of my tank explode. 6th sense isn’t just an in-game mechanic.

    Credit where it’s due to those arty players though, they would have nailed me if I’d kept going.

  22. Thanks I’ve yet to reach this beautiful beast! Your strategies are a real benefit to me as I’m almost there.

  23. Good vid. thx

  24. What’s the deal with your profile I see numbers 80 through 90 and stuff but they’re in no order and where’s episode 1? Either you’re playing a trick on us or you need to reset your playlist so all the episodes are in order so I can wash them in order they’re just spread of out randomly it seems I’m its really annoying I want to go through all of them but if this doesn’t get done with I am going to drop this channel

    • The playlist looked bugged for the last 2 episodes (88, 89). It’s fixed now.

      Here’s the full playlist (reverse chronological order, so most recent episodes listed first):

      Thanks for letting me know!

  25. have you done a video on how to play wheeled tanks in brawling maps like Himmselsdorf?

  26. How do i get the light bulb when i get spotted? Love the videos, super helpfull because I just started playing again. Keep it up!

  27. Sander Van De Putte

    Don’t laugh with french setting things on fire the day after le notre dame de Paris went into flames…

  28. Does anyone wanna play tier 6 and 7 on Eu

  29. For me EVERY tank gives me more winrate than my account winrate. That’s because I’m a better player now, and my recent is anywhere between 55-58% with just shy of 52% overall. I’m not sure if those tank curves mean much. New tank means people play it at their current skill level, which for a lot of people is higher than account winrate.

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