EBR Hotchkiss Review/Guide, Proper Use of Great Mobility

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Source: Taugrim

I review the EBR Hotchkiss, a tier 7 French wheeled tank in World of Tanks (WoT), with of tier 9 Westfield and tier Tundra battles.

The EBR Hotchkiss combines a potent gun with a highly mobile platform, but like other wheeled vehicles has horrible view range and negligible armor.

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Superb gun depression (-10)
+ Superb acceleration
+ High pen HE round (75)
+ Excellent AP pen (160)
+ Excellent gun handling
+ Excellent top speed (70)
– Very low view range (310)
– Paper armor
– Tall profile
– Relatively poor accuracy (0.40 base)
– Relatively low DPM
– As with all wheeled vehicles, can’t turn in place and can be awkward in cramped areas

Recommended Equipment
1. Optics
2. Rammer
3. Vents

This tank can get by without VStab due to the low dispersion values. I prefer Vents over VStab for the improvement to view range.

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

“Road to Unicum” full guide and FAQs:

If you want to support my WoT habit (thanks that’s generous of you), you can support me on Patreon, send me gold in-game, donate via PayPal, or simply shop on Amazon:



  1. 360 gang

    • It’s annoying that the 720p and 1080p versions take several minutes to be available. 720p is up now, 1080p probably in a few minutes.

  2. Waiting for quality to go up! I wanna see how Mr. Safe plays these things 😛

  3. ArtyPreventsCamping

    Hey Taugrim question for you my friend I never play TDs and I want to start playing them but I hate sitting in the back waiting for things to happen, watching my team die around me like a regular TD player does so what TD or TD line do you recommend that doesn’t require me to camp

    • The best TD line is the Russian Heavy line. Everybody knows that! 😛

    • Play E3 and 268 4 lines. Very good assault tanks. Unfortunately most Td players tend to camp. I recently 3 marked Rhm Borsig playing in the front supporting Hts.

    • I’ll recommend the t28 prot and t30. They are faux heavy tanks with meaningful armour

      • all turreted TDs sacrifice too much for a turret. T34, T30, and T110E4 dont make a difference with gun depression or mobility, as those dont affect the tank. rather, they lose DPM and armor, things that actually matter for that type of tank.

    • Agreed. Both USA TD lines have very functional tier 8-9 TDs.

    • as already mentioned, you can go with the lines of T110E3, T110E4, Badger, Obj 268 v4, Jpg E100 (starting at Tier 8 with JPanther II), WZ-113G FT (very solid armor on ridge line like E3) and Foch B (in this tank you need to know when to expose yourself, maybe eat two shots, but deliver 6 in return. you need to figure out the balance of that)

  4. I like the look of the 6 wheeled tanks over the 8 wheel. maybe the lynx and Hotchkiss is a good place to stop?

    • Maybe so, but I can’t yet speak to how well the Lynx performs. I purchased the Lynx earlier today but haven’t played it yet. Made myself finish this video first 🙂 Got the Lynx all crewed up and equipped, ready to play so I can grind out the 2 engine upgrades.

    • The lynx has a meaningful large gun with 90mm he pen. The speed is fairly decent and the tank does get the different drive modes if I remember correctly

    • +Taugrim the Lynx is basically another upgrade over the t7, 90mm gun with good pen and HE, and further improved speed. The biggest drawback to it is that the view range stays the same. The ebr 90 doesn’t improve at all in terms of gun over the lynx, but gains much more active scoutimg capability – lower profile, 20m more view range and better forward and reverse speed.

  5. I still have yet to call these things overpowered. Nobody even bothers shooting HE or at the wheels.
    Seriously when the wheels get popped its gg – they die every single time it happens because of how badly it cripples the mobility.

    • ahmet said alkur

      from what you are saying it feels like you are saying getting tracked with a light tank isnt as bad as losing a wheel

    • +ahmet said alkur well a track usually has more health and while you can keep moving with a damaged wheel, you’re speed starts deteriorating and your turning suffers

    • +Flavia Pitariu seriously, the turning gets destroyed. If you are going at 80 and one wheel gets popped you will continue at around 70 alot of the time, but if you slow down and try to turn it’s impossible.

    • In my experience if you lose a single tire, the mobility drops significantly, like your speed drops in half.

    • +Taugrim the 6 7 8 and 9 all seem fine to me if not a tad underpowered.

      The 10 however is just absurd and breaks physics and is a griefers delight as if a tank is 1 shot health it can (and they do) just race through the entire team to go kill it.
      I’m not entirely convinced wargaming didn’t just give the wheeled vehicles ghost weight after all the crashes on test 1 that doesn’t apply to the destroyed wreck and that is why the wheeled vehicles launch when killed, with the tier 10 just doing insane flips due to how it’s physics model is so borked. I’d be fine with it going faster if it didn’t turn on an impossibly small turn radius at speed.

  6. Nice overview of the tank, and very impressive tier 7 light gameplay! Keep up the good work Taugrim 🙂

  7. Groovy Mckraut HF

    Another informative video my friend!
    I have a question for mid tiers. How can you tell when it’s viable to push as a team and try collapse the enemy flank rather than try hold the line? I’ve played games were sometimes it’s extremely successful to aggressively push and other times were We get destroyed trying to leave our side of the map . Is it reading what tanks are where on the enemy team? Or something I’m missing

    • +Groovy Mckraut HF I think the best way to think about pushing in a pub setting is this: “Is me pushing giving my allies an opportunity to do easy damage?” Don’t think whether pushing up will give you more damage (although that is often a nice side effect) because as much as we don’t like to admit it, you DO need your teammates to back you up if you want to win. I know a lot of times very poor players will accuse good players with high wn8 of farming damage, but a lot of times they don’t realize that unicums putting themselves in dangerous situations allow their teammates to do damage they wouldn’t otherwise have done. The most obvious example of this is scouting because you give your team shots on tanks they would not otherwise see, but pushing forward in a heavy tank to put the enemy team on the back foot and disrupt their strong defensive positions can be just as effective. Think of a Type 5 heavy or Maus rolling down an alleyway while you’re hull down. Eventually he’ll make it to you and you need to retreat, but in the process of retreating you’ll get slapped by a bunch of people waiting patiently behind the heavy driver. In this scenario, the heavy driver has created opportunities for his team that they would not otherwise have had.

    • I would like to add terrain to the answer Taugrim made, some flanks on certain maps are extremely hard to push and there are certain positions you generally can’t do much about and should avoid attacking until you have control over other parts of the map.

    • Yea I think that’s a very important point. For lights this is definitely true – the combination of your damage + assisted damage is really the important thing, even though systems like WN8 are unable to incorporate assisted damage due to how the WoT API works.

      I play for the win firstly, always.

    • +Eric Oldgren to expand on that, whenever you want to push, you need to limit firing lines.
      Like don’t push all at once if you can control when you’re in line of fire and when you’re not.
      Sometimes it’s also worth baiting instead of pushing as the enemy has to move unless they want to draw

    • Excellent point re: terrain. Thanks Eric.

  8. I’m on the ebr Hotchkiss myself and loving it. The handbrake can help with turning on these wheelers.
    I’m thinking to rush lynx for the free equipment from pedal to the metal.
    I’m hoping to get 60% off on the ebr 75

    • The lynx and ebr 75 are both awesome veichles.

    • +Eric Oldgren I can imagine. I made both the tier 6 and tier 7 work so I should be able to make the tier 8 and above work.
      The 15 matches top 10 in the ebr Hotchkiss only took 20 battles or so.
      The thing I need to really be careful with is not make mistakes and not be eager.
      The most rewarding and dangerous is a quick run early on then fall back and support until late game when you can isolate or counter solo pushes.

    • +Flavia Pitariu if you made 6 and 7 work I’m sure you will enjoy the tier 8, imo the best up until that point.

    • I’ve only played the Lynx 6×6 for 6 battles, but my initial impression is favorable. Having the 2 engine modes and higher top speed are helpful, and 240 alpha with AP on a tier 8 light is very nice.

  9. Mile WorldOfTanks

    Btw good video

  10. Would you recommend playing the panther with the derp gun?

    • No, the alpha on the HE derp isn’t worth it. The AP gun offers superb silver pen and a good rate of fire, so plenty of opportunities to track and deal module damage.

    • +Taugrim It is to late, it’s my new favorite tank. Every time i hit a skorpion G for 400 I just can’t stop laughing.

    • I get what you mean, but a max roll with HE alpha of 260 = 260 x 1.25 = 325.

      It is undeniably glorious though 🙂

    • +Taugrim sometimes the funny load-out is worth it. sometimes.

  11. I absolutely hate these wheeled tanks. A statistically bad player completely dominated my team on prohkarovka just by driving like an idiot, spotting everyone and soaking up spotting damage. He did not play well, yet he decimated us. Also, has this game turned into Mario Carts? Many games have died after the battle pace was increased (Ghost Recon Phantoms for example), at it’s doing the same here. WoT has never been a fast paced game, even with fast light tanks. These tanks do not fit in the game. And the rate at which their wheels soak up side shots is completely stupid

    • It’s not becoming a fast game at all. Most tanks are learning not to be exposed to fire so much and they wheelers are fairly easy to kill. Especially with he as you can damage their wheels fairly easy.
      I’d also argue that the opposing wheeled tank was allowed to light everyone up because no one was prepared to counter so your team is fairly responsible

    • Well that’s another nice parameter for MM, they had 2 wheelchairs and we had none. Our light tanks were cowering away. I’m glad it’s easy for you to hit a stupidly fast tank with a slow round, while you have to swing your turret around and you are getting stunned by arty

    • Wheeled lights are straightforward to counter, given their horribad view range and wheels. You lost because your lights sucked, not because wheeled tanks are OP.

    • +Taugrim but no one could touch them either

    • If you guys can’t shoot the yolo-driving EBR Hotchkiss – especially as it sounds like that player was spotting the same areas repeatedly, that’s a skill issue.

  12. Oh man, I have a 33% winrate in that tank! No matter how I play it.. I’ve had games where I’ve done everything right and I’m about to clean up a flank and boom – set on fire, or I can get 1500-2k damage and my team has sub 3 100 wn8 41%ers and two guys with less than 1k battles playing tier 8 premiums……… Impossible to carry. Or my favorite, city maps with french and german vs russians…
    I’m tellin’ ya I have no luck these days. my recent wn8 is even below 2k right now because of this grind plus I’m halfway through the challenger right now, which is another tank that is impossible to carry with. My agro full speed play style does not like glass td’s and lights that get set on fire…

    Great video. Hopefully I can take a few points and apply it to my hair pulling grind.

    • Literally just played a battle in the ebr and I had an IS3a with 14k battles 71 wn8 and a 40% winrate wasting one of 5 tier 8 spots on my team.

    • I had abysmal teams for 12 of the 54 battles I played in the EBR Hotchkiss. The featured Tundra battles wasn’t one of those rough dozen.

      It happens, unfortunately.

  13. OHo review OHo review OHo review plssss
    great video

  14. EBR Hotchicks that is with female crew

  15. Great video, as always!
    I don’t however understand why you chose to drive in front of the guns of the Tiger and the T32 when circling. In fairness , I don’t have these vehicles, so I am presuming that it must be more difficult to reverse—hence continuing forward.

    • He mentions both instances as mistakes on his part in the video. These tanks reverse about as quickly as they go forward. ?

    • To be fair he’s thinking too much.. the way to do it is to relax.. enjoy it.. that T32 was dog meat…and use a lot of keyboard “W/S” .. OR lot of “A/D” not both.. NEVER aim your shots unless ammo is low.. these things are not mediums.. just right click left click BOUTON and concentrate on their turret facing and avoiding obstacles

    • +Auri Garvel what I mean is.. imagine you’re playing a driving game.. ignore trying to aim… just drive 85% attention in that and 15% on their turret facing.. forget about arty also be somewhat aware of them but don’t over complicate things .. honestly they represent like 15% of the risk you imagine they are in your head if you dwell on them you’ll drive bad

  16. VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. B That damn beast I am about to rage sell it but I must be doing something wrong or is it just a pile of crap

    • The hull is very strong with angling – you can angle such that the lower front plate and sides are over 260mm effective.

  17. I see you threw in that “deliberate” mistake at the end you to prove you are human after all

    • I miscalculated. I underestimated the T32’s turret traverse and my tank’s reverse speed.

    • +Taugrim If I could armchair qb what was an excellent game. I think you could have broke contact with the T32 after either the kill on SPG or reset and sniped from hill and then relocate when he hid behind rock. One thing I noticed with unicums is that they always think they can win. It’s ok to play for the draw there against as you said a full health T8 heavy.

    • Yes, had I the opportunity to play that last minute vs the T32 over, I would have either yolo’d around the rock non-stop and prayed he didn’t hit me twice, or repositioned and trolled him by resetting and running away, hoping I could draw him into an open area where I could circle him unhindered.

      It’s too bad I didn’t play better at the end, I would have ended up with a 6k damage, 8-kill carry.

  18. Good review. Thanks.

  19. m10 panther did not spot you as there was a bush in between which was non transparent to both of you.

    • Yes, but if he had his tank equipped with Optics I should have been spotted due to the close distance.

    • +Taugrim hm, i don’t believe optics would help through the bush (burn its camo)… as it is separate mechanic, ain’t it? like, if bush is non transparent and u shoot through, it blocks enemy’s vision totally, always. also u were more then 1 map square away from him, which is definitely further than proxy spot range. thing that surprises me is that there seems to be gap between rock and bush, yet spotting markers on tanks did not connect. i wonder if it was his bad vision, lucky alignment of spotting points on tanks or bush actually covers area all the way to the rock but is not drawn like that…

    • I’ve been spotted many times in the exact same situation by the tank I shot.

      Optics raises your effective view range by 10%. That’s meaningful. When I fired, I still retained the bush camo, however my tank’s camo dropped a lot.

  20. Another masterclass, thanks.

  21. Nice video – Again ?? imho WG has done too many weird things lately. In regards to lights, that is. We have received (8 I think) new lights in the past 6-8 months. Some premiums and some rewards t-92 and t-50-2 to mention a few. Ppl pay good money for premium vehicle just to se WG f@@@ them up by introducing even better vehicles I.e elc even 90 (outspotting, outdriving, out gunning the t92). Dunno why the don’t change between classes when they put vehicles up for sale
    Think we got t-92, t 50-2, elf even 90, lt-432, amx 13-57, 3 wheelies, some I forgot.

    Imho they ruin gameplay for other “small” lights.

  22. You took out that is7 pretty quick in a tier 7 light at 5:35 😛

  23. Luís Augusto Panadés

    These tanks are OP: gun handling, speed and HE ammo. Simply ruined german vehicle that has slow turrets, bad gun handling and no armor.

    Simply are not so OP for other OP vehicles, russian ones…

  24. Excellent review, as always. I really appreciate how you explain your thought process during the games.

    My thoughts on wheelies:

    First, they’re basically crappy yolo wagons in the hands of bad players, but they’re very strong in the hands of good players that know how to take advantage of the mobility and firepower. I think people that try to play them like traditional light tanks will not do well in them.

    Second, the tracking mechanic on the wheelies needs to be addressed, imo. I have hit wheelies multiple times and damaged a wheel, but did zero damage. I think this mechanic is BS. These things have next to no armor and over-match should apply regardless. But, the wheelies can survive a wheel hit and not get stopped dead in their tracks the way a tracking shot on tracked tank does. I think that needs to change.

  25. Thanks for the overview! I got 3 3000 dmg games in this bad boy, but its very map and situation dependent

  26. Question, I noticed your in OTTER… do you use premium rounds for clan wars? Me being in a clan as well (SHIRE), use lots of premium rounds in advances, do you do the same? Or are you still free to play in clan wars?

    • Yes, for any premade competitive context, especially for a high-end clan, I would use premium ammo. Because everyone is, in that context. Same goes for ranked, which I won’t participate in because it’s too grindy in its current design.

      However, for pubbing, if I used premium ammo I would just smash people. I also want to show how to play tanks correctly first, before over-relying on the “2” key to win battles.

    • +Taugrim fair enough, also clan wars doesnt account towards your service record win rate so I guess it doesn’t count.

  27. Hot kiss? Some tank erotica?

  28. General Gao's Chicken

    Have these cars made traditional light tanks obsolete ?

    • Nope, not at all. I may post a video showing why.

      Tracked light tanks have much better view range and should outspot wheeled light tanks, all things being equally situationally (e.g. both are in soft cover or neither are in soft cover).

  29. About half way through the AMX 178 grind and I reaaaaally hope this tank is better than that one…

    • At-tier I think EBR Hotchkiss is better than the AMX 178D. Big reasons are the jumps in alpha (110 to 170) and AP pen (120 to 160).

      Also, give wheeled vehicles some time to get used to. I already had over 300 battles in the EBR 75 before I started playing the tech tree tanks, so I had a solid handle on them before I acquired them.

  30. Nice video, Taugrim. You did make a big mistake by not answering the phone, at the end of your video. So rude! 😉

    • LMAO you are the only person to comment about that.

      It was a call to my wife, and I knew she was going to be on the phone for a while, so I just finished recording and rendered the video.

  31. One thing I noticed when you were circling the T32 is you never changed direction so you face away from his gun- you were reversing at the much slower 45. I’ve noticed that if you let go of W and then turn, it can pull a 180 ridiculously quickly. Sure your turret wouldn’t be facing the right way then, but better to not get shot at all than take an extra half second to turn the turret around

  32. I know it’s been a minute but… Your phone is ringing and you should probably answer it. 😛 Lol

  33. Oh man you really misplayed those circle strafes. Still a good game and it’s refreshing seeing someone post a good game where they don’t play perfectly and get a guaranteed win.

  34. Made 3 bad moves when surrounding heavys, 2 on Tiger P and 1 on T32 which got killed finally !

  35. After watching those 2 amazing battles on your part, and seeing how you surprisingly ended up in the last battle, I can only say, “He bleeds, he bleeds.”

  36. Wait so its not just me. your recent seem lower than usual, so i guess maybe it is just the fucking event going on lol. My recents droped to like 2600 and 55%. I was at like 3300 and 63%.

  37. Did I miss the crew detail?

  38. Taugrim are you looking forward to any of the upcoming MMO’s ?

  39. Nice review and good showing what to do in what stage of the game. Also not the typical open map gameplay of just cruising around on Malinovka etc. The only thing that’s not very realistic in my opinion for a review, is the fact that you have a crew with 4 skills in it, which is not likely for a lot of players when getting to tier 7. I also think these kind of tanks only perform well when having a good crew in it, but I haven’t played them a lot myself. Only a few battles on the test server, but they got changed after.
    I hope you will do a review about the Panhard EBR 75 as well!

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