EDGE OF MY SEAT The Entire Battle | World of Tanks AMX 13 57

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Source: DezGamez

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Today we are going to look at something dirty… Which at the same time was an absolute heart race of a battle by the dirty/overpowered tier 7 premium light tank AMX 13 57. It is definitely one of the most exciting and intense battles I have had this year. 😉

Enjoy the Show!


  1. One of the *ONLY* battles as a *TOP* tier throughout the session… but oh boy, did we make it work for us or what? 🔥
    What is your dirty-feelgood-tank in WoT? Let me now and have fun, Beasts! 😉

  2. Jullian J. Weskier

    I ready “Crazy Buff” “00 no shells”
    As if the 13 57 was made with no mag, it was just fast firing

  3. I think i found new love in the E 75. I don’t have 100 battle in it yet, but I love how it behaves.

    Name: niksan_nh
    Server: EU

  4. Great game Dez!

    I like my KV-2 and ISU-152k


  5. for sure my favorite tank is the t71 with the autoloader. Had some great games in that one.


  6. Heart beating heart racing battle? Probably the Bourrasque, so much paper on the armor but ridiculous gun.

    – SGT_Kehlder, NA

  7. Don’t play much now that the game has become so unequal in terms of the teams and tanks, but back when I did my first thrill-a-minute game was in a Matilda – I think 7 kills after being on my own with c.20 health vs 4. It’s at that moment when I learnt that wiggling (turret and tank) can bounce shells…

  8. E 75 is super fun tank for me. Big gun and sexy looking tank.


  9. My favourite used to be VK2801 with the derp at tier 5. Sadly those days are gone for my most played tank.
    Right now I’m enjoying the WZ 132-1. I love the combat light feel of the Chinese light line.

    EU server

  10. very interesting battles i usually have with Pz.I.C., with the 10 shot machine gun. It has better pen and overall dmg output. And quite often I get in intense moments with TOG II. It can be surprising, but with the tog, usually sitting in the base, waiting for enemies to come and when it begins, there are usually many of them. With propper positioning you can survive very long time and using your full dpm, you can pretty clean them off, but you have to choose properly who to shoot first and then to lower the numbers of shells flying towards you. Very, very slow tank, but very intense moments. F26698 EU

  11. AMX 13 57 is a killer tank still havent got it yet but working on it..i am working on the French heavy line, and enjoying it…i am surprise how well they do in battle..Have All French Arties..

  12. T110E5 always raises my heartbeat, because you can play aggresivly with it, but you also have to be careful, because of the turret on the turret.
    Username: geri334
    Server: EU

  13. For me Hetzer is the best, I’ve turned the tide of the battle so many times with its derp HE.

    Server: EU
    Username: Zero_You

  14. i have won the most epic battle with my caernavon
    papa32ni EU

  15. I also love the AMX 13 57, but the tank that make me feel that way is probably the bourrasque. Because everytime i play with it, i feel much better after the battle.
    Moodnight EU

  16. It was the Bt 12 t in a +2 mm. I was last one against 5 but ran out of shells and they caped my base.


  17. I enjoy playing the Skorpion G. I actually got really lucky and got mine from a WoT Twitch Drop. The shells when you hit are so satisfying with that 490 average damage!


  18. Hi Dez, amazing mind game. GG.
    my most popular tank is TVP T 50/51
    name: Pargavit ; server: EU

  19. Heartbeat? OP tanks don’t give me that. For me some of the worst tanks that still have a chance for good games give me the adrenaline. So my pick is Setter.
    User: AngelVel
    Server: EU

  20. yeah with rigged CC battles and CC RNG its easy to play good

  21. I have the most/worst battles with EBR 105
    Nick maaata EU

  22. I would have to go for the LT-432.
    The rush you get while charging at their ELC even 90 while dodging TD bullets is insane!

    EU Server

  23. I just recently had a really good game with amx 13 75 in tier IX mm, I love that little tank. Is the 13 57 similar ?

    Name: adrixyz
    Server: EU

  24. I saw whole battle on the stream, it was so epic 🙂 Dez firing blind shots and some of the guys in chat started sending him- “low on ammo, ammo, save your ammo,…” xD I was one of those guys 🙂
    tank which make my hear skip THE bit- well, so many….and I think it is not about tank itself, it is what kind of battle it is….yesterday, tank who made my heart racing, skipping a bit was wt auf e IV (that tier 9 german td). I will post a replay on your site so please check it out and tell me, how lucky I was xD
    bolid_cat EU
    p.s.- looking forward for more streams and epic battle like this.
    p.s.s.- what about type 64 replay, I know you had epic moments and battles with that tank too 🙂

  25. For me it’s the Strv 103B, i love the sneaky bush camper 😁

  26. This was great dez !!

  27. Char futur 4


  28. SavageSoul
    Proggeto 46, i love ti. Maybe is the BEST premium tank

  29. Most fun tank for me is my AMX1357F 😁
    Thought about changing it to the regular prem tank but I think I’ll keep it this way. Fun games!!
    kreezjie, EU-server

  30. RedArmoredBear M_E_K

    wow dude Dezoooooooo

  31. My first game in the stock strv 0 where i ended up with only 1 spg teammate left against 8 or 9 enemy tanks and got the cameback within the last 3 minutes.

    IGN : ToIki
    Server : Asia, HK

  32. Definitely Bat-Chat has to be in that list. That gun handling and such and small ammo capacity makes it really exciting to play.

    Danistk1 (NA server)

  33. My feel good tank is the Bourrasque and the T56 skoda. Both are truly reliable machines.
    I use the 13 57 just for fun. It’s an annoying mosquitoe

  34. The only tank I’ve 3 marked is a vk3001h, possibly ‘cos it’s crap with low expectations, but the top gun has 221 pen at tier 5! So as long as i didn’t try to sidescrape against a tier 7 heavy it was ok. The turbo made a big difference.
    Mickleblade EU

  35. What the hell is with that shameful loadout, consider this as an insult!
    restore EU

  36. kv 2 can t go wrong with it

  37. Βαγγέλης Τζ.

    For always and forever….
    Pz. Kpfw. IV H.!!!
    Username ET75
    Server EU

  38. One of my favorite is the toy tank ELC Elven fun to hide fun to run like crazy to dodge shell when you are spotted 🙂
    Name : RoMiX_Fr
    Server : EU

  39. That was a awesome game on stream! HoooowWweEEEeeeEE! Eu yhhy

  40. Just got my first top gun and ace tanker today 🙂


  41. I think T-34 with the small gun but it might be because im not a good player.

  42. Obj 263… It can be a beast… 😁
    Name: EickhardtSr
    Server: EU

  43. nice game 😀

  44. Scorpion g the best matches I have…
    EU server

  45. bourrasque

    IGN: hennyjr
    server: EU

  46. Ive been playing the T69, Aside from its terrible gun penetration, its actually a decent and fun tank to play

    Username: raprap272
    Server: Asia

  47. I love my U252 it bounced and has a great gun Folkisher on NA

  48. A cracking replay – and an impressive bluff. That would never have worked for me.

    I don’t know why, but it feels like the Pudel is my most consistent tank. It’s not been the most heart stopping though – I think that’s been the tech tree Cromwell. When RNG works for that tank it is a joy

    DunDiggin on EU server

  49. My heart was racing the most in a game with AMX AC 46, had an amazing game with it!
    Username: david_100
    Server: EU

  50. I enjoy to olay with my wz-111 . its my first prem rank and it was from marathone, didn’t pay em. And i like it, easy ace tanker.

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