Editorial // “My wallet, he is already dead inside”

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Source: PointyHairedJedi

We’ve been getting a lot new premiums sold as bundles with inflated prices recently, so much so that it’s almost become norm in both WoT and WoWS. And that, that is something of a problem.


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  1. Luka Žnidaršič

    Very well said, Jedi, I agree 100% with you and I do think your idea about
    the pricing is correct. Also, AW is very likely a big reason for the price
    inflations as well-to milk as as much as possible, before we leave and
    start playing AW(as it’s way more balanced and the developers are way more
    responsive, do important stuff better and faster and also pay A LOT more
    attention to the users-also the artillery thing…why the actual f*** did
    WG need AW to come up with a different, way better mechanic of arty, if
    ANYTHING else is better than what artillery is right now). I also respect
    you taking a stand up to WG-I actually dont even wanna hear about the
    tanks, if I will not ever be able to afford them(or, if then my conscience
    would tell me I’m an idiot, for the rest of my life). I hope other
    youtubers also make a stand with you, as it seems that’s the only way for
    WG to change something(as logics and general opinion is not what they care
    about-only the worsened cash flow will change anything at all).
    What they probably think is-EU and NA people are rich, so they should pay
    for everybody-especially the poor Russians(kind of like what the mindset
    “previous” political system in Russia(Soviet Union) was-communist way). But
    they are using the sickest capitalist ways to fuel their greed. Does
    anybody else see this as ironic, as I think it is?

  2. Brotherly Guidance!

    Good video, one of the reasons I stopped playing earlier this April.

  3. Agreed as most of the other people who’ve commented so far. It isn’t
    necessarily doing WG any good either because these price rises are the only
    reason I’ve not brought a premium since January or February. I have
    disposable income & I am happy to treat myself but there are limits when
    what you’re buying amounts pixels.

  4. Jedi, an idea. Why don’t you give us a video of a premium that is a better
    option than these packages? Is there any premium available in the ingame
    shop for just gold, that you consider value for money, fun to play, not too
    expensive etc.? Maybe even do the best tier 6, the best tier 7 and the best
    tier 8 premium? At least you will then earn some money with the video and
    you will help your viewers. A win for both sides.

  5. Got a poll running on the forums about this. Put this and an AgeingJedi
    video up in there. Anyone who wants to register their opinion on the forums
    please pop over, vote and post an opinion

    Can’t post a link here but just search for “WOT to do about Bundles” on the
    General section

  6. well said Jedi!

  7. Well said Jedi. Nice to see a YouTuber/streamer/community contributor
    finally speak up on this topic. Wargaming won’t be seeing another $ from my
    wallet. With the exchange rate as it stands those $50USD packages are now
    $70+ for me.

  8. EU special, £22 for a tier 7 Panther M10 (and gold) or £20 for the Panther
    8.8 or other tier 8 prem…

  9. Well you knocked it out o park with this vid Jedi. You’ve totally captured
    my feelings towards WG right now! Last month my 1 year prem account
    expired, and it is now 25% more than a year ago. Okay exchange rates may be
    at play, but what WG want for premium buys a lot on steam. And premium tank
    pricing, well I bought most of the premiums up to T7 in the lines that
    interest me, but with the current packages WG can go jump. No more premium
    time for me, no more premium tanks ( or ships ). I don’t regret the money I
    have spent on WOT, a lttle here and there I felt only fair to support the
    game, but the micro transactions feel more macro now! And down here in NZ
    it feels likethe ping to SEA is getting worse and worse, but that is
    another story….

  10. Jedi i salute u sir & full support your decision, u r a very honourable man
    who has said what many think & r willing to take a stand.
    I have wanted a Waspit since I started playing but missed out on the last
    sale but as soon as I saw it was in a bundle & really over priced I didn’t
    buy it which sucks but I now refuse to pay over the top prices & would only
    buy it as a stand alone item.
    Keep up the good work & like oh so many I give u my full support ☺

  11. Totaly with you on this one Jedi!

  12. The really frustrating thing is that the packages used to be good. Now
    they’ve just become a means of squeezing more cash out of the consumers. I
    remember the Soviet TD bundle ages back, which was probably one of the best
    I’ve seen them put on the gift shop. That gave both of the Soviet premium
    TDs (at the time) at a really good price, with extras thrown in on top of
    that as well at no extra cost, think it was like a £20-25 package. Good
    luck getting good value on any of the current packages (read: inflated
    premium vehicles with shit you’re not after).

  13. Well said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. 1700 mxn for the BT-SV? i mean it has 6500 gold and 6.5M credits AND a
    month of premium BUT, thats a whole bunch of…. ¬¬ even the kv-220 wasn’t
    has obvious , its ridiculous at best

  15. Well said sir, it is just the same on the SEA server. I don’t often press
    that like button, but this one got the big thumbs up.

  16. I did get the Tirpitz as Birthday present, It will be the last package. The
    Kannonan Panzer on the NA server I looked at it and laughed. I have 12 x
    Tier 8 Prems and will never buy one if it is a more expensive package. In
    fact I have not going more than 2 months without getting a new Tier 8 Prem.
    That was until 4 months ago and have stopped buying.

    “The Hellhound” – BT-SV SpecialOffer expires in 9 d. 155.99 NZD (99.99 USD)
    garage slot in World of Tanks; 6500 gold;
    6.500.000 credits in World of Tanks; 30 days of premium. That is a Joke in
    very bad taste.

    I totally agree. I can only play on NA server. The lie of New Zealand has a
    better connection to Asia is a Physical impossibility. I get a message
    every now and then I should change to South Asia server.

    I am playing Warships until my Prem time runs out. then will wait till
    Christmas keeping an eye on the WoT website to see if Wargaming.net becomes
    reasonable again. before they get anymore money.

  17. Even more strange is the weekly token for missing a mission weekend – the
    cost is no where near the reward – seriously!

  18. Well said, here, here. I have been feeling the same so have not bought the
    last few ones and don’t plan to buy future ones.

    I don’t particularity mind the bundles as much where you get the tank free
    if you buy the gold and such like and of course I will eventually use it so
    it’s not wasted. Although I find this frustrating and it feels non
    rewarding to buy this way. Along with them normally being the low tier
    ones. If they did this with the new higher tier ones I would feel better –
    if they want us to spend more give us a ‘bargain’ for doing so.

  19. Stovell Harry James

    o video on Youtube that only positive comments can come from, I take my hat
    to you Sir.

  20. The people in the meeting that agreed to these methods of ripping off
    players should be slapped hard, and sacked! Maybe send them to the Gulag.

  21. Preach on Jedi, you have the right of it. That is why I haven’t bought the

  22. It is absolutely ridiculous the way they are treating their customers.

  23. monkeystandoffsucks

    If WG releases their “limited edition” tanks into the in-game tech tree,
    they will end up making more money than they currently would in the long

  24. PHJ, I back up what you said, I liked your video because of what your
    comments were. I am getting tired of these overpriced packages, and a few
    other things. So I will stop buying for a bit, untill they release
    something that I figure I need for a crew trainer for. The “Ancient
    Weapons” event was boogus, 2 of the tanks I see for sale 2-3 times a year,
    NA server never saw the M56 Scorpion appearance, so I am annoyed heavily.
    Comments guy must agree with you, he never said anything this time.

  25. WG greed. IMHO, it’s too extravagant for pixel tanks.

  26. Agreed!

  27. To be honest, I’m probably the kind of guy the bundles are aimed towards.
    Mainly because I don’t actually buy premium tanks/ships that often and a
    bundle sounds good as I don’t buy premium that often, either. But even I
    had to take a step back and go “what the Hell”? when I saw how stuff like
    the Tirpitz was stuck in nothing but bundles.

    Honestly, I was tempted even so because I am running low on premium time
    and I certainly don’t mind boosting my progression with signals. But seeing
    stuff coming from Oake and yourself like this I tend to agree, this is just
    bullshit from Wargaming. At the very least they should be offering these
    ships and tanks as on the RU server, as both with and without bundles, so
    that customers can get the value they think is appropriate. It’s not
    costing them anything significant to have the digital goods in separate
    bundles, after all. Hell, I’m betting all the purchase does is flip a few
    bits from 1s to 0s (or vice versa) and that lets the game client/server
    know that you can use the digital toy that’s already in the game to begin
    with. It cannot be that hard to offer a slightly cheaper price to flip a
    few less bits.

    So yeah, I’m with you guys. I may be the kind of player who likes bundles,
    but if this is the shit they’re going to pull, Wargaming can suck exhaust

  28. N1 Jedi. WG need to be called out on their greedy bundle tactics.

  29. Well said!

  30. 100% agree with you concerning the inflated prices WOT are charging us. I
    only wish all the youtube contributors would come together as a group over

  31. Miodrag Mijatović

    When low on cash, go full pirate. Arrrgh!

  32. Good on you Jedi, EU getting hit way too much with this, The Rus servers
    are able to pick up the tanks without the package..

  33. I want that sherman.

  34. Another point is the not unified gold and Freeexp between WoT/WoWP and
    WoWS. Pure money grabbing.
    BTW: The AMX 13 57 F was package-only too.

  35. M. Ripper-Wallace

    Liked and agreed with. It is rather eye-watering having to pay £36.89 for
    what is a tier 6 premium + Enough gold to buy a Murmansk in game (if you
    don’t already have one) + 2250 gold + 30 days of premium time.

    With an equivalent perhaps being between £10 and £11 for a Tier 6 premium
    tank in WoT.
    A Murmansk costs £9.50, some napkin maths going off the average price of a
    single piece of gold (using 30,500G = £73.78 and 14,500G = £36.98 as a
    reference with rounding to second decimal), about £6.50 for 2250 gold,
    still means the Warspite is £20.89 or so. Maybe £15 if you factor in the
    premium time.

    The same can be said of all standard premiums in WoWs being higher compared
    to the prices of equivalent tiered premium tanks in WoT, though those
    prices do go back a bit (How long has the SU-100Y been in game nowadays?).

    Perhaps packages are openly blatant about this phenomenon of increased
    pricing, but it isn’t the only thing affected by this trend. Unless WG is
    pricing ships in relation to their actual cost as compared to a tank.

  36. hear, hear! ;)

  37. Spot On, good man.

  38. like #334. stay pointy jedi.

  39. i have never bought a tank as part of a package from WG, they never seem
    like a very attractive offer

  40. Serb need moonbase

  41. This is the latest special on the NA server


    This package contains:

    100% crew – bonus;
    garage slot in World of Tanks;
    6500 gold;
    6.500.000 credits in World of Tanks;
    30 days of premium.

    Last week it was this in a bundle:

    $49.99 Kanonenjagdpanzer

  42. JimmyRustler_SaltMiner

    I’m with you 100% mate. They’re taking the piss and, aside from the Skoda
    (because I really really really really want it), I won’t be giving any more
    money to WG until they get their shit together.

    You should probably link this video on Reddit too, just to get your voice
    heard by more people.

  43. Go Jedi – great video about a very important topic. WG should listen to its
    customers. Sell the vehicles / boats by themselves to lower prices and you
    get more sales.

  44. Pointy, I support your commentary here, thank you. I have only bought
    things from WG twice. Mostly because wanted some of what gold could buy me.
    But I hate spending money on the game and will rarely ever do so. I don’t
    buy gold ammo, and I certainly will not be spending money on a mediocre
    tank and a bunch of extra shit I don’t need. This new strategy on the part
    of WG feels to me like they just got some new marketing ideas from
    somewhere and have the greed raging.

  45. Totally agree.

  46. Fully agreed. It’s why I didn’t buy the Torpitz

  47. Wll jedi i really fancied the Kanonenpanzer after seeing one for real and
    it was your review that convinced me that it was a waste of money. So far i
    haven’t seen a single one in game either so maybe folks are voting with
    their wallets already. On the wargaming front it just sound like pure
    corporate greed, nothing more. nothing less.

  48. Not sure about the EU server, but here on NA the BT-SV was made available
    in one of these packages, and you know what the price was in Canadian
    dollars? $100. To put it in perspective, the Lowe is $70 CAD on its own.
    And surprise surprise it’s part of a package containing the tank, garage
    slot, 30 days of premium, 6500 gold, and 6.5 MILLION credits. Now if that’s
    not the epitome of bullshit price inflation with packages, I don’t know
    what is. I mean sure it’s a super rare tank, but making this novel but
    otherwise run-of-the-mill tier 3 premium tank cost 30% more than the most
    expensive tier 8 premium tank, which makes exceptionally good credit
    income, is just absolutely preposterous. I can understand putting the BT-SV
    in a package because it is a novel tank, but this is just too much. Cut the
    price in half and maybe we got a deal.

  49. Well done sir. I am an American, I run a premium account, i buy gold fairly
    regularly and do buy the occasional premium, BUT, these packages that have
    popped up are beyond what i am willing to spend. I could buy an entire game
    for the price of these “special bundles”. If WG does not take a step back
    and reconsider what they are doing, I may very well need to start spending
    that money on other games. WG, you have a decent game (some balance issues)
    that i enjoy and have put a great deal of time into, but if you continue
    down this path, i will go elsewhere and i doubt I will be alone as I play
    with 1/2 a dozen IRL friends who also run premium accounts, buy gold and
    the occasional premium… I shouldn’t have to explain how this works to a

  50. BTW all these unique things come back with smaller packages or as reward…
    think Tog2 or E25

  51. It started around Xmas 2 years ago with the KV-220 +PointyHairedJedi
    !!!Last year there was the BT-SV and don’t forget the Pz2 j for free with
    100 euros of gold…

  52. Well spoken Jedi and I’m happy to see one of my favourite WOT Youtubers
    speak his mind about this package run wild actions from WG.
    My wallet can take it (yes, I’m one of those with both age and income 🙂
    but it just isn’t right what’s goind on here.

  53. Can’t you play without caption guy? Ha Ha Ha! Just kidding. With regards to
    your commentary; I am willing to pay money for vehicles and premium time
    etc, but I also do not like the new packages and for that matter the
    vehicles they’ve been putting out lately. I don’t see many Type 59 Pattons
    anymore, I would bet a lot of people felt buyers remorse with them. The
    Kanonen Panzer is a watered down E-25 and I don’t see many of those either.
    The older vehicles they reintroduce are good, but too expensive! I really
    like the game (with all it’s flaws) but I am getting closer to becoming a
    play for free kind of guy. I have several premium tanks that I can grind
    for credits, so once my premium ends, I will more than likely not renew it
    until/unless WG starts being more reasonable. If theings continue to get
    worse, I think I will give WT Ground Forces another look.

  54. Here here well said PHJ decided this when Tirpitz came out.

    Waited 3 years for first USA premium TD then refused to buy it because of
    bundle. The more we stand up for ourselves the more likely we are to

    I’ve got a dozen premiums and play with a premium account but recently they
    are just taking the p!ss.

  55. Totally agree, well done Jedi. I pulled the plug on this game entirely a
    few months ago. Just got too ridiculous with their money grabs. Play ARK
    survival mostly now and enjoy it more for a much better deal than 1 tank in

  56. They’re not shooting them selves in the foot. They got mixed up and aimed
    at their heads

  57. In these kind of circumstances prices are always at the mercy of the
    consumer. Sadly too many people are willing to spend $80-100 on these
    packages because they are in need of the gold or premium time. As you said
    in your video many of us aren’t though so it is really short-sighted of WG
    not to give consumers more options. Perhaps they will wise up in the long
    run, but for now I can say I won’t be buying any additional premium tanks
    or ships for the foreseeable future. I bought the Japanese t6 Tiger and wow
    did I regret that one. :D

  58. So I am not alone with these kind of thoughts…

  59. Sorry to say this, but it seems that enough people are buying these
    expensive packages.

  60. Yes you re right. The “video” reminds me the talk of the train game…. Do
    you ever play again?

  61. serb and his mum gave a thumbs down

  62. Spot on, Jedi! I very much support your point of view.

  63. 1000% agree, Jedi. I didn’t buy a Tirpitz and although I really would love
    the Kanonenjagdpanzer despite its disputable stats , just for collection
    reasosns, I am absolutely not ready to spend hundreds of Euros for package
    after package with premium time and gold in it that I am on top of that
    used to getting a lot cheaper if I by is separately.

    I also agree to your theory. Some bit of evidence: in last december the
    ruble/dollar exchange rate tanked sharply due to the crisis in Ukraine and
    Wargaming basically halved all the Dollar-prices in the RU shop as an
    emergency measure. I suspect they have raised them again as the Ruble
    recovered a lot since that but I suspect wargaming is desperate to make up
    for the revenues they lost on that.

  64. alas poor wallet, i knew him well…

  65. Nice video! You hit the nail on the head! And i really hope there are not
    too much people buying the expensive package shit…
    Cause then WG will have no need to adapt their pricing strategy, and that
    would suck.

    Maybe you should send Jingles a message… i’m sure he would agree and
    eventually join in.

  66. Completely agree Jedi. Two months ago I said I would never give them
    another cent after being penalised for my game crashing after that 9.9 POS
    “update”. I complained and they said essentially “eff you” . Good on you
    for saying “no, eff YOU”.

  67. thing is, some tanks like the btsv and pz 2j, low tier unbalanced or over
    powered in a situation type of tanks would, if priced the same as other
    t2/3 tanks (£3) would ether flood and break low tier and stop new players
    enjoying the game, and collecters/early adopters who bought box packages
    that included a “rare” digital tank at a huge price would be understanably
    annoyed. I dont think they are expecting most people to collect every tank,
    plus most people after buying a couple of premium tanks realise they are
    old tramps pants and just rock pimped elite tanks

  68. true and I agree with you.

  69. Well… I kinda totally disagree.
    WoT is still F2P game, as long as those new premiums ain’t making it P2W –
    I am fine with all of them.

    Nobody is making you buy them.

    Of course – I would love to play with B2, Rudy, KV-5 or FCM (ok, this one
    is still available in game for gold), but I just cannot afford them.
    So… I’ll stick with my T34-85 :)

  70. I totally agree – paying a that amount of REAL money for a VIRTUAL tank,
    it’s just not worth it. Especially if you consider that you can buy brand
    new complete games for less than 100 Euros – which is about to become the
    “norm” price for TWO tanks. Not ok. Not ok at all. Well spoken, Sir!

  71. First off: thank you for speaking your mind despite it hurting your own
    income and chosing to support the community rather than the company

    2ndly: I totally agree, to the point where I am considering just dropping
    my premium account all together because wargaming is just not listening to
    the community anymore (the upcoming dynamic platoon voice announcement is a
    prime example imo) or maybe even switching to armored warfare in the future
    because they seem to be so much more community driven

  72. Lol. If your biggest gripe with Wargaming is packages, you’ve got it good.
    It could always be worse. They could be Gaijin.

  73. Julopabene Bananenplantage

    I truly support your decision on this, as well as AgingJedi’s. Actually, if
    they do sell these tanks at way too high prices, I would highly suggest,
    that if they try this again, with three more premiums, you contact Jingles,
    QB, AgingJedi and other community contributors and convince them all to not
    release any videos of them. I’m sure this would finally leave a mark, that
    WG EU can’t just ignore. It might be a bit risky, but we have to do
    something about this. After all, they are making the game for US and so
    they should care for OUR opinion!

  74. Will never buy one of these packages. Wg will not be getting my money. If
    they for sale without all the crap yes I would buy them.

  75. On the NA servers the Berlin tanks you had to buy with either gold/time or
    both. It was around 37 or 40 for anyone tank. I wanted just the tanks, well
    the Cromwell and IS2 that was like 80, yet the packet for all four tanks
    was 72. I got the four tanks, gotta say I’m really happy with them but, I
    would have been more happy to have had the option to just buy just the two,
    with out the price hick from “gold/GT”

    I mean yeah the need to make money, but really I feel like I’m being shit
    on, with these bundle only deals. They aren’t deals, the only thing you get
    to keep is the tank unless you are banned, and everything else is just
    dust, pretty dust mind you, that gets you more dust.

  76. You sir deserve now a standing ovation of messianic proportions. Bravo!
    Hell, this even gives you enough karma to play a couple more games in the
    CGC! (Ok, maybe that is pushing it a bit too far)

    I agree that the Russian economy going to the toilet has a lot to do with
    it, but I also think the rising shadow of Armored Warfare put a big brick
    on gas there to speed up this milking.
    For a long time WG could just sit comfortably and do as they pleased with
    their game because there was no competition and this niche segment had been
    starving for action for ages. We all thought some changes could come when
    Gaijin decided to throw their stick in the pile but it was not to be.
    Gaijin wasn’t competent enough as a producer to handle it’s community and
    it’s product was also found lacking. So WG slumped back into it’s throne
    laughing and giggling. Russian economy could be going downhill but they
    still kept their seat in the highly profitable free to play games ladder.
    You lose the income from the smaller players but let’s be honest, those who
    spend money on WoT mostly spend a load. They buy yearly premium time,
    premium tanks beyond their need, cammo, inscriptions and so on.

    And suddenly a new contender arrived. But this one was smarter in it’s
    concepts. Instead of branching the niche like Gaijin tried, they tackled it
    head on. Not only that, they have employed a far better monetary system
    than their competition. WG got used to nickle & dimming it’s playerbase for
    everything. Sure, it has gone down a few steps, but some of it still
    I think THAT is what branched this “bundle assault” on WG’s customers. The
    closer we got to AW’s release, the more bundles and limited-time offers
    started showing up. Just as Storm said there were no plans for more Premium
    “avalanches” in WoT, there came bundles of expensive rare tanks and a
    crap-ton of new ones. Suddenly all made clear as AW posted it’s OBT date.

    I’m not saying AW is going to be godly and the best game ever, that is too
    soon to say, but they did come with great propositions that improve on
    WoT’s model by a country mile. Premium tanks have way more value as they
    not only give extra credits but also help you progress the tech tree. Crews
    are not bound to vehicles and have no penalties being moved around to suit
    playstyles with their skills. No garage slot cost! PvE mode to grind your
    vehicle if you don’t like it in straight up PvP or want to unlock some
    modules first. Heck, you can progress the entirety of the tree via PvE. The
    grind is easier on the player too, as module unlocks do not detriment or
    hinder your progress in the line. And a personal base that gives you
    bonuses (including reduction in Premium Time costs!) to your earnings, even
    without premium.

    All in all, I hope WG sees this as an opportunity to reformulate WoT and
    keep it in shape. Love WoT, been playing it for years, spent more hours on
    it than it is healthy, spent more there than I should have, but if they
    don’t step up their game…heck, I’m finding all the value I need in AW so
    far. Hopefully My(.)com doesn’t screw it up and hopefully WG improves on
    WoT so I can have fun on both.

    Thanks again Jedi for the awesomeness and the content. See you in your next
    livestream (if I can find a magnifying glass =p)

  77. I agree.

  78. Richard Lamb (Stormgrad)

    Totally Agree that the Bundles are just a way to Charge more for A Premium
    Vehicle. That Said have you done a Skoda T-40 Video In case its a regular
    in tree premium (thus nit you supporting the bundle model) and of the T-22
    SR as its likely a reward tank for the rampage mode. Again not supporting
    the bundle model

  79. savethedandelions

    jedi says stop! no! and don’t!

  80. For the price of one of these bundles, I could prepurchase Fallout 4. All
    this bundled price gouging does is make Armored Warfare look more
    attractive :-/

  81. I really miss the possibility of buying ships for GOLD in the tech trees.
    It was OK at first in warships too, we had lots of premiums for gold (then
    most got removed).
    We still have ships + slots only in the cash shop, but everything new since
    a month? 2 months ? have been overinflated packages. Even the mikasa
    (offered for 10$ CAD) on Asia was 30$ with pakage on EU and STILL not
    available on NA.

    I hope they change their ways. Thank god I had the WarSpite from early OBT.
    75$ CAD… yeah… No as well.

  82. Good for you , Jedi! I totally agree. On the NA server the Tirpitz package
    is way over-priced, and I will not buy. Even the Atlanta, sold alone, is
    expensive, too expensive even for a ship I would like. I think you are
    taking the right approach, too, in stopping advertising Premiums for WG.
    Let’s face it, we in the community have no way of knowing if these tanks or
    ships are any good, unless you youtubers do the work for us. If you,
    Jingles, QB, and the others stop doing that, it must negatively impact
    sales. I don’t know what governs whether a tank/ship appears in the tech
    tree for purchase or only in the shop, but the shop prices have been
    getting crazier for at least two years. I would add as well, that I am
    miffed that it appears that shared gold from WoT will not be available in
    WoWs this year. I personally don’t plan on buying anything until I have
    access to what I’ve already bought, even if it means I miss out on the
    Polish DD.

  83. Props to you for standing your ground! Let’s hope that they get their heads
    on straight…

  84. Jedi I absolutely agree with you , mainly becouse they dont listen to their
    public in other important areas like arty problem, gold rounds, unbalanced
    tanks and bad MM .

  85. +PointyHairedJedi I totally agree with your video. WG is stealing other
    people’s money by doing this..This is increasing a lot lately and probably
    it will never change. If they keep doing this is because people keep buying
    it. I told +AgingJedi about the price of the BT-SV here in the NA server.
    U$100 for a Tier III tank. In fact you’re getting the tank for free, what
    you are really buying is the 6.500.000 Credits, 6.500 Gold and 30 days of
    premium. You know how much U$100 is in my currency? It’s R$405 (I can buy 3
    brand new PS4 games with this money or even better, I looked here and I can
    buy a new graphics card for my computer with this money).

  86. +PointyHairedJedi I am totally with you on this point, I was wondering if I
    am the only one who bothers about this. Thankfully I am not alone.

    But: as someone else already mentioned, you should stay true on this
    yourself, and also not accept those tanks/ships as gifts. That only means
    the package gets bought anyways, only somebody else paid for it. WG doesn’t
    care as long as the cash register goes ka-ching.

  87. I want that M4A1. Seems to be my style spot on. But we know it’s not a
    replacement for the CDC. So it will be a limited bundle package. So no buy
    for me then. WG have defended the PZIIJ bundles for 99 euro with the fact
    they push down Ebay prices etc. And it’s a rare tank. PIIJ is not a rare
    tank anymore. It’s not the least played tier III. They sold 10 000 the last
    time on EU and it’s battle count pr week for a tier III is in the middle of
    the chart vs all the way down. They use the “rare” argument on the new
    bundles to. But then again it is rare…. because they have never sold
    anyone of em before. M56 sold 5000 the days it was on sale. VS 1300 SU-76I
    that EU sold in the 10 min it was in the store. Why? Because the last one
    was not in a bundle.

  88. You sir, are right! And in the meantime the EU Community Managers are
    nowhere to be found on the forums.

  89. Video worth making…I play WoT Blitz and same goes here…Plus we get the
    tanks with hideous paint jobs

  90. Didn’t buy the Warspite…will buy a new graphics card instead **lol**

  91. PHJ, I respect you for your decision, but it is biting the hand that feeds
    you. I don’t know mate. I’d probably still follow your channel if you were
    forced to cover MLP Online :P

  92. Agree with you and +AgingJedi (I watched his vid too). If they were just
    available as ‘tank-only’ deals they’d sell a lot more. I’d buy more if they
    were truly ‘micro’ transactions but I don’t have 50 euros to throw around
    every couple of weeks. I was lucky enough to get an E-25 when it was on a
    discount – can’t see that kind of situation ever coming around again!

  93. very good talking!

    And saying out loud “no publicity for premium vehicles” that is realy
    great. I always found it fishy to give free ads to WG for that stuff
    specifically….hopefully other youtubers with some sense will follow your
    lead! Jedi WG-yt-guy #1 ;D

  94. Well said Jedi, well said Sir.

  95. lovely to see ne of ypu youtubers stand up for us costumers!

  96. yea, i agree. i am student(so have a low income) the money that is not
    spent on alcohol i would spend on tanks not not at £20 for a package, this
    is because i dont have the time to use the prem time and i don’t have the
    need for gold. also i play semi regularly so i miss some of the sales on
    tanks that have been on sale for a limited time.- i wold buy tanks if they
    were cheeper and without the bundel. so how can they achive this drop in

  97. Liked, shared, and of course fully agreed with! I noticed the Warspite too
    this morning, but it was one of my Brazilian viewers who brought to my
    attention the pricing of the BTSV (or whatever its called) in a $100
    package on the NA server. But then bizarrely, they can buy the
    Kanonenjagdpanzer on its own! No bundle and no mention of it being time
    limited. Just…random.

  98. Couldn’t agree more. It has got ridiculous.

  99. Thank You Jedi. Very wise words you got here. I pay for premium account on
    every month, I have enough premium vehicles to make enough credits ingame
    and I wont pay these over 50€ prices. Just wont. Right about now I do feel
    like taking this nights games on my E25, just for it being a cheap little
    OP/removed TD and using it as a “invisible noob TD” Just for wargaming 😉
    Hope to see some Patton 59´s on my way 😉 Keep up the good work!! :)

  100. Well said Jedi. Now if they could just fix premium time to only work when
    you actually use it. This would make me happy.

  101. I honestly don’t mind spending a little money on this game (Jingles was
    right, things in life are easier if you throw some money at them.) because
    of the fun, engagement, stress reduction et cetera I get in return. But I
    wonder if War Gaming understands that their pricing works against them when
    they price things to the point that there is no fun to be had from them.
    I’m grateful that they do give us the chance to earn Premiums of all
    sorts in game for no money. (I’d be even more grateful if they would give
    us the option, like they did here on the U.S. servers for the FV201 A45, to
    earn much of a free premium in game then spend a little money to make up
    any short fall. I say that because I just missed getting an E25 by 45k
    points of damage recently.) Thanks for that War Gaming. However, my
    general rule for spending money on the game now-a-days is to wait for
    things to go on sale; half price is my price. And premium tank bundles are
    not half price.

  102. Just went on the internet to find out some information about Wargaming as a
    company. Wikipedia had some facts (
    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wargaming_(company) )

    This particular one caught my eye:

    ” As of 2015, Wargaming owns a significant share of the Cypriot Hellenic
    Bank, and has shown interest in purchasing land property assets in Cyprus
    for investment purposes. Wargaming is currently the largest taxpayer within
    Cyprus. ”

    And this one:

    ”During September 2015, The Cyprus Stock Exchange announced that it would
    proceed with the delisting of Wargaming for “putting the interests of the
    investors at risk.” Specifically, Wargaming was cited for failure to abide
    by its obligation to submit and publish: a) The Annual Financial Report for
    the year ended 2013 and b) The Six-Month Report for the period ended June,

    Talking to someone who works in corporate law (banking), he posited an
    interesting theory as to why WG bought the shares in the first place.

    A lot of Russian based companies ‘parked’ funds in foreign banks as
    insurance. When sanctions were applied to Russia as way of
    punishment(Crimea), some foreign banks froze the assets of Russian
    companies. In order to stop being a Russian company, many set up shop
    elsewhere and became Greek Companies, British Companies….and yes, Cypriot
    Companies. In doing so, this allowed them to purchase shares or controlling
    stakes in financial establishments which just happened to be holding their
    funds, now, you might ask, ‘Well as they are no longer Russian companies,
    why buy the shares?’ well, what if, at some point they want to return to
    Russia, at least then they will be able to access their funds, seeing as
    they own the bank that holds them.

    Something tells me, that WG may have large debts it needs to service or,
    they are trying to make sure that they have enough liquid assets to become
    landowners in Cyprus.

    Incidentally, have you seen photos of their brand spanking new HQ building
    in Cyprus, it’s very impressive and dare I say it, very expensive….

  103. You hit the nail squarely on it’s head. I stopped playing ANY WG product
    earlier this year (WoWP at last passed into hard drive oblivion in 2014 and
    I stopped playing WoT in January of this year….WoWS was a non starter as
    far as I was concerned….You can only play artillery so long before it
    gets really old so it joined WoWP early on). War Thunder died on the vine
    and Armored Warfare looks to be DOA. Only within the last week have I
    tested the waters of WoT again but with the clear determination I would NOT
    spend any real money on the game if/until WG catches a clue and drops
    prices to a more reasonable level and breaks up some of the “packages” they
    currently “offer”. Hopefully the gang at WG will wake up and smell the
    vodka and take note that it’s core player base is prepared to look
    elsewhere for a game to play and enjoy. Excellent video as usual. Keep up
    the great work!

  104. That business with the Tirpitz being available as a standalone on the RU
    gift shop only is probably what I have found most vexing about WG’s recent
    money policies. Next in line would be the apparent liberty they feel to
    nerf WoWs pre-order premium ships compared to how they normally are about
    not changing stats on premiums.

    Our wallets are really the best way to get the point across to WG on these
    bundles. Unfortunately, there will still be people who buy these bundles,
    and it will take time for WG to realize that this approach is hurtful to
    the bottom line, months, maybe even a year. It’s also even possible that WG
    will learn the wrong lesson, and decide it’s that much more important to
    wring as much money as possible from those who still go for the shiny
    things. Free to play games have to make money, and I respect that, but
    aggravating and alienating the player base is never good for the bottom

    Good on you Jedi for putting your foot down and refusing to cover premiums
    with nonsense pricing/availability. I think I’m going to head over to your
    Patreon ;)

  105. 100 dollars for a BTSV on NA.

  106. I definitely think Wargaming are getting greedy and trying to milk the
    playerbase for all they can get. Don’t buy any of the bundles and they will
    soon get the message.

  107. If you get the chance of a Q&A with the CEO like you did at tankfest I bet
    he evades answers to this question or comes up with a bullshit answer. Is
    Caption Guy behind you in this crusade or in hiding from the Russian hitman
    on his way to your house. Noticed other contributors have already put
    videos up of these tanks . Keep up the good work ?

  108. It also pays to be vigilant with these packages (if you continue to buy

    A while back there was a package on offer which included a tank, garage
    slot and 50% crew (all what was once normal), plus gold and 30 premium
    account. I can’t remember the particular tank or the actual cost as I
    didn’t buy it, but I do recall doing the sums, only to discover that I
    could buy all of the individual items (the tank was still available as a
    stand alone item at that time) for less than the cost of the package.

  109. I feel I’m going to have a lot of heartache over this new tier 8 french
    Sherman. I love Shermans and I try to collect them but with all the bundles
    at the moment I’ll probably give it a miss…

  110. PHJ, got to say that I totally agree with you there 100%. I think Aging
    Jedi mentioned something similar to this a few weeks ago. Like you he
    seemed rather pissed off that WG are doing this.

  111. I had a choice 59-Patton or Civ V BE Rising tide and Cities Skylines after
    dark…. You can guess how I picked… Too much bundles must be REMOVED 

  112. S Crosthwait (crosst53)

    Wish more youtubers would bring this up.

  113. I think it was you that mentioned the WG CEO at Tank Fest this year
    mentioned that 75% of clients still play for free. Meaning that us 25% are
    paying for all of the development.

    Well I have decided that not only am I not going to buy any more premium
    tanks until they get their act together, I’m also not going to buy anything
    else. Yes – I’m slipping over to join the 75% and will play for free until
    they fix this and other problems, or it dies – whichever comes first.

  114. I would make a more detailed comment but it would either be a stream of
    obscenity directed at this gouging policy or simply reiterate what Jedi has
    already stated.

    I used to be a ‘collector’ of tanks and pretty much bought any premium that
    came out but this shameless fleecing of everyone for fairly poor performing
    tanks culminating with that ridiculous Euros 50 for a tier4 740f. I have
    more premium time than I can possibly need and more gold than I can expect
    to use especially as you can’t actually buy any premiums with it because
    they are all in these stupidly overpriced bundles only.

    You’d think, after all the money they have made with WoT, that they’d stop
    trying to suck all the money from all the people all the time. HARVEST THE

  115. So in other words, the Fat Cow that WG had in their russian servers is
    sucking up the last bottles of milk, and now are looking for other regions
    to keep its steady flow of cash coming.

    Interesting…. You know what WG, since that decline on russian servers is
    happening, then how about this suggestion: stop making russian tanks,
    finally remove the bias you have towards them (you can start with IS7 and
    make that tank balanced) and start launching other nation’s tanks with
    regular prices. THEN you can have a new Fat Cow that is not russian cow ;)

  116. I am right behind you on this matter. But I hope you are going to stick to
    your principles by not only voting with your wallet by not buying any of
    these packages, but also not accept gifts from fans as that would be
    somewhat hypocritical and a tad disingenuous.

  117. They have decided to make money. Your decision is noted. I will now go
    watch entertainment videos.

  118. Well said Jedi – these packages are ridiculous. I’ve love to know how sales
    of these packages are going? i know i havent seen many of those
    Kanonenjagdpanzers on the battlefield… but maybe that’s because they are
    not very good?

  119. #iamwithjedi

  120. i agree, im not buying tier 6 pixel tank for a price that would buy me 50

  121. Totally agree with you, I myself am not buying a single tank that comes
    packaged with gold/premium time that I may not need at the time.

  122. if they still continue im not going to buy anything from wargaming

  123. Andrei Cristian Florea

    Well said Jedi, I would have bought the Warspite if it was only the ship,
    but with bundles, i’m not interested! I hope the other contributors will
    join on this, especially Jingles.

  124. Well, PointyHairedJedi I agree with you. Just as an example, I would have
    bought the Kanonen Jagdpanzer that just got on sale on the EU Server if it
    didn’t come with a 30 days premium (I already have) + gold I don’t need for
    the price of 50€. And I know I’m not the only one not buying it for that
    reason. I also got shocked to see some over powered tank such as the Panzer
    IIJ going on sale from time to time for the price of 100€ in a package. And
    some people bought it because it’s so over powered. Now I’m asking myself
    what’s going to be the next step. A type 59 coming with 10.000 gold and 1
    year of premium for 300€ ?

  125. This is so true! I’d hope that Jingles would talk about this too. I have
    only bought the skoda t-25 cause it was quite cheap , and it isn’t OP or
    anything , only for moneymaking. And I think that prem account thingy is
    just broken too , I think that prem account should base on the hours that u
    actually play , not like months and stuff. Every time u go to game the
    timer should start ticking and when u go to garage it should stop.

  126. What I don’t understand is wouldn’t also having just a ship/tank for sale
    and a bundle option generate more money? as it’s possible more people would
    be willing to buy said ship/tank if it was at a cheaper price and those who
    want the extra stuff can just get the bundle. What would be the bad points
    in having it this way?

  127. PHJ, now you say it. I do realize it and I fully stand behind you, but they
    may have another reason to why they are doing this. I assume they have made
    enough money with WoT that they can take a dip in the economy without a
    problem. so maybe with the upcoming 10.0 there is gonna be something big.

  128. I’m so pleased you’ve taken a morale stand even though this may have a
    negative effect on you, be proud of your self! I’ve got the warspite when
    you could buy it in game and it was still expensive, it’s a joke now

  129. Well said Mr. Jedi. Total respect for you releasing this video.

  130. Vote with the wallet. That’s about the only thing that could change how WG
    is doing things right now. I couldnt agree more with this video Jedi.

  131. General Saufenberg

    i bought almost any prem tank/ship. i have over 450days playtime and lots
    of gold wich i cant even spend for something usefull. so i stop buy these
    “special offers”. beside that, the patton and kanonenjagdpanzer are simply
    not that good for this price.

  132. Playing both pc & console versions, I have spent more than I should on
    premium tanks but no longer with the way these packages are being sold. I
    would’ve purchased several of the recent tanks offered, but not as
    overpriced packages.

  133. Yeah. I totally agree with you PHJ. I wanted the Tirpitz, but then I saw
    the price, and instantly closed the web page. and been like that every time
    I wanted a newish prem tank. bundles freaking everywhere, to “justify” the
    high pricetag.

  134. Something needs to change, I feel amoral just thinking about playing their

  135. I’ve got almost every premium tank in the game, I haven’t bothered buying
    anything since they kept putting things in bundles. There is no way I’m
    paying 100 dollars to buy crap to get the BTSV. It’s gotten to the point
    that between WG’s greed, WOTs matchmaking, and artillery that I’m playing
    armored warfare more and more. I’ve become disgusted by wargaming, it was
    only after AW came out with their modified artillery mechanic that WG even
    started at redoing arty.

  136. Those prices pretty much stopped me from getting the Tirpitz and the
    Warspite. I could either buy a Tirpitz or now a Warspite or I could buy
    Fallout 4. I went with Fallout 4. The prices are pretty much ridiculous now
    a days from WG. It is almost getting horse armour DLC ridiculous.

  137. Chuckles Bachelor

    I only have only bought 1 premium and that is a Tier 6 German tank(which is
    in the Tech tree) so my say may be off. I do agree that more premium
    tanks should be offered regularly in the shop and not as a limited time. I
    buy gold only and at times may be per swayed to spend it but only on Tec
    tree tanks. It would be nice if WOT offers a site where you can look up all
    the tanks it has offered(IF WOT does would someone inform me). That way a
    player might be able to see what the weaknesses are without looking for
    YouTube reviews.

  138. The Warspite bundle doesn’t bother me. What pisses me off is (at least here
    in NA) the BT-SV for 100$. I mean, you get 100$ worth of gold, but still.

  139. i couldn’t agree mor PHJ. So I guess the only thing to do, is not buy those
    packages and they will learn the hard way :-)

  140. Great informative video, you have my support, unless premium for half a
    year comes into discount

  141. thedetectorist 108

    ty pointy haired jedi!! this is ridiculous and we need changes

  142. Excellent video, got a lot of respect for you taking a stand.

    If they offered ships alone without the extras I would definitely be more
    willing to purchase, or even if they offered a reasonable discount as part
    of the package it might make it tolerable but as it is I don’t think I’ll
    be spending any more money on the game.

  143. John Joe Sangster

    Thanks for speaking up about this its been winding me up for months.

  144. Good observations.

  145. it seems they have given up on trying to get the people that don’t spend
    much on Wg games to spend a little extra and are switching to just trying
    to milk more out of the people that do already spend money on the games. I
    was actually interested in getting the Tirpitz but when I saw it was in a
    bundle, I ended up not buying it, lose lose, WG got no money from me, I got
    no Tirpitz :/

  146. Chuckles Bachelor

    Need some help in World Of Warships… Anyone know a place where I can a
    list of keyboard keys in controlling besides in the game. Like the one
    that allows you to follow your shots?

  147. you´re so right m8

  148. War Gayming is trying to get it’s licks in before Armoured Warfare kill

  149. Spotterino Cappuccino

    You could buy IS-2, Cromwell B and Rudy(as a trio) in one package without
    any additions. Otherwise there were packages containing one specific tank
    and gold.

  150. +pointyhairedjedi, i totaly agree that EU players gets milked by WG.

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