^^| ELC AMX Replay Cast

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Source: SirCircon

Thanks for watching!


  1. princerobertybob

    Always fun watching great players kicking ass. Thanks Circon.

  2. It’d be really good if WG introduced 3 votes into the MM with which you
    could block 3 maps (variants included) you hate. I’d be happy not to see
    Pilsen, Swamp and Prokhorovka again.

  3. what equipment to use on ELC ?

  4. The retards always go capping ….

  5. I saw this live, really awesome game :), the last game where you finnaly
    get the third mark was nice to :)

  6. Your commentary in this is really awesome man, I like you explaining your
    logic and methods.

  7. elc so balanced in low triers

  8. totally agree with that handbreak thing; ELC just got buffed *massively* at
    patch 9.14

  9. i love the handbrake when people are chasing you, pull a 180, smash them in
    the face and go the other way :D

  10. Your Nostradamus

    Am I being silly or would the Leo have the same cammo moving or still being
    a scout light tank.

  11. elc emx is so fun! i gave up the french light line, sold my 12t just so i
    could have my elc back!

  12. One heck of a salty noob in the AT-8 lolz.

  13. My absolute favourite tank in World of Tanks. It is just so sneaky with a
    big gun in its tier, with huge camo, it is perfect.

  14. Anton Liljekvist

    Could you link me the live version of this game? I would really like to see
    it! :D

  15. Hey circon, watch your streams and know u find wot frustrating, but please
    keep playing and uploading man, your probably my favourite wot player

  16. I’ve played 1500 games in my ELC, not sure I like it… :P

  17. aim bot, the guns not looking the way ur looking and moving no its
    own…….jk.jk jk memes pls. the memes continue. best WOT meme

  18. That handbrake turn allows for some hilarious heavy tank trolling with the
    ELC. Many memes

  19. The new breaking system did indeed buff the hell out of the ELC. The ELC
    was always a good tank, however difficult to use. Now I will not say it is
    easy. There is still a steep learning curve, but now you can be SO annoying
    to heavy tanks and TDs. Drive past them, 180 turn, bang, dead.

  20. See you Saturday Boss!

  21. nice game! i myself had a 1915 base xp game on swamp with my elc in a tier
    7 matchup 🙂
    3300 dmg and 2.2K assist.And later that day i got my 3rd mark :D

  22. I like how the AT 8 corrects “hadbreaks” with “handbreaks” as if that fixed
    the spelling.

  23. Circon, what modules are you using on your ELC? My memory might be wrong
    but it doesn’t look like you’re using the enhanced optics.

  24. PCWarMachine.com

    Nice man! You are like a modern day de Ruyter. Great instincts and

  25. I really enjoyed this vid, keep it up ;)

  26. The reason the E2 didn’t spot you is because he was behind the trees. It
    basically acts as a second layer of bushes. Often I wait until my target is
    behind trees like that to stay unspotted.

  27. “enhanced gunlaying drive” or “vents” on the ELC?

  28. gg. I also have two marks on it but I’m not able to get the third. the gun
    is sometimes so difficult to deal with, feels like a t49 gun.

  29. Dont Feed Gaben Just Dont

    Circon, people are moving a Lot in cap circles because of enemy arty. If
    they move, they have a higher chance not to get shot by enemy arty!

  30. very glad that you give youtube a lot of attention lately! attending your
    streams is very hard for me because of my bad internet so this is very nice

  31. The Sanity Assassin

    I watched this on his live stream… I was in stitches. So much fun to
    watch Circon live stream on Twitch, highly recommended. the memes are
    strong with this one…

  32. “O-I is diagnose, no comments”
    You took the words right out of my mouth.

  33. only two MoE’s? Thats low class

  34. You know it’s getting pretty serious with YouTube when Circon
    bothers creating thumbnails! Keep it up! :D

  35. Hajajj:D Magyarok..

  36. Began playing Wot Too Late to play the T-50-2
    Began playing Wot Too early to play the Fv215b 183 un-nerfed
    Began playing Wot on time to get the Object 907
    Still Feelsbadman

  37. circon can you show your crew and equipments for elc pleaseeee

  38. “We would’ve earned more without using food”
    then again food is the thing that turns a french tier 5 light tank from
    “extremely good” to “insane” (if you already have BiA, vents, 100% camo and
    a paintjob)

    also IMO it’s better to use binocs in it compared to coated opticks because
    it has that aiming time

  39. Awesome game man nice to see a more consistent youtube videos.

  40. It is kind of annoying to see Circon playing. I think to myself, oh, that
    is easy, I can do that! Nope…. I can’t.

  41. My favorite tank

  42. wooooooot

  43. Hey! A new video from Circon! Which is rather nice :p

  44. 8:14 Watching that in stream was hilarious

  45. 9:20 that hungary rage :D

  46. Have fun. Thanks for the video.

  47. Thanks for watching, small reminder: I’m in England till monday, attending
    tankfest! I do however, have a bunch of videos uploaded to keep you
    entertained daily! ^^ Hope you are enjoying the effort i am putting into
    youtube lately!

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