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Source: Circonflexes

your replays here: http://circon.wot-record.com/ !


  1. Insane. Love it

  2. 1v7 and ” bweeeee nheeeee ” if was me… i would be shaking xD

  3. Circ perfectly shows why the tank only works in 1. single. way.
    WG sees video: “IVAN WE MAKE TOO STRONK!!”

  4. lieutenant gruber tankie was bigger 🙂

  5. Hats off to you good sir!

  6. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    Got the KV1 last last week, got like +1 mm on that tank and on T-34-85M every 8/10, sold the kv1 after having Ace then playing the kv2 now lol

    Sorry bout the English, just a scrub here, move on.

  7. Well that was worth that watch

  8. 1v7
    buttload of medals
    “oh nice top damage this tank sucks”

  9. You need to send this to Jingles!

  10. Crazy stuff.

  11. The S1 flipped at the end, I bet!

  12. Alexander Stoyanov

    So meme-alicious game 🙂 haven’t had such a laugh soon
    Btw let’s make a joke

    E 25 camo…

  13. *D E J A V U*

  14. This is sooo Jingles worthy … my god pls nerf you ffs 😀 How could you EVEN pull this off?!

  15. dammit WG all i want is a t8 old SP1c with the three shot mag

  16. le forestier damien

    it’s almost like the old elc, except that you need your enemy to miss 3-4 time before your clip is back, in old elx amx, you hoped for 1 miss only <_<

  17. When you will start play like real unicum with tier X?

  18. They could probably nerf this tank’s camo rating and lower it’s view range slightly and make it a perfectly ordinary Tier VII. And they’d STILL need to buff the reload a bit.

  19. playing against circon has got to be so fucking annoying lol

  20. Send to Jingles

  21. So its just a much shittier version of the old sp 1c? Thats always a good sign.

  22. Simon van Oossanen

    Pls nerf.

  23. i think you might have scraped out an ace tanker

  24. Ja ja ja! gg! ” I’ll be back.” Come on… Come on! Do it! Do it! Come on. Come on! Kill me! I’m here! Kill me! I’m here! Kill me! Come on! Kill me! I’m here! Come on! Do it now! Kill me! XD

  25. That German heavy must have been feeling a little Lowe after being burned to the ground like that.

  26. That cap

  27. Leonardo Morandini

    What a fucking game

  28. So what you’re saying is, I should buy the ELC EVEN 90.

  29. Leave it to circon to win a 1v7 in the shittiest tier 8 premium we’ve gotten in a while

  30. Your face when you got the fire on the Lowe…

  31. That fire was the result of a hardened bagutte getting lodged in the Lowe’s cooling fans.

  32. LOL that fire face was awesome

  33. Nice that kill on the Lowe!
    To note the adversary tanks that lasted longer are the ones with lesser scores.
    Also say thanks to premium ammo and you see you got credits lefts thanks to the premium account.

  34. what was that? did that just happen?

  35. nice game! Of course we couldnt expect any less from your replays, but im sure you could take out any tank and get a doozy of a game like this. well played man. thx for your content and your hard work o7

  36. 1044 avg base exp – says it’s bad. Wut?

  37. I know what circon is sending to jingels

  38. If the title was ELC I CANT EVEN 20*4+10 It would have been so muchfunnier

  39. @5:55 i thought okay, we’ll finally see a game where ĉ loses. ent den dis. dear sir, you are out of this world. obv using some aiming bot tho.

  40. This guy :’D

  41. Circonflexes is OP! ☺

  42. Send to Jingles. This is just stupid ??

  43. The look on your face when the Lowe burned…classic. gg Circon o7. LOL

  44. Great video and a great demo for us noobs to think twice before buying this tank…

  45. Now that you have played the I can’t even 90 now if you can play the Not Even Once 90.

  46. 8:30 “Ah-Ha! … I’ll be back”

  47. *sees title* Watch him get a Pool’s Medal…

    *watches video* … and of course he exceeds expectations 0.o

  48. I like to see Kemp bush, no fair plane having a tiny comeback at the end. Too bad S1 did not take the bait.

  49. This tank IS NOT BAD – as long as you keep moving, no-one can fing hit it.

  50. jeroen berkenbosch

    i am a regular decent tank collector for premiums , but this i would not buy . same as i didnt get the “chevy” ! and still dont regret it !

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