ELEFANT STAMPEDE – Ferdinand Tank Destroyer (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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ELEFANT STAMPEDE Ó (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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  1. dude the Ferdinand is a good tank even though I never play war thunder

  2. Second. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  3. Attempt #2: Would you Kindly fly out the Ki-43 Otsu. :)

  4. Phly pls take out the archer, it will be hilarious

  5. István Kertész

    Hey, Phly! I have a challenge for You. Choose any vehicles ( plane+ground
    vehicle ) and play a game but you have to use fps cameras ( like the gunner
    view or the driver view )! I hope you do it. Peace!

  6. How about the Comet combined with a Hurricane of your choice? I don’t know
    if you’re going to the Duxford air show, but you might be. So how about
    using the vehicles at the main entrance? Thanks if you pick this!

  7. get the epic thunder sound mod

  8. Will you do an E #75

  9. Zerocookiecake [Karnipex]

    Phly: Pz.II H and German Mig-15Bis Challenge… Kill a Tank with the Pz.II
    H (Arty or APCR), and Take out the German Mig-15Bis!

  10. That Random Spork

    Watching from Willy Wonkas Sweat Shop

  11. You always make me want to Play War Thunder. And then i suck. And then i
    tilt. And then i hate War Thunder. :(

  12. M103 with HE rounds, try to aim under the tank, this kind of kills are the
    most satisfying

  13. Not when it drives at 300mph

  14. Артём Ольшанский OLEG1/ (OLEG1)

    когда фердинанды заезжали на гору, у них взрывались двигатели

  15. MiG-17
    Hawker Hunter

    You keep talking about them before the release but didn’t do a video on

  16. Did you notice that the ferdinands upper portion is the maus’s turret ?

  17. The American Artist Combo!! Jackson Pollock needs you to take out the
    badass P-47M and M46 Tiger Patton to protect some art work from the Soviets
    and Nazis!! Make him Proud PHLY!!

  18. The matchmaking in war thunder is just ridiculous. Tiger 2 matched up
    against t54s. Just like IS 2 mod 1944 is not op enough.

  19. Panzer IV Ausf J! For Defence of Zeh Fatherland!!

  20. Qwertycraft2020

    ferdinand isnt bad. if you dont play overly agressive, you can get some
    nice frags, and its arour is actually realy good. i even bounced a d25t

  21. The Ferdinand used to be good but now its at 6.7 and everything can shoot
    through any part of your armor. Gaijin, the purpose of this tank is that
    almost nothing should pen his front!

  22. Dominik Burstyn

    the tank is like deez nuts

  23. That landing was hilarious.

  24. the Ferdinand did not have a MG but the elefant did

  25. Hey phly could u play bf 109 g2 tropical plezzz :)

  26. SystemschraubeLP

    why is this the worst tank ?

  27. PhlyDaily, can you record video with T-54 with Tu-4 or IL-10

  28. hey phly learn how to land…

    its better to spend more time landing than loosing points and not play

  29. Phly, are you hyped for Rising Storm 2 : Vietnam? It gonna be so good…

  30. Darian “MintyHippo69” Betancourt

    so did devildog replace Baron?

  31. member this from the stream

  32. Peace Army (박준효)

    hello phly! :)

  33. I’ll give you a nickel if you tickle my pickle ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  34. You frickin stupid? Why do you take HEATs and try to turn while moving
    backwards? Do you know electro-mechanical transmission? Go to Wiki then
    make vids… I wonder how people don’t notice this…

  35. Make a video comparing bf109 f4 and f4/trop.

  36. ‫علاء الدين لطفي‬‎

    that was an amazing game phly


    Phly you can play m6a1 use 37mm. only

  38. wow. 1k in 30 minutes.

  39. Sebastian Craenen

    meteor and mig 9/L….DO IT

  40. phly pls do T-34-85 feel the vodka fueled engine

  41. How do you resplendent in both planes and tanks in one battle?

  42. How do you so accurate phly

  43. ej fly are you a real pilot ? im 11 just asking

  44. 2000 view club
    Love your vids man, you and baron are the best team for trouble.

  45. U strem, comrade?

  46. Do more toy soldiers

  47. art ชัยภูมิ หาญละคร

    i ThaiLand you play 1,59

  48. hey phly and the comunety excuse me for my engelish but how do you look
    around in warthunder without moving your turret or plane?srry bit of a noob

  49. phly a request and a question: play the maus and the condor in 1 battle,
    and how many battle you play to record the best kills? (‘couse if i play
    the ferdinand my oponents always t-54s and other stronk 1 shoot 1 kill

  50. The last time I was this early, the War Thunder matchmaker wasn’t f*cked

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