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  1. Hi phly

  2. Get to feeling better Bossman… Sending healing vibes for you n the Fam. Much love

  3. Why is there toilet paper on the right side of your tank?

  4. Don’t feel bad about skipping this battlepass at all now, cheers man!

  5. how da hell do you test drive it and use in game

  6. Its more Phlys play style than anything else… The Ferdi and Elefant are great tanks, but they are long range engagers with an excellent cannon. I love the ferdi and have a 5 K/D in it cause its so good to sit back and play slow for a chill experience. Obviously not great for a video but such nice relaxing game play for your average player.

  7. Day one of asking phlydaily to feature the AMX 13 (FL11) since it has been moved to 4.0 BR!!

  8. Faze crude11 Blob

    N O R D V P N

  9. Toby the third 569

    Phly you should play the SU-100 Y, its been years i think since you played it last.

  10. They really need to adjust based on time produced at least a little bit

  11. That FV was playin Pokemon, “Ferdinand, I choose YOU!!”.

  12. Do you and OddBawz just agree on what tank to use next for your videos?

  13. Seeing those missles is all I needed to not buy Battlepass


  15. Day 352: Play the BF109-K4, its been years

  16. What a lovely game.
    No single match you play will be the same, you can clutch a game if you really want to.
    Then there is the issue of WW2 tanks facing off against vehicles with atgms.
    That kills it for me.
    Highest I’ll go is rank three.

    • The only tier that has that issue is 6.3 – 6.7, I would stay away from that BR, modern tanks are fun and early-mid war tanks are fun

  17. Do you play rocket league phly?

  18. “I’ve been sucking co-” you gotta finish that LOL

  19. Gaijin need to fix the BRs. Heavy armor ww2 tanks are damn useless against cold war shit with missiles and heat fs. Its completely pointless. Makes a lot of russian, us and german tanks useless. 6.3-8.3 sucks for them

  20. Don’t as they release your data if a court asks them to.

  21. I wonder how long until phly acknowledges that the game is totally borked in almost every aspect, and 90+% of games are not fun at all

  22. ImSoBadAtThis77

    “Tiger II should be 4.3. But Tiger I should be 8.0”. Classical Phly

  23. Day 334 can you play the conqueror mk.2?

  24. He was extra funny today. Maybe he got the new Covid variant

  25. play m1abrams

  26. This is what I feel like playing the Tiger 2 P/H , they are not bad tanks, and I don’t think their BR should be lowered, I just think that the BRs should be decompressed so that these vehicles have a place somewhere. Hell I get a 7.7 match both on my Leopard I and my Tiger 2 H so what’s the point.

  27. how u get which countries ur fighting with

  28. Day 346: Phly, I challenge you to the conphusing aerial smokescreen challenge. Destroy three enemy aircrapht with smoke shells in a single game. Good luck. o7

  29. On war thunder there’s a lot of vehicle’s br that I cannot understand, like for example the legendary Maus, is 7.7 even tho 90% of the time it get killed by bombs from a 4.3 aircraft, meanwhile the leopard 1 go down to 7.3, I’m beginning to think BR changes get decided by Gaijin throwing a dice or something tbh..

  30. OMG love your videos

  31. Even just watching Phly playing this sh*t makes me feel disgusting, can’t imagine how nerve-racking would it be for myself to play it… Won’t buy the BP ticket for this season, just full of copy-paste trash

  32. Supersanta Hibiki

    Love you, nord VPN

  33. You got the Melvin

    11:35 lmao I knew it, classic

  34. Frankestein01nl

    Day 3: Phly still wasn’t found by the airplanes…

  35. “highly upgraded” and other hilarious jokes you can tell yourself. go play a real game stop promoting this fucking scam

  36. What is the setting to lock the range in?

  37. is that…… toilet paper on the right rear side

  38. yesterday i finally bought the tiger 2 H and crew for it

  39. they really need to do something like split up matches by tank era. Have the top tiers WW2 tanks, and then have all the cold wars and modern tanks in their own bracket. There’s not a single cold war vehicule that is okay to face when you play something like a maus or a jadtiger, t95 etc… your armor is worthless, your gun might be fantastic but pales in comparison to ATGMs and sabot rounds.

  40. Barbarie Alexandru

    I’ll say it for the millionth time, WW2 tanks have no business fighting cold Era tanks. But hey some forum mod will pop up in your thread telling you why you’re wrong and close your thread

  41. “I’m gonna rely on my teammates” famous last words!
    Rare are the times I do it in the game and they really deliver.

  42. Day 2: Hey phly can you please make a video showing your keybinds and settings? it would be so helpful

  43. atgm-carriers and cheat-FS make 6.7 germans unplayable. Dunno though, why the Elefant with its only upgrade is the bow-MG is .3 higher than the ordinary Ferdinand

  44. Man I play as Is-2 1944 n I go against A-10 Warthogs in war thunder… Very balanced game I gotta say

  45. We should talk about the Elefante in the room.

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