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  1. what the fuck is this?? arcade battles are in WT from begining, what is

  2. t-54 spam at 7:54

  3. I just love Arcade.

  4. u like arcade im pretty good at it its what i mainly play i got 377 arcade
    games in my tiger h1 ehh not alot but i do have almost 600 kills with it :3
    most kills was 17 in a arcade game with a t35 in tier 1

  5. MastinoNapoletano420

    I love arcade mode. Sometimes I don’t have the time to spend 45 minutes on
    1 RB battle and just want to get a few rounds of play in before I have to
    do life things, like work and sleep. It’s fast paced, end of story. No mode
    is better than another IMHO. Thanks for touching on this Phly!

  6. “go back to arcade noob” , who hasnt seen this at least once :D

  7. Splish Splash challenge; SU-152 and KV-2, shoot below enemies with HE to
    blast them into space with the mighty soviet cannon (attempt #3.5)

  8. Best players in the world play Arcade. No contest.

  9. Arcade is awesome, you should play the T-54 I bet that’d be awesome to
    watch. A little tip when you play arcade AA, watch the mini map, the red
    arrow pointing off map will point to the planes since no tanks will be off
    the map.

  10. the intro really needs to go on thunder show XD

  11. I used to quite like arcade, but with the new spotting mechanics added in
    1.65 I don’t like it anymore. It’s like playing World of Tanks now,
    everyone is invisible and don’t show up until they’ve shot you or are in
    *direct* line of sight.

  12. RB in a nutshell:
    Climb for 4 minutes straight (literally every game you waste 4 minutes of
    your life).
    Try to get to your objective for 4 more (don’t get pilot sniped scrub).
    Deploy bombs and miss because no hud guide
    Do some inconsequential shit for 2 minutes deciding what to do now.
    Maybe go for 2 kills, get one, run out of ammo RTB for 5 minutes.
    On the way back all your team mates die except McBobby who is missing half
    a wing.
    “McBobby critically damaged by YakMcFuckface”
    “You have a hole in your left wing”
    “Crash, Player credited for kill: YakMcFuckface”

  13. I always feel weird when I see people talking about AB, and RB separately
    since I’ve always been a player of both. I primarily play AB, but that’s
    because as a mode for grinding AB tank battles is just so much easier to
    grind in. Snag 5-7 kills in a quick match, and with my talismans+premiums
    it gives me 7-8K RP. Makes the grinding so much easier for those tier 5

  14. I’m happy to
    See only enjoying him self I’m

  15. i hate players who use a mg to kill a tank

  16. Ab in tanks is fucking hard in German 3.0 br panzers

  17. But in planes it’s fun

  18. I have played arcade exclusively ever since they changed sim, and he gave
    me a heart attack every time he peeked over a cliff thats a no-no.

  19. PS. the META in arcade is squads. you squad, you win.

  20. warthunder is pretty good, but they hire admin that are very abusive…

  21. 3:54 As Fast As Possible = AFAP

  22. xD welcome to arcade my man this is the reason its popular

  23. Here’s my balancing idea for Ground AB: if you die in a plane, your tank is
    still on the ground unmanned until the timer runs out. You don’t lose a
    spawn, you just have to wait.

  24. suck at games but have more money then brains? War Thunder is for you!
    pay for skill it has that
    pay to win you bet.
    pay for extra lives hecks yeah oh
    and premium vehicals to pay for ohhhhh yeaaahhhh.
    and don’t forget pay for premium time. no money too much brains ? avoid war

    so with people paying them for skill Why bother paying at all and just use
    the auto aim hacks like the rest of the free players.

    THE 7 8 AND 9.

  26. and there you see the main problem with Arcade, kamikazes

  27. Ǥнσsτ LORD Ǥнσsτ

    my pet fish got run over

  28. Иосиф Steelin

    I played arcade for like 3 years, both planes and tanks and when i passed
    to RB, like less than 1 year ago, i begun having much more fun (expecially
    regarding to tanks) and i understood how nooby arcade really is. After some
    months of RB, when i came back to arcade to do some matches (and i DO know
    how to play it), i decided to not play it anymore at all by how i felt

    (And Btw it’s more arcady than WoT, but WoT is better because it’s a
    completely different concept)

    Also, about the arcade players founding the game; i think you may be wrong
    because Arcade players are more casual and play just to play a quick match
    at some “realistic” tank/plane game;
    Most players that play arcade don’t understand what War Thunder really is,
    meaning that they probably don’t even care much about the game and people
    who don’t care much about a game, probably won’t spent a lot of money on it
    (unlike people who play the other modes). Also, if you play arcade, you
    will probably unlock things quicker, meaning that you won’t even have to
    spend that much money.

  29. Michael McLaughlin

    air AB is too easy I should absolutely never be able to get 30 player kills
    in a game lol

  30. Lol I haven’t played this game in a while and it seems it still has some
    reoccurring issues. Personally, I only played SB before I stopped playing
    because I love the realism and cockpit experience. Of course that’s not
    everyone’s idea of fun.

  31. i play arcade almost exclusively. don’t forget that it also makes the teams
    hodgepodge, rather than one nation versus another.

  32. If you want to prove your point then stick to AB mode from now on, don’t
    play RB/SB mode anymore.

  33. All I play is arcade, I don’t play realistic because I know I won’t be good
    enough or I would just sit back the whole game because I’m afraid to die
    whereas arcade I rush in and have fun…

  34. I get the feeling Gaijin convinced Phly to do a video regarding Tank AB..
    it’s been so dead recently lol

  35. Thank you for saying that about my community

  36. Phly add me on warthunder @ creampuff006 and Puffyg and if u have a skype
    it’s my dad’s he doesn’t use it anymore and it’s Pete standish

  37. i am an arcade player, and i have said this many times. it is a different
    skill set. to those who say arcade needs no skill, i say that it IS hard to
    master. it is true that you can see enemy tanks and a pen recticle, but
    that only makes it challenging. you have to know where to shoot, because if
    you dont kill with the first few shots, they can see you and your name
    emblazoned above you. Pen doesnt mean kill.

    Crusader: shoot front from side, crew ko

    any t34: from side, directly below turret, from front, machine gun hull

    most german tanks: narrow belt on front, vertical armor, weeeeeeak

    pz 4s are vulnerable from side, too

    kv1 has a narrow, weak belt of armor on front. chassis is weaker than top

    shermans: frontal armor is hard, aim for turret. if not, there is a thin
    weld where the floor slopes up to the front armor. can pen even with a pz 2.

    these are things you learn, not because your recticle is green, but because
    if you cannot 1shot every target, you will lose.

  38. KEK
    >Supports all of the times Gaijin fucks the fans
    >Supports Gaijin not giving things the fans want
    >Gets paid by Gaijin and gets a press account

    “C-Common guys, t-there’s no need to be an elitist anti russian hater :)”

  39. “OH MY LANTA” Love when he says this

  40. yes do more arcade!. much more mayhem and action

  41. No it’s not. Arcade is not at all fun. However, I still play it when I have
    a booster to use… nothing worse than using a 300% booster and dieing to a
    hellcat never getting a shot off.

    Hiding, sniping, being sneaky is what is fun. Things you cannot do in AB.

  42. for grinding I play arcade but for fun I play RB. So basically I play both
    and they’re both fun but I much prefer rb since tanks with little armor
    isn’t quite as good since your spotted

  43. No arcade

  44. RB does not require more skill. It requires a different set of skills. AB
    plays more like a twitch shooter.

    Think of it like this. RB is about that one or two kills. AB is about
    getting 10+.

    Twitch shooters require an enormous amount of skill and AB plays like one
    in both planes and tanks.

    Theoretically RB is more difficult because it requres a deeper
    understanding of game mechanics and things are slowed down but slower
    doesn’t mean more difficult it means slower and watching a youtube video to
    get your planes basics down or your tanks mobility down gets rid of 50% of
    the work required for RB instantly. Adding things like realistic movement
    just makes understanding your tank or plane is more important than
    anything. And you can do well.

    Compare that to having everyone on a pretty similar or equal footing.
    similar speeds and movement etc. You are now all equal, and its all about
    understanding your plane or tanks ability and knowing its limits.

    Planes are similar, its not about 1-2 kills its about getting 10-20. You
    need twitch shooter skills which far outweigh simply climbing for 20 mins,
    seeing whos higher and gg.

    I hear alot of RB players say..”amg ab sucks” then i see them play it and
    get 0 kills, 3-7 deaths and end up in the hangar complaining how AB is
    trash and how its for noobs.

    Personally RB is much easier than AB because you get alot more time behind
    enemies, simply understanding when you can change your flaps and the speeds
    at which your plane works best is enough to do well in RB…good luck with
    only those skills in AB.

  45. Thank you for being out there for the AB players

  46. Please do more arcade!

  47. Yo Phly take out the Chi-Nu, Na-To & Chi-He in Arcade I think you will have
    a lot of fun especailly with the Chi-Nu as it’s round is like a small nuke;
    it is the speed power and accuracy combo have fun! :)

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