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World of Tanks RELENTLESS with loot crates as they just revealed “Emerald Boxes” for St Patrick’s day with two new tanks including the Type 5 Ka-Ri!



  1. Please don’t die QB, we need you to make Wot videos for at least the next 2 decade.

  2. You think loot boxes are bad on WoT. Wait till you see the BS on Blitz 😂

  3. The Chieftain/T95 does not have premium income does it?

  4. Arnt Petter Andersen

    QB; -I might be a collector of premium tier 8’s – I just checked my account now and I have 70 tier 8’s Premiums …(the account: Klin_Kokos) *lol* – And yes: I bought some loot-boxes during the last Waffenträger-event to. And yes; I also got that crap-heep of a Chieftan/T95 – But it’s a “nice tank to have layin aroud for a grey day” it’s kind of my policy! – To conclude: I might have been spending way to much money on my WoT account, and now atm I have 253 tanks of wich 159 of them are Premius (all tiers besides tier 1) – I however don’t know if I will get into this event ’cause all my money are gone! *lol* – Anyway: tnx for the video and good luck with your voice-recovering! -Arnt P from Norway

  5. maybe it is just me, but these events have become so empty and shallow. not only because of the way they are presented and the “prices” one can get, but the frequency that they occur with, is just too much to be entertaining after all these years. i kind of miss the time, when you could play the game without any events for couple months. yes yes, i know, i can still do that and pay no attention to the events, but then i was waiting for an event, now i just hope, that there will be no event happening….

  6. Reasons why i dont support greed like this: Just watch the Video.

  7. i think Easter will come with chests too

  8. 2d styles that don’t even reflect the climate zone are meh.

  9. Sad. I’m glad I quit WoT.

  10. “The attempt on my life has left me scarred and deformed…” – qb

  11. It’s even more funny without gold as its supposed to be the luck of Irish with a pot of gold is it not.

  12. kinda sounds like a calm Gordon Ramsay

  13. I wonder how the stats will compare with the new su130 cause with the skorp and skorp g the skorp g has .01 better dispersion so I play that one more

  14. christmas boxes once a year are great. This is just crazy. almost all copy tanks, so never got any of them, plus they have 2% drop rate…if the boxes are not 90% cheaper than christmas then I am sorry. not even gold included here.
    to be fair, if they can be bought for gold, Im fine.

    I hope not too many ppl will buy these. Even though my heart bleeds that I wont get the jap TD. but thats what WG Wants of course.

    First time in ages that I am truly disappointed in them.

  15. This is what quackybabs will sound like after streaming wot for 20 more years😂

  16. I have chieftain and skoda medium i got them in waffentrager event i never play them

  17. Disgusting practice. Not gonna spend any money on the game again untily 360 Premium days run out and I find a way to spend my 14k gold from christmas properly. Theres literally nothing you can so with gold other than get bad tanks and waste it on crew training/convenience. I was okay with loot boxes for christmas because they gave decent value and it was a treat, but now WG just doesnt care anymore. Theyre just going full milk mode. Not with me.

  18. Jean-Félix Comet-Barthe

    I’ll be honest QB, my T8 premium garage looks like :

    589 / 2 | FCM 50t (bought)
    400 / 11 | Progetto46 (earned)
    322 / 0 | FV4202 (earned)
    250 / 0 | M46 KR (bought)
    145 / 145 | BZ-176 (bought)
    99 / 7 | CS-52-LIS (earned)
    43 / 15 | AMX CDA 105 (bought)
    13 / 13 | Vipera (exchanged for CDA 105)

    Games played overall / last 1000 battles

  19. I love QB trashing prizes for the loot boxes with his new voice LOL

  20. Nice wg, three ways to cash grab
    1. No gold in boxes (enough to skip this event for me)
    2. Putting in stinker tanks as fillers (tanks probably nobody bought for reason and they have the same drop chance as the new ones)
    3. No random vehicle drops mean you have to get all stinker tanks first to get one gold compensation

    Thank you, but no, thank you. Its getting easier every time to skip wg events as their greed raises

  21. How completely underwhelming, it’s a scrub event.

  22. Why no gold?!? Booooo!

  23. This is turning into the menace of videogames.. gacha games. (including pity system!), directly imported from genshin impact. They even have very similar drop rates!

  24. Yes i agree so silly

  25. enrico sizzermani

    It looks that your enthusiasm turned . I say to the better ! WG making us collectors..yeah. Cheers QB. And about the lootboxes..yeah they have to make money….but they are boring me out. Sometimes it is too much going on to distract you from the real game getting fixed for example. I will not buy these crates 🙂

  26. i litterally dont play half my premiums due to the fact that i got a lot of the useless ones from boxes like this, sadly

  27. Emil is not ok

  28. You might as well wait for the tank you want to go on sale in the premium shop.

  29. Get well soon QB !
    WG CEO :we need to make more money make it happen staff.
    WG Employees: alright how about Boxes every month ? 😂

  30. dont exaggerate QB .. most of them I got I have like 5 games on them hahaha

  31. Wargaming can Ka-Ri-On without me with this event

  32. Broken voice QB has never been seen in the same room as calm Gordon Ramsay

  33. dickgirl next door

    get yourself some hot tea, quicky :3

  34. One sneaky thing with the 130PM Forrest spirit is that even if you have a 130PM it further dilutes the pool and makes it harder to get the Japanese TD

  35. TotallyNotart3mis

    Dumb, I have so many tanks that I never know what to play. I just want old maps back like south coast

  36. Well that does it for me , i quit which is sad because i love the game played since 2014 and all i have seen is greed from wargaming . In my point of view just make it sub to play get rid of all the bots and retard groups of people looking to fix games, then hopefully bring the game back to what i fell in love with many years ago. Don’t worry Quicky im still gonna watch your terrible content on here and twitch.

  37. great review. Irish Shamrock and BS premiums! These guys are just a bunch of crack heads, shooting your hard earned money straight up their nose. How else could you explain the trian wreck gameplay that is WOT. If I was a WG CC I would be getting more nervous with each month going by.

  38. WG thinks it’s game community is stupid to get baited for it…

    They are kind of right and that’s really sad

  39. WG really outperform themselves with regards to milking players even more with even less useful stuff for your money. I have played from 2011-2022 and this video is just pure comedy. Don’t spend your money on WG, kids!

  40. _CePblu_KaPDuHaJl_

    Still have some tanks I haven’t played

  41. If WG would’ve thought a Premium O-Ho would be toxic, they sure as hell would’ve made one up and sold it.

  42. Thanks, QB for saving me from emptying my Upside account. I don’t own any of those premiums and really would only like the 130.

  43. I just hope the boxes are not rigged so you would receive the bad tank you do not have before you can get a SU or new TD by buying more boxes… I still do not have 59 Patton and do not want it. Moreover, no gold drops from the boxes anymore… Dont know If I will be buying the boxes this time. Not likely if the price will be the same as it was during the NY event.

  44. Yo WG, maybe I am a whale but I am not stupid. You can keep your great selection of boxes.

  45. Are you going to adress Honest Gamings Video or are you gonna ignore it like always?

  46. This type of thing is aimed solely at the cash cows who play the game. i mean the tanks in the premium store are eye wateringly expensive for many of us. let alone having to buy loot boxes with, let’s face it, mediocre tanks as rewards. If they had gold aswell it might not be so bad but as is its just not worth the money. surely they would sell more and profit more if they didn’t charge so much for stuff.

  47. I have a few points of commentary:
    I actually hate this move by WG to put same tanks with different styles in the game. Last month the Mars, now the 130pm spirit.
    Last new tank that was for sale before geing in lootboxes was skoda t56 almost tow full years ago.
    Lootboxes once or twice a year alright, but to me it is worthless without the gold per box.

    About your question; I have a lot of premium tanks with under 10 games played on it. I have so many, I don’t have the time to play all of them.

  48. Sexiest voice in all WoT xD

  49. Wot Addict Global

    The worst part is the “you get no gold in the boxes” aspect…


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