^^| EMIL 1 Tier 8 Swedish Heavy

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Source: SirCircon


  1. Dat ending lmao

  2. Now that was funny

  3. I love all the enemies smelling a Circon kill and throwing caution to the
    wind to charge in.

  4. MrImmortalityPrince

    Best Lurva player

  5. fuk yea to that lowe. :D…

  6. I wanna say that arty was doing an epic bait and switch at the end, but if
    did that I’d get team killed and the oho would derp to win.

  7. This tank is OP as hell. I needed 1750 base exp for mastery, 1690 something
    was still 1st class

  8. do you still play armored warfare? you should definately check out balance
    2.0 once that goes live. (they may remove arty completely)

  9. The Slapstick is Real!

  10. Circon, you weren’t invited at wg fest in Moscow or you did not wanted to?

  11. the Löwe buff is real! OP carry!!!

  12. I swear there should be a forced tutorial that tells players not to spam
    HE, or something, anything, to stop them from doing this.
    https://i.gyazo.com/58a8f5ed52202c073453ae22be00d9d2.png I mean come on, a
    tier 10 being completely useless because he can’t figure out that his ammo
    choice is retarded. And this is apparently after 56k battles, how long do
    you need to learn? It makes me want to print off their stats, and beat them
    around the head with them until they understand how stupid they are being.

  13. Early in the lifecycle of new tanks, it’s harder to get aces at higher
    tiers because the people there the earliest are usually either there
    because they grind fast and are more experienced, or they skip it with a
    lot of free xp (more often than not done by more experienced players)

  14. 11:40 Arty went full retard xD

  15. arty may have wanted to spot the o ho sooner for the lowe

  16. I don’t agree with the Lowe criticisms. He played REALLY smart the entire
    battle. He was bottom tier in a heavy which is notorious for bad armor, but
    really good at sniping, so that’s what he did. Saved his HP for the end of
    the battle and used them when it was needed to win. Honestly I doubt 99
    percent of the people would have played that better than him.

  17. LOL what a game :-D

  18. Lowe good play xD

  19. The end xD

  20. The xP requirments for Ace Tanker on this line is pretty challenging

  21. lol the is7 on Circ’s team was most likely a bot, he was firing nothing but

  22. I watched the end 9 times. I can’t stop laughing.

  23. 4,8 k ain’t ace, got me 2nd class with plenty of spots too…

  24. Love the end “Fuck this guy”

  25. Circ, what do you think about wg’s plans to make a third t10 german heavy,
    buffing the t8 and 9 american td’s speed wise, and especially the t9 and
    t10 lights they want to introduce

  26. That Lowe though ?

  27. I love this tank. Maybe that’s cause I’m shit and it’s overpowered…
    anyway well played circon.

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