^^| EMIL 2. Pub Stomping Windstorm. (World of Tanks.)

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Source: SirCircon


  1. it was great seeing yo stream with Foch again can’t wait for the next one!

  2. my god the Emil 1 and 2… after the Emil I’ve never seen such over powered and shitlord tanks ._. grinding my comet is super painful thanks to these things

  3. not as good as falling into the lake in Lakeville the other night 😉


    This shit is the shit.

  5. ahhhh Foch, so good.

  6. This video is not available.

  7. Stomping memes!~

  8. ahh foch, memey platoon

  9. Foch has yet to do a Foch review…

  10. Wow! Fosh wasn’t salty for once!

  11. circon and foch sound the same to me xD

  12. I just wanted to ask why dont you play with Foch anymore 😀 I guess i dont really need to ask now 😀

  13. not avaiable ?

  14. 5:05 I love that look on your face

  15. Does anybody know the names for the first and second songs from begining of the video?

  16. French TDs look cool as fuck, but they just dont work…

  17. Imagine having circon and Foch on the opposing team… feelsbadman

  18. Emil fair and balanced comrade )))))))))

  19. Circon where are you from?

  20. Circon why some video are not aviable for mobile ??

  21. Ladies and mental-gents!!

  22. ShadowAssasinMitchell 12

    I just got the Emil II two days ago and still have everything stock….this mobility seems impossible to achieve, the stock engine/tracks are sooooo bad

  23. Anyone know how to get that blue cross hair?

  24. Memembering the times when foch wasn’t just a guest, foch was a full time companion. <3

  25. Foch-ception!

  26. Fochception!

  27. Lol, that look he gives the camera at 5:09 !

  28. T32 Penned the turret of a hull-down Emil II. T32 confirmed OP, nerf pen please WG.

  29. This should be illegal! ? so good players… wtf

  30. I haven’t played WoT in over a month, I’m suffering withdrawal. Circon, you’re my drug.

  31. Pub stomping in tier 9 tanks?


  32. 6:52 “Grrrr HE boys” :’D made my day

  33. What is the SU-100Y doing at this point in the battle?
    He’s a pretty sharp stick.

  34. not hating on it but how has circons videos not been hit with the copyright stick?

  35. sircon=pub stomp whenever whatever, lol

  36. What was the sessions win ratio?

  37. Ahh the synergy between these bois 🙂

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