^^| EMIL 2 Tier 9 New Swedish Heavy Tank – Test Server Footage.

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Source: SirCircon

Putting the through its paces.


  1. How the fuck does WG make this tank and compare it to the 50-120 and even
    pretend that it is balanced? The 50-120 isn’t very good in the first place,
    but this tank completely supplants it.

  2. Broken, this shit is broken….

  3. jgpzE100 shot me with HE on the side of the turret commander and gunner
    injured 🙁 this tank could die by simply injuring all of its crew, one
    thing i noticed is the gun can be easily damaged with a good hit below in
    the flat part of the gun mantlet(lower caliber guns may spam HE), this
    ruins the clip reload,time when you unload the shells every shot and the
    aim time which is super annoying. one more thing is the turret ring one
    good hit or splash and pray that you have repair kits available. overall
    its not even worth it to repair the tracks on this tank same on the tier 9
    and 10 save it for the turret and gun. based on my experience is the
    strength of this tank is also its weakness.

  4. the broken engine sounds like a distorted ww2 bomber

  5. 5:53 I’m dyiinggggggg.. “go in siege mode you fucking idiot!”

  6. will you be livestreaming alot of the division now that survival is out?

  7. My Sweden<3 nah nah :P

  8. “Shoot me in the turret Wanker” from the same songwriter that brought you
    “IS6 get fucking rekt” and more memes.

  9. The sound of the shell sliding into the breech is hellacious on that tank.

  10. i remember the time, when autoloader was something like ,,special,, .. now
    its becoming the rule

  11. dam it didnt hit me how good this thing was until you mentioned the t54e1
    because i think the amx 50 120 still has a place because i think it will be
    better at range and i think has better accuracy and slightly better
    mobility. the t54e1 though has nothing other than reload time in the clip.

  12. i regret grinding to the t57

  13. If you reload, point the gun upward, than the enemy cant hit the weakspot

  14. yet another cash grab by the fuckwits at WG

  15. Next Is-4 confirmed?

  16. The “weakspot” may be the crew … when people figure out they can’t pen
    the turret they will start spamming HE at it, and eventually the crew will
    start dying. It actually may be a good idea to put spall liner on the tank,
    both to lessen the damage taken and increase crew survivability.

  17. more op auto loaders now with armour …dam it

  18. those Swedish tanks look like they will be quite the memes

  19. HAHA in the end; is this the TD or the heavy? Yeah its kinda hard to know
    when the gun is this good.
    I dont think its just me but dont the new 8-10 tanks seem super broken?

  20. “i think the reload should sound like someone scratching a blackboard!” –
    wargaming 2016

  21. Power Creep says hi.

  22. This is so stupidly OP. wargaming sure fucked it up

  23. Part of that Lesbian Gay Bi-Sexual clan huh. ;-)

  24. Yeah, definite Swedish nerf.

  25. Siege mode only works when you have medivacs anyway …

  26. where is the notification squad at?

  27. fuck yah

  28. `first XD

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