Emil I Review/Guide

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Source: Taugrim

I review the Emil I, a tier Swedish heavy tank in World of Tanks (), with replays of tier 10 Westfield and tier 9 battles.

The Emil 1 is the first of three Swedish heavy autoloaders that feature turrets with excellent frontal protection and fantastic depression. The Emil I is rough around the edges but the Emil II is a meaningful upgrade at-tier in terms of penetration and frontal turret protection.

Strengths and Weaknesses
+ Fantastic max gun depression (-12)
+ Strong frontal turret protection (245mm effective)
+ Small profile for a heavy
+ Frontal hull armor is decent (~195mm effective)
– Relatively low silver AP pen (217)
– Poor gun handling
– Long intra-clip reload of 3 seconds, although the frontal turret protection mitigates this
– Side turret armor is thin (35mm)
– Pitiful side hull armor (20mm) is overmatched easily

Recommended Equipment
1. VStab
2. Vents
3. Gun Laying Drive

I talk through how I'm reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

” full guide and FAQs:

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  1. Second brud

  2. Emil 1 is one of my highest average xp for a tank I didn’t keep, thinking about buying it back for 3 marking.

    • That’s impressive. I found the gun handling and silver pen of the Emil I to be significant limiting factors. The Emil II is a much better tank at-tier, so grinding the Emil I was worth it.

    • +Taugrim I think it was mainly because I am an autoloader noob, they are the tanks I like to play the most. When fighting 9s and 10s that the gun couldn’t pen well, the autoloader is great for keeping people tracked and just supporting my team, keeping an E100 stuck so your 10s can get shots can be just as effective if not more than clipping a tank.

    • Yes, keeping opponents chain-tracked with an autoloader is one of WoT life’s joys.

  3. I really loved the Emil I, probably my favorite tank. So far the Emil II has been a bad experience but im fully stock with a 75% crew so only the future will tell how good It gets.

    • The tier 9 gun is a beast on the Emil I, I barely had to load gold unless I’m facing against tier 10’s

    • You kept your Emil I crew on the Emil I? I usually move my crews up, and then later do something like swap one experienced crew member out with a fresh one, and make sure Crew Acceleration is turned on, so all XP for a long time goes to the new guy. It’s a fast way to get crew members skilled up.

  4. I always ran this thing with optics for the view range, and just put up with the bad aim time. There were times where the better aim time would have helped me, but there were also times where the higher view range won the game.

  5. Westfield is the ultimate map for Swedish heavy tanks. If one team has a Kranvagn on that map it is pretty much gg for the other team (if there is no arty).

  6. +Taugrim Same here, WG has done something with the mm and during my 2-3 years playing, I have never had such epic losses which has triggered me too to the extent that im not playing for the next 6month or so.

  7. With all respect Taugrim, it is NOT a tank destroyer it is a heavy tank. The T8 TD is the Udes.
    Love your videos and the gold free ammo bins btw!

  8. One of the best place to be if a T95 is cresting a ridge is right in front of it. Shooting up through the tracks is great for damage and tracking combined.

  9. Still amazes me how you play these tanks with std ammo and win. Great tips thanks.

  10. A good review as always.

    Any chance of a guide to the Frontlines map and tanks to use?

  11. A video on the Leo would be great 🙂

  12. 1. french tanks need others on sides…
    2. always FACE…
    3. aim time is really stupid..
    That map I warn people..stay 1 square back from the hill, wait for them to crest, as ALL guns will point up…and you can shoot under them..
    As a group you can kill off the bigger ones quick, esp with arty help.. at 1 square back they cant see you until they hit the top..
    But no one listens to me..

  13. I want Emil1, i have Emil 1 and… it’s very hard to find best way to play this tank.

    WG 3/5/7 = +80% MM+2, too close = dead (full golds game again & again), too far = miss 2/4.
    Slow, mobility awfull, too many miss (my crew have 4 skills) at -100 meters.

    After many and many games, change for EMIL 2 and yes, it’s GOOD “EMIL tank serie”, more armor, more accurate & no mm+2 😛
    The good part of the Emil1 is that it trains the player for the Emil 2 🙂

  14. Great guide, I am currently grinding the stock gun on the Emil I at the moment, and just using pure ‘special ammo’, otherwise it’s a lesson in perma-frustration.

  15. Nice look at this emil! Did you say you were going to review the Emil 2? I am struggling to like that tank, its turret is so slow, its aim time so long, it is so sluggish and that bad intra clip is just horrendous! I have 97K left, and I am seriously considering just giving up now on them, however I heard there are buffs in the pipeline, and I would hate to sell it.
    I am a medium lover, so maybe that exaggerates it. It is really hard to play for me. Cheers m8

  16. A Leo review would be nice yeah, that 300 alpha is crazy on a T7 med.

  17. What do you think about the new mm changes?

  18. I like Emil 1 despite its kind of a sluggish tank with horrible aim time. And mostly tier 9 and 10 can pen you easily.

  19. idk 217 is fairly average pen for T8 (minus premiums a lot of those don’t even break 200) a few tanks are 1-3 pen higher so lets call them even, and then 4 tanks out of 15 are 225-232 aka stupidly high pen for T8. The power creep in penetration has gotten so bad that people think 217 is low PFFFF thanks Serb!!!

    Smashing games btw! Oh yes a review on the Leo please! I’m suffering through the T6, that massive turret is getting me killed so often >< I like more alpha damage based tanks like the Leo.

    • So you want to say that my Tiger 2 with 225mm of pen is powercreeping other tanks.I’ve tought i’ll never read this words in my lifetime.

    • +Trogodor 1996 well think of it this way, the Tiger 2 had one of the highest if not th highest pen for how long? Now how many tanks have gotten pen buffs or introduced with stupid pen to start with in the meantime? The Tiger 2 has an amazing gun to start with, but everything else about the tank has become obsolete, mainly by other tanks getting retarded pen values, so its effect by the powercreep?

      If I and many others made 175 pen work, 217 is fucking amazing…

  20. +FlyingLunatic WGing have done nothing with MM, it never matched with mmr in mind, its just player skill keeps dropping over the years. Its even worse in WoWs

  21. Gotta say, unbelievable you can make the tank work soo good with standard APCR. I play this tank with a (very high for me) 50/50 ratio as the gun is pretty derpy and I felt the gold ammo helps in mid range situations as you can’t rely on your aim on weakspots, while you do without it really nice! BTW it’s my best DPG tier 8 HT!

  22. Your videos are amazing. Deserve more followers for sure.

  23. Leo review please.

  24. taugrim i really miss u,,, you give me much much much knowledge @ the battle field
    thanks Taugrim

  25. Was jonesing for a taugrim vid for a while. Whew. Be fun to see you in the t57.

  26. 225 pen guided by the Hand of Stalin and souls of dissidents.

  27. You will love the Kranvagn! Good gun handling and super great turret hull down.

  28. AP makes a difference.

  29. M41D review please Taugrim <3 Also I'm playing without any gold ammo and consumable now, actually feels good man.

  30. Heinrich von Hahnrei

    Can you cut the ooga booga drums in the beginning?

  31. I mean, it does destroy tanks

  32. Review elc even 90 when?

  33. I enjoy your honest assessments…….particularly since you make most tanks look more than competent !

  34. What equipment did you run on this tank?

  35. +FlyingLunatic I wouldn’t say it has to do with the matchmaking, but the general quality of players has definitely dropped all around.
    Or, conversely, good players got too good and now the skill gap is huge.

    Either way there’s way too many 15-5 and 5-15 matches nowadays much more than there were a good 5 years ago.

  36. You’re back, awesome! Seriously taugrim, I can only rewatch your older videos so much!

    On a more serious note, will you be looking into the Wheeled Vehicles? You’re easily the youtuber I most want to see talking about them and I’d love to hear your opinion.

    Any idea what the next video will be on?

    • Absolutely, I’m grinding the AMD 178B now…

    • +Taugrim Fantastic, I can’t wait!
      I almost feel silly for how excited I got seeing you posted a new video, but I really do enjoy your content.

      Not to be selfish, you took the time you needed to and you’ll certainly have your reasons, but I hope it doesn’t take another month for a new video hehe.

  37. Great video. I have been having a nightmare time with the Leo. The gun handling and atrocious pen just make that tank not much fun for me. My stats tend to be something like 10 shots, 5 hits and 2 pens. I got the drop on an IS6 or 6b yesterday. I hit him four times, once on all four sides as I circled him. No pens. I knew that I could not pen his front armor but the sides and rear should have been doable. My frustration levels with this tank are super high and I would love to see your take on it.

  38. While i did enjoy the tank. That side armor is what kept me from keeping it. If WG buffed it to 45mm or something would help a lot. Curious to see what you think of the Emil II and Kranny. (Console actually buffed both of them which is surprising and hope PC does the same)

  39. i dont get it, i have my emil with 3 skills, BIA, run food, but like 1-2 shots(or even more) of every clip gets sent into nowhere even while fully aimed that it gets so frustrating to play with it… shots into the dirt, into the rocks, sky, no damage tracks, u name it…
    then seeing ur replay of u hitting shots while not even aiming pff hahaha
    nice games tho!

  40. I misspoke, it’s a heavy tank.

  41. u just said tank destroyer //.

  42. Glad to see that you’re back, Taugrim.

  43. As you have personally seen in battle, I am a fairly mediocre player, but my WR in the Emil I is over 59%, and only the 252U comes close in DPG among tier 8 heavies I have played. Abusing gun depression and a strong turret will get you far in this game.

  44. Another great video! !

  45. I was hesitant on whether to transfer my Swedish TD crew to the heavy/medium line with my frustration with the inflexible siege mode, but now I think I’ll give the Leo and Emil a shot.

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