Emil II – More OP than the Kranvagn | World of Tanks 9.17

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Source: Valachio


Actually I’m not really surprised at anything at this point.

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  1. Of course it’s way overpowered.

  2. Hmm…I think the lower plate needs a buff. Right guys?…guys?..

  3. IF that patch will be released will broken the game, omg they are learning
    with gaijin of warthunder, they are screwing their game too. Why playing
    with St-1 when you have this, even upper plate is better, you need to angle
    on the St-1 and lower plate, drivers hatch, turret ring, cupola, makes my
    live hard as hell. and 1 month ago i bought the amx 50 120, what i do with
    that tank now, its not fair for me knowing that exists a better tank in
    almost everithying than mine in same tier.
    That game is becoming a powercreep joke, no balance at all, how developers
    can be so blind, i ask if they play the game or receive feedback, that
    meetings they do all years whats their purpose?? playing cards?
    And what rages me more is seing the biggest youtubers, just complete
    ignores the facts and talks like everithyng is fine and lures the comunity.
    (1mm of steel ricochet an 183 mm shell for example ?? WTF? .

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