Emperor Protects – BDR Warhammer 40k Skin

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. Here before shit hits the fan

  2. Christiaan Paans

    You can get this tank by winning 3 battles?

  3. the glorious steel potato will destroy you!

  4. when does the asia server get these skins?

  5. Dat Luchs kill was disgusting 😀

  6. I always liked the bdr even before the buffs, I love how solid the gun is. Too bad you gotta pay a shiteload for a skin, for this price they could have made a whole prem tank like the kv2…

  7. 10€ for a cosmetic skin, that’s heresy.

  8. PogChamp Nice Meme

  9. Premium tank + Premium player = Premium results!

  10. Bert The Avenger

    And now everyone will be buying this thinking they will have games like that ?

  11. The 40K KV-2 and this MIght, juuust MIGHT get me back into WoT.

  12. I have problems getting more than 800 dmg in this tank..

  13. Unhistorical?
    Means 95% of players won’t see it…
    Srsly why would WG put “Historic only” as default?

  14. WG know how to Scamm the People….

  15. dubhead spartan

    Everyone’s like “wHeRes tHe gUN mArKs MoD CiRcoN” broke it I would assume, not hard to figure it out people

    • dubhead spartan Yep.. I still use it, but often the mod show unrealistic numbers like when I dont do anything my gunmark would drop from 83%-75%.. Or it showed me that the percentage would raise from 63%-68% with only 1,2k DMG at that moment of the match on T8.. Its very weird

  16. Pure filth.

  17. Wargaming wtf are you doing charging money for a skin? Next thing you know they will be putting out op Russian tanks for no reason while the Chinese line sits there in jealously….

  18. Warrior of the Sun

    Your videos are always the best uncle Circon. I ship out for Army basic training in three days and I’m glad that a guy like you has been entertaining me since 2015. Thanks for all the laughs man!

  19. The French 90mm is basically a short 88.

  20. Only one way to find out 3 mark bdr

  21. Oh that Luchs shot though ! Very Honourable !

  22. It was like going throuth a potatoe field with a bulldozer.

  23. I’ve had so much fun with this tank, best V tier ht for me even kv1 sucks compared but it’s my opinnion yeah xd

  24. I love my BDR it’s so underrated. I’ve got three marks with it. No armor but the gun is so good.

  25. RIP Circon, no new subs today [*]

  26. Went in the kitchen to pour milk in my coffee came back and you had 5 kills.

  27. BDR is the best T5 heavy. That gun is too good, it can actually side scrape top tier, and it can two or three shot anything equal tier.

  28. The Heretics are cleansed.

  29. I love this tank (but didnt know it)… a year after i stopped playing it and sold it in the grind (1 year on) i now notice my BDR stats have 76% win rate on 85 battles.. which is as it happens ten percent the best tank i ever had at any tier.. why? it has better than t8 med dpm at tier5! The low pen barely matters at its tier.. great tank

  30. No gunmarks on the KV-(R) with skin, and even no gunmarks without the skin. kinda dumb

  31. Hahahaha nice. Now there’ll be a heap of people will buy the BDR thinking it’s OP. Has a nice gun, but RIP vs t6. I do love to watch some puppies get kicked early in the AM.


    I have to admit, these skins are pretty dope. I’d definitely but the KV-2 skin, if I still played ayyyyyyyyyylmao

  33. no go fight an O-Ni with it

  34. 7 enemy players, 0 damage…………..

  35. The KV-2’s barrel…..is wrapped in shit!

  36. Currently my favorite tier 5. The gun is excellent. And enough armour to sidescrape.

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