Empire’s Rush! – Panhard AMD 178B – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes

Me and foch play the new 6!
: )


  1. First like given.

  2. hello mum 😀 also AGUANTE EL CHURRITOOOOO

  3. Circ + foch ..what else can you expect 🙂 From the first to the last minute..GG


  5. My two favorite streamers playing together. Nice! 😀

  6. Circon wheeled replays are like espresso. Small but highly strong.

  7. it is nice to see you having fun 🙂
    tnx 4 share

  8. 12-2, better cap….13-2, could still lose better stay in cap. 14-2, still to close, capping best idea….

    • Something people don’t want to understand:

      Never NOT cap!

      The “no cap, kill all” mentality made so many games harder. Most of the time, I am happy to see someone cap, even if it’s a clear Victory, because that can turn around so fast and bite you in the ass.

  9. Is my hearing broken or did you mention free premiums ?
    « Where are the free stuffs? »

  10. circon is love circon is life lol

  11. Not my proudest fap . .. . . . .

  12. I see you are playing on my FAVORITE map! /s

  13. Another great upload…why not rename the tank ‘Panhandle’ (English toilet humour)

  14. Reminds me of the old VK 28 01 w/the 105 Derp gun.

  15. haven’t played in a while but the lemon of this line should definitely be nicknamed pantard lol

  16. This would most definitely be featured in “The good, the bad and the ugly”, if he sent it

  17. When are you going to show a game where Foch does better than Circon?

  18. Whenever I play on a map that isn’t Minsk, I tell myself “it could be worse, I could be on Minsk.” Empire’s border is pretty bad tho.

  19. I don’t even wanna play these wheeled things myself, I have much more fun watching you guys do it. So many memes.

  20. Just the two of y’all in a platoon is OP but now y’all in wheeled vehicles it’s like maximum overdrive!

  21. Foch being salty as always. Don’t see the appeal of that guy.

  22. The HE memes on these new wheeled lights seem to be pretty good.

  23. Panhard hard. Dick soft. .

  24. Wait is Foch your Recruit?

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