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Source: OddBawZ

The PT-76-57 in Thunder is a Light Tank with a 57mm autocannon that's got a laser range finder and a VERY fast reload. What makes the PT-76-57 special is that fires an armor piercing high explosive. Where most autocannon tanks fire a solid projectile the PT only needs on good penetrating hit cause colossal damage.

The 57mm autocannon also has INSANE zoom and when you're not zoomed in you have an excellent FOV. That makes it good for brawling as well as long range combat.

The mobility of the PT-76-57 is pretty good, too. The only thing letting it down is the poor armour, which isn't really an issue since everything else more than makes up for it.

Basically, imagine a ZSU-57-2 but you have one fully stabilized cannon! Insane! πŸ™‚




  1. The Turum III is an absolute menace.

  2. in the pt76b i dropped a nuke in it because its absolute insanely good lol no not the pt76 57 lol

  3. please play the char 25t it changed its reload to 4s

  4. Russian bisa is getting too pathetic

  5. One BP i missed and listened to my friend not to buy this tank even when it was 70-80ish.
    Christmas is coming πŸ˜…

  6. 15:50 why do you hate helicopters so much?

  7. This thing is like 1 of the top 5 light tanks

  8. The one BP I regret not grinding, I really want this thing but am not forking out 300 bucks for it

  9. “Now, if that’s happening to you, please call 9-1-1” hahahahah

  10. Lol bro you are so funny man , keep it up man fuckin love your videos ❀️

  11. killed endless abramses from the front with this thing. truly a broken vehicle… the original br as well as the current one are an absolute joke!

  12. fun fact, it faces tiger 2 p in simulator

  13. Literally low-tier 2s38

  14. Kugelblitz hit you hard , but as usuall on Russian premiums you only lost your barrel . You have zero armour and still survived a twin Mk103 and .50cal from behind . Just insanly OP premium .

  15. Best game

  16. Is it just me or did the like button go rainbow when he said like

  17. Pain? remember when it was 7.3 πŸ˜€ (or 7.0 ?)

  18. Day 2 of asking u to play the asu 85

  19. Gaijin if u see this, please give this man an IS 7 he really deserves it

  20. char 25t vs this, even before it got uptiered and got its 4s reload.

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