ENLISTED | This GAME IS AWESOME (Panzer 3 & Infantry Gameplay)

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More Info on Enlisted -https://enlisted.net/en/#!/

ENLISTED | This GAME AWESOME (Panzer 3 & Infantry Gameplay)

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  1. Do colab with bo time gaming

  2. Steven Kountanis

    So is this like a new version of red orchestra?

  3. Looks like earned in blood but WT

  4. I’ve just realized this but I’ve been watching you for 7 years since the beginning and playing war thunder ever since.

  5. Dude play the people more, that’s the point of this game!

  6. War Thunder + Cuisine Royale = Enlisted

    Really looking forward to see this in the game.

  8. so hyped for this game…..till I saw gaijin was involved. RIP.

  9. Jameson Newhouse

    Alright kids listen everybody needs to play this on PC so it can come to console cuz war thunder with infantry looks so much better

  10. So battlefield 5 but good for 20 months after release

  11. Is it possible to drive an enemy tank?

  12. I am very curious as to if it will come to console as war thunder did, because if there is a company who can make a multiple control (many key binds) PC game and port it to ps4/xb1s gaijaboo because I would love to see any tactical/realistic shooter like post scriptum, hell let loose or heros and generals kinda thing come to console. “But ooooh console players are to casual and dont have enough buttons” i think this game could work

  13. The interface looks like it’s from Cuisine Royale

  14. *”Russian Bias”*

  15. Saving obersturmbannführer Hans

  16. I hope they eventually add planes, I want to bomb some real targets for once

  17. I love it when phly speaks German (I’m German )

  18. Phly, I enjoy your longer videos. It make take more of your time and effort and involve more editing, but it means I get to spend more time investing and learning something I love and becoming a better player. I hope in the future to see some videos lasting over 30 minutes.

  19. 25:28

    Me: Shoot him

    Phly: 25:31

  20. Heroes and Generals…

  21. Trystan Vanpeperstraete

    Is it a free game ?

  22. One day Gaijin will hire a UI Designer…

  23. Neo Mr_Master_of_Puppets

    Is just for PC?

  24. These „German“ names are really bad

  25. I want some casual rainbow 6 siege 😅

  26. I used to pronounce gewehr like ‘jewer’ when I was a kid and somehow that felt appropriate.

  27. This game look like a more „arcadey“ Red Orchestra 2

  28. Gigel LadăDePrune

    Is this game available on xbox??

  29. What about heroes and generals?

  30. Imagine 5-6 years from now there are Abrams, Leo 2s and Challenger 2s in this game lmao

  31. Everything Heroes and Generals should have been

  32. Imagine, being with multiple players in a tank and everyone has his fix place and combine that with something like worldwar mode in WT

  33. its kinda realistic that the soviets have better tanks if the game in its current state represents the eastern front 1941. the germans had huge problems penetrating the modern soviet tanks t-34 and KV-1/2 with their tank-mounted guns and often had to rely on towed artillery and anti-air-guns to take them out.

  34. Pls gameplay with anti-tank rifel

  35. It’s weird because it seems like they mixed Cusine Rolyale and War Thunder together XD

  36. Was it on the Open Alpha? Or “you” can play it anytime?

  37. Hey Phly
    remember the L3/35CC, there is a variant that the Italians made of this tank that had a flame thrower instead of the 20mm.

  38. Sub to Savage Technoblade

    is this on xbox 1 x

  39. Hey phly i love your content i would like you to check out il2 1946 a guy called fishyy has done some great vids bonber missions and anti bomber missions they are a bit long but very imerrsive i know you love that sort of thing as do i awsome bomber formations would you consider having a go or are they a bit to long winded for you? Anyway keep up the great work all our love from the UK 😁

  40. If you want you can try Squad it is a modern military sim with T80U and M1A2 and more vehicles. It is based around squads working together to capture strategic points and build forward operating bases with defensive infrastructure

  41. This reminds me so much of Heroes & Generals. Movement and gun control are even the same. Some of the buildings as well. Almost a copy-paste here 5:45 but with much better graphics.

  42. Jan Kremówka II

    Wow war thunder 2 looks very good

  43. where can i download this game?

  44. driving tank in such small map isnt very realistic and feels awkward

  45. This game is a masterpiece compared to Battlefield!

  46. The severs are still up???

  47. wonder if someone will make Simon Hayha simulator video with this game……

  48. Phlew, ladles, and jellybeans; if people like the look of this combined infantry and tank game-play, can I make a suggestion of an older game (at least, until Enlisted becomes available to a wider audience)? Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad still has a fairly active player base, and like Enlisted is a primarily infantry shooter, and also like Enlisted has squad command and tank support elements. It’s advantages over the alpha version of Enlisted are that it also has a higher level of command from what I’ve seen of Enlisted (the team leader relies on squad leaders to mark locations for artillery, or he can go out and do it himself if he’s feeling brave, and then the TL uses the radio to call in artillery strikes and aerial recon), the tanks use historically accurate gunsights, the tanks are multi-crew (so you and some buddies can operate a tank over voice comms like in Post Scriptum, or you can command AI crewmembers), and it’s currently available to everyone!

    I’m not one to say “go and buy it”, but if it turns up on sale during the current global issue that we’re having, I definitely recommend it. (Having not played Post Scriptum, I can’t give an honest recommendation for that, though it does look awesome).

  49. His Holiness Pope Julius II.

    Why are you shouting all the bloody time?

  50. I bet they will add third party nations like Italy and then ruin this game too.

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