ENLISTED | WAR THUNDER with Infantry (Enlisted T-26 Tank Gameplay)

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More Info on Enlisted -https://enlisted.net/en/#!/

ENLISTED | WAR THUNDER with Infantry (Enlisted Tank Gameplay)

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  1. Phellas!!! Hope you enjoy the video! Got a awesome game coming out this weekend with the Pz3. Be safe!

  2. copying WT is a sin ! disss’d.

  3. Better bf 5

  4. 4:40
    Phly: Oh hey here is a enemy tank!
    **Kills ExtraTHICCCKK**

  5. watching the video: surprised

    realizing it was made by gaijin: *whatthefuck*

  6. Wow! I’m extremely impressed

  7. João de Oliveira

    Oh guess what Phly is doing? Phlaying TANKS.

    Credits to the tittle, It is the always expected infantry in War Thunder. They gave an excuse to make a hole new game for the infantry as “It fits better with a different engine”, but truth is that the War Thunder comunity is really against inf on the game hahaha

  8. So a Post Scriptum by gaijin :V

  9. As long as the warthunder grind does NOT come with it…..*shudders*

  10. pancharder der paijas

    The interface looks almost exactly like cuisine royale

  11. I need to say…this is realistic!!

  12. Free2Play or ?….



  14. Another good job from Gailin?
    ho man this game look so real

  15. So in summary they copied heroes and generals, but with worse maps.

  16. Hey PhlyDaily, i was lookin for years for sth like this.. I thought space thunder was the april fools thing.. But beside that, i tried a few years ago Heroes & Generals, thats very fun. Maybe you should try it too, cos i haven’t seen any videos of that in your channel. Its for free andyou can fiind it on Steam. Yea its very hard pay to win, but it makes either way fun.

    Greetings from Germany 🙂

  17. Tyrion Lannister

    Soooo… The title basically says war thunder is dead right?

  18. Robertas Naujokas

    No fu*king way really !

  19. BF: Best ww2 shooter squad game

    Gaijin: Hold my beer

  20. Battlefield in dire state

    War thunde: uno switch card

    But what i think is this game should be the next war thunder, like way better! Just by the gameplay we saw, i really think it could be better then Red Orchestra if they base a bit the gameplay on it! And surpass any ww2 shooter, they should add the planes too! This could be the ww2 game everybody wanted, if they listen to the community!

  21. Mr. Blummel höchst persönlich

    It looks like a mix of bf5 and war thunder…

  22. *Battlefield is shaking *

  23. Looks awesome to say the least.
    One minor feature which I think would be nice is that your username should be the name of your squad and death messages should be a combination of username + squad member name. I noticed on the death messages it shows just your username, which looks derpy and looks like you have died multiple times.

  24. LitlBlackDragonNinja

    In one or two years you’ll see planes added and maybe 5 years down the line, you’ll have abruhmz and migZ!

  25. yeah… Except no.

  26. Looks like battlefield mixed with war thunder. I love it

  27. Hey Phly, I have a challenge for you.
    Phly the German SA. 313A Alouette II stock and see how many Ka-50’s you can kill in an all Heli match
    Good luck, becasue you’ll need it

  28. My wet dreams are no longer dreams I see

  29. Wasnt that the game they wanted to sell pre alpha Packs for it like 4 years ago and wasnt heard of ever again?

  30. Cecilio Sprayetti

    They need to do something about that AI if they ever want this to be successful. AI will just stare at you point blank while you spray them down, get stuck on terrain, and are basically just moving tac inserts from COD

  31. comrade Sevchenko

    no no no. pre alpha isnt beta. beta is after alpha.

  32. So this is where all the choppers money been going to… i forgive u gajin for heli spam

  33. Imagine this in vr

  34. What’s interesting about this game is that it it’s published by Gaijin and developed by another team, but it seems that team asked Gaijin for a lot of War Thunder’s assets and mechanics. If you look at some of the visuals, Enlisted uses a version of WT’s camera reticle, as well as it’s auto-generated sight mechanic which changes based on the shell loaded, sharing font and everything. But what’s even more interesting is that it seems Gaijin didn’t want to hand over some of their shiny current assets, so if you listen it actually uses the old WT sound effects (ex. Rus. 45mm sound), as well as some original/from-elsewhere sounds. It also uses an older version of WT’s damage visualization system, as the one used is in a style similar to WT’s ground forces beta hit cam, and likely the code was transferred to this new game. The vehicles are also the same as WT’s because, put simply, they are WT’s. The models are slightly different but the textures look like lower-quality versions of the ones used in WT, whether past or present, so it’s likely they are very similar code-wise. I find it highly likely that this game also shares other animations, like track movement, with WT as well. After all, it should be noted that the game uses the same engine as WT.

  35. Can’t wait to see tier VII infantry.

  36. For the people in battlefield V they only play with tanks and planes!

  37. so it’s what battlefield 5 shouldve been

  38. Valerio Bernabei

    Maybe… this is war thunder getting ready for infatry with an april’s fool

  39. Monostripe Zebras

    Dam. that could really be thing..

  40. Play with the object 279

  41. hey phly im pretty sure this was announced a couple years back im surprised to see you just now seeing it

  42. This game is beta?

  43. Now this looks really smooth for a pre-alpha gameplay….Reminds me of Red Orchestra….a bit….

  44. kv-BOOM big shack

  45. War thunder with infantry

    Phly: plays tanks

  46. the tank dont magical explode when the crew is knocked out! love it! <3

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