EPIC MAP | Secret Passages And Tunnels (War Thunder)

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EPIC MAP | Secret Passages Tunnels (War Thunder)



  1. So just a fun custom battle I did with some of my buddies. But personally I would love to see something like this in air rb to change it up and make it more dynamic. Let me know your thoughts

    • You should play more Air Arcade for throwbacks sake

    • I wholeheartedly agree that some terrain on air rb is fun. Have you considered checking out the fjords and mountains on the Norway map? The map shown when you spawn is less than a quarter of the actual size of the map. Some relatively fun terrain there, while still remaining realistic

    • @Nicolas Navarro are you out of your mind, do you like the flat maps better than this one

    • Gaijin could just add the Arcade maps to Realistic and make it free to ban them from your map rotation for everyone.
      So they could see if people like it without annoying those who don’t!

    • Wow! Awesome, name of the map?

  2. Friedrich der große von Preußen

    richboi i need that ge

  3. I love the Arcade maps, HATE the arcade flight model, respawns, etc.

  4. Yay! Slickbee!

  5. Phly that use to be an actual map back in the day. I would love to see it return.

  6. I’m getting some phucking strong Ace Combat vibes from this map…

  7. One Million Subs With No Vids

    New challenge: Don’t cuss in a video

    Lol sorry.

  8. Phly: covi-
    YouTube:(softly) no

  9. Hey Phlee could you try airfield, formation, bombing in SB it’s fun and would be cool to see you, Benny, etc… playing it

  10. wasn’t this an arcade battles map years ago…? been awhile since i play ab lol

  11. Loving the unloved please Phly Gladiator Mk II

  12. I-16 type 10 with historical information please

  13. maybe not air rb, but I’d definitely support an event mode like this

  14. FINALLY A SUPER FUN PHLY VIDEO! Reminds me of PHLY and Baron flying B-17s inside a volcano.

  15. I wanna love the mig

  16. Anyone else hear acecombat music in their head over everything

  17. 7:30 I live in Wayne county but luckily for me I just stay in my basement playing computer games all day

  18. Is that Slick?! Hell yeah nice seeing you two playing together.

  19. All we need now is the good ol intro song and it’ll be just like the good days

  20. Hey Phly. i cant find any vid from you about the Sd,Kfz 234/3 ?! maybe its time for some low Tier fun ? (Sd.Kfz 234/3 + Fw 189 A-1)

  21. I really hope they add it as a air battle map (not sure if it is an air battel because my computer broke so I can’t play)

  22. Could u fly the F89D one more time

  23. Julen Buteau-Enecoiz

    Who else is watching this in 2025?

  24. Actually maps are good to be realistic, but to be fair, this is game, to have fun and in this prespective arcade maps are nuts, so much fun compared to flat terrains in rb. It will be nice to has ab maps in rb.

  25. Wayne County, NC? That’s home to Seymour Johnson Air Force Base. Used to be a crew chief on F-15s there.

  26. Why the fuck cant we have access to something other than the same 5 fucking maps for 10.3 and 1 single gamemode for air RB. Like wtf are you doing snail.

  27. This map needs to be for Naval and Air RB. Did a custom match on here for Naval and it was great.

    At this point in the game RB (previously HB back in the day), using historical maps is pointless. Players want variety over realism/ historical accuracy

    S aller ships owned the missile while larger ships operated the flanks. Some even dared to sail there CA’s into the center.

  28. Really cool vid phly 👍

  29. Damn, so far I am satisfied

  30. 2:39 what song do you sing I like it

  31. I always wanted the Arcade maps for Realistic Battles. It’s a shame Gaijin wastes this potential….

  32. Wayne county, duplin, cumberland. We all closed in NC.

  33. impressive and amazing phlying technics!

  34. Mig is secretely a honda with a Vtec that engages at supersonic

  35. Benny stop watching porn LOL

  36. Phly, Armored Warfare has been greatly improved since last time you played it, The graphics are amazing and the vehicles are unique and interesting and so is the storyline, so how about another round with AW?

  37. wait this is an official map?? just rare?

  38. They closed bars, and liquor stores in Pa. You can sill get beer at local stores tho.

  39. Lol hes in wake county I’m in Durham we’ve been in lockdown for 2 weeks now

  40. I was debating to grind and get the MiG-21 for GER (I have the 19S) but now I want it cuz it’s so pretty 😢❤️

  41. Ok Phly, time for a challenge:

    Use the rectangular single-coloured Italian tank marking decals to completely cover a Fiat 6614 and pretend to be a scenery delivery van in battle.

  42. How do you get tricolor smoke?

  43. Petros Aggelopoulos

    If i order a plane i can have it for all my lige on war thunder or just a moment to a battle..?????! Please someone answered??

  44. I really enjoyed this vid, just sayin’.

  45. All we need is baron and it’s a classic reunion

  46. Love this content with slick

  47. Amaury Vandemoortele

    3:18 how he did that ?

  48. This is the kinda game that would have made memories in 6 years ago.

  49. Great video, showed off a lot of the two plane’s strengths and weakness. Very smooth flying Phly.

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