“Epic” Object 430 Carry on Mines — Stream Highlight

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Source: LemmingRush

Everyone seems have trouble with mines, I know i didnt go through things in detail while playing this but im uploading it anyways in the hope that itll be helpful to someone.

If you want watch me I stream Friday Evenings at 9:00 EST.


  1. Wp mate, nice prediction with the e5 at the end there.
    Unfortunately I have lost my enthusiasm for the game atm, hopefully it comes back soon… Bags2247 NA

  2. That idiot enemy e5 totally screwed the 121 lol
    I’m really thankful you uploaded this replay. I have been searching for a while for a good 430 showcase/replay, cause I already have the 140 and 62a and not sure if it’s worth the hassle. But that 5.04 seconds reload seems exciting. I love my panther 8,8 cause of that extra dpm and need one in tier 10.
    One more thing, I sometimes like playing the cap on encounter cause it forces them out of their camping holes and there are plenty of buildings for cover. Ty again.

  3. Liked the game, just the mic. Can you just buy a cheap one, it’s like 20€ for an ok headset here in EU

  4. good game. a bit random. but I play on console, and after they added the newer physics I played mines also. I used an amx elc and I was able to get on top of the big mountain range on the bottom right side of the map. I tried again the next time I played on that map, except it wasn’t raining and my elc couldn’t make it up. so I assume I can only get up there if it’s raining. can anyone confirm? it was a very good spot and different areas to use but by the time I got up there the match was nearly over. I will get there again!! 🙂

  5. WOW! Epic indeed. Great playing Lemming.

  6. Great game. I guess it was better not to go the obvious route at the end there. I don’t think you would’ve had a clear shot based on where they were sitting.

  7. Otto von Chesterfield, Esquire

    more heat than apcr, that on purpose or?

  8. once again rush you pulled it off great as usual but it was not easy being that you were less than one shot in hp and still kept your shit together 07 mate bogan1

  9. I was that 121. sorry I didn’t make it harder for you. I screwed up bad

  10. hey bro i sent you a private message some time ago here on youtube, did you read it or? btw nice vid

  11. typical e5 player. wp.

  12. Nice carry, I love the way you thing things through, and explain what you are doing and why.
    You are Canadian? Me too, hows it going eh? LOL

  13. Any tips on obj.416?I have 63% win rate in my first 30-40 battles but want to have atleast 70% when i hit 100 battles.

  14. thanks for sharing. great game!

  15. nice video!

  16. The sound is terrible man… gotta fix this

  17. Terrible mic

  18. The obj 430 > T-62A & 140. if u disagree, ur playing it wrong. 🙂

  19. was this from last night? I got into a couple of games with you and against you in my ltwt. A lot of the teams were 5 min stomps and it was difficult putting out amazing numbers. Surprised this game went so well for you. 🙂

  20. This tenk needs buff. Russian powah.

  21. TerrariaExpertGuide

    Oh nice, you opened up a new spot i didn’t think of until now. On the D/E 5. And you’re awesome, your videos help me a lot. Keep up the good work (y) ^^

  22. 28 heat rounds rly …..

  23. At 7:05 I told them to kill you or they’d end up on youtube…guess I was right. I was in the M46. GG btw

  24. i would have rly enjoyed this vid if youre mic werent that meh

  25. This was directly extracted from your twitch stream was it not?You should configure your mic options a bit.Besides that great video like usual.

  26. I would of enjoyed this if not for the mic static going on and off. Disliked.

  27. only 2 marks? LAME. btw lemming i got a PC.

  28. I was there last night watching this.

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