EPIC TEAMWORK 2 vs 5 – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today in the Bourrasque I’m going to make an unexpected friend and we’re going to work together quick to win this one!


  1. med with light tank mobility and 720 alpha, op?
    imagine my shock

  2. More important it is Medium MM yet really out scout similar level Lights. yet advantages over other Mediums they can run away from mostly

  3. Dylan van der Velden

    the lack of brainpower in some players, i always laugh when the next idiot messages me complaining about what i did wrong.

  4. Try to play a platoon with that guy. You did good as a team 🙂

  5. I haven’t watched this yet but judging from the title the word ‘synergy’ will be used.

  6. I also miss the map coordinates being posted in chat text when you click on the map, because if you miss the original ping on the map, and you were looking elsewhere, you can’t figure out where the ping was made, but if the coordinates are listed, then we can still catch up & figure out where where the ping was made.

  7. It is nearly like the old “keep calm and carry QB” format

  8. Hmm i have nothing to say but wow! 🙂

  9. This sounds to me like the beginning of some wonderful gay acquaintance:)

  10. Bloody GG Thanks QB

  11. All my premium tanks I got from when I bought a graphics cards back in the day. They had a World of Tanks bundle that gave you like 7,000 gold every time you bought a new card. I had some friends buy cards who don’t play and gave me their codes. Who would have thought that an auto loader tank was good…
    The hit reg in this game is pretty horrible. I have seen shots fly past me but magically hit me. Then you get shots that are clearly a miss but due to lag and other nonsense it hits.

  12. I wish i could play this game… I tried… i was so bad at it i just straight up uninstalled it.

  13. Wait? 2 APCR slots?

  14. Can you talk about how WG made it really hard for players to earn credits during their events?

  15. The Bourrasque, aka the BatChat 12t with the turret of an EBR 105.

  16. 12:21 I absolutely agree that we need “affirmative” and “negative” hotkeys back. I can’t understand how WarGaming failed to see how the lack of these commands would negatively impact communication.

  17. I had this “moment” yesterday. All i did was told this Black Prince to fall back and told him don’t peek the corner. And he compliment me after the game saying i am a good player. It feels weird man

  18. 1:03 While some formerly irregular verbs have undergone transitions to regular ones, “ground” remains the proper past tense of “grind”, not “grinded”. Note how if you type “grinded” here you will get a red underline indicating that it has been misspelled.

  19. When is console going to get clan wars? We’ve been waiting patiently forever.

  20. Who here is watching this video for the “teamwork” aspect? Title is “Epic Teamwork” and all the comments are about the tank or the new communication interface. QB was highlighting a better way to play the game.

  21. I have hope in humanity a goodnrandom

  22. The license plate on the thumbnail is for Zinedine Zidane for the football World coup in 1998 ? 😉 Hello from France

  23. hey quicky baby, I recently started to play wot and I would like to know how to get the range find a circle on the minimap?

  24. Hello QB consider making your reload timer appear? Itll be nice to see it

  25. I hated the fact WG took away the affirmative and negative buttons 2 of the most crucial commands in the game wtf WG.

  26. 73% win rate….insane.

    • On his main account he has only 31 games, so it doesn’t really count. But on the F2P he has over 100 games and 72%, that’s pretty good.

  27. I really really dont like to face the Burask. It has magic hitting capabilities when on move…

  28. Me seeing it’s free to play : instant like

  29. plays for free then uses premium wallet warrior tanks.. jokebaby?
    just like the problems in the game you use non premium but use gold vehicle and ammo lol.. hypocrite much

  30. Mathias holm Christiansen

    Could you try the TS5

  31. Like 2 weeks ago a obj 279 and me in chieftain won a 2vs10 we both got 9k dmg that was probably the coolest game I ever had in wot 👊

  32. No offence to you or the other player but this good gameplay is down to both players being very good players and knowing how to play. The average player would not do what you or the other player did. They often don’t look at the mini-map, reply in chat or even think about other players or using their hitpoints.
    So what you have shown here is the exception to the rule and does not happen that often in the game.

  33. Hey, teamwork isn’t allowed in this game. Both reported.

  34. Oh, so the best WR? Cool, that means a nerf is coming up in 5 years time 😂

  35. Nice game, yea its hard to get the master in this tank, last play on it got 1500 xp and this is first class in NA server 🙁

    • You can check the requirements on wotreplays. The lowest amount of XP for an ace tanker (on EU, patch 1.10) was 1506 XP. This has some variation as it only counts the last 2 weeks and not the entire patch.

  36. Expert playforfree is no the same that noob playforfree

  37. So sad you dont really do replays anymore

  38. أستمر يا أصطورة

  39. Bought this tank for €6,- best deal of a lifetime.

  40. 3 years ago i fell in love with the (back in the days) really unique B-C12t, then wg released the premium ebr, then the lt-432, then the bourrasque. Now the B-C12t is the biggest pile of shit at tier 8. Thx wg for ruining f2p player’s experience 🙂

  41. The new communication system is really garbage for doing anything in a clan. Caller gets 3 pings before a 5 second cooldown. Makes it almost impossible for a clan to show how they need people placed in a good amount of time.

  42. Hihi free to Play Bit shoot with premium shells🤦‍♂️

  43. Pzulio Maccavellion

    The lone gunmans! Awesome band name

  44. Hey quick, some day can you make a video talking about credit farm? because i have alot trouble to make it. I can buy 3 tier X tanks but its hard AF. Saying better tanks and tiers to make. thanks bro!

  45. So the best player or those who can afford it play well in a good tanks never culd have guessed

  46. Oddly enough i have started to watch you again after Claus did all his crude parodies of your videos. You are still the best.

  47. Hands down, the Bourrasque is 100% cancer.

  48. Nice teamwork QB,these are rare,but very fun when they happen indeed.

  49. Usual top tier show off game – show us a win you actually earned, considering your ability

  50. Completely broken tank …

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