Epic War Thunder Gamer Moments

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Source: Smigol Time!

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– War menu music
– Mick Gordon – BFG Division
Outro Music:
– They’re Taking The Hobbits To Isengard


  1. Knowing what was being said in the last clip made it 1000x better. Since it’s 3am and I clearly have nothing to do, let me translate:
    Smigol: Fuck off
    Squadmate: there was supposed to be a duel you cuck so lets do it. Fucking hell my gear.
    Smigol: what you opened the airbrake you monkey?
    Squadmate: I plugged your father to the socket and now he works for me. he’s blowing me right now
    Smigol: “deranged laughter”
    (Furious clickng and more weird sounds)
    Smigol: What the hell? How are you crashed?
    Smigol:”chokes from laughter”
    Squadmate: Fucking scam. Come here cuck(shoots while falling)
    Squadmate: I’ll fuck you up into tiny pieces
    Smigol: OUgh

  2. szechuan .sheridan

    3:41 what *actually* being out-skilled looks like

  3. I have watched this several times every day since it came out. I’m delirious.

  4. Smigol: titles video “Epic War Thunder Gamer Moments”

    Content: lots of shitfuckery and hocus pocus

    Gaijin stooge, seeing the title but not watching the video: *THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH FOR THE COMPLIMENT*

  5. Smigol co powiesz na giereczke 4.0?

  6. This game looks so epic. I can’t wait to play!

  7. I love your language
    There is just something really pretty about hearing a polish dude swearing

  8. Comedy Long Pants Gamer

    Holy shit, how the fuck does Gajin run servers that not only deny damage to aircraft and damages your wing, but allows your Japanese tank to do a “You’re already dead” move… Also I was wheezing so much at this video!🤣

  9. I lost it when I heard the music.

  10. Never question No.11 as that stuff happens very often as if at the very close space to the aircrafts defensive arcs is a immediate kill zone, As such I’ve seen it many times with the Vickers Wellington B..

  11. brooo the music is too much >.> ahhh

  12. Your Bros Gaming

    Sir do use tracers or stealth or which u recommend me to use?

  13. Is it polish?

  14. the music sounds like something you will hear while playing WT high on drugs

  15. that poor F-104A got murdered

  16. NR30 before Ixwa Strike: 4:03
    NR30 now: “Critical hit” “🎮GuzzlingVodka suffers damage of elevator” PILOT KNOCKED OUT player credited for kill: 🎮GuzzlingVodka (Harrier AV8A)

  17. Adrix575 dodawać do znaj xd

  18. I have absolutely no idea what the F104 thought he was going to accomplish. Mashing his keyboard and throwing his mouth all over the place does not make him a harder Target. Well I guess it kind of does

  19. Damn I wish I had a good pc like you so i could enjoy air battles i mean i play on console and its alr on there but on pc it might be do much better

    My potato pc cant handle war thunder on a playable level lmao

    Anyways great content mate

  20. 2:40 i am fast as fuck BOI!

  21. cringe troszke

  22. Can I use that app fory Xbox war thunder account?

  23. these montages are accurate indeed

  24. Touchy Touch? Gaijin: No, You explode. Real physic

  25. How do i set up a 2-stage zoom like shown in 2:39 ?

  26. yay u are finaly back

  27. 1:04 clearly a skill issue

  28. 0:36 mans just saved you ammo

  29. Sigh*
    *clicks “To Battle”*

  30. What’s the plane being flown at 4:08?

  31. Jak zrobić takie piękne niemieckie znaki na samolocie?

  32. The music just sounds like me playing

  33. 2:30 meanwhile my 8 gunners can’t fit a fighter that is basically touching me for a solid 5 minutes

  34. 2:22
    Oh that feeling that from the hole sentence you understand only two words but… It’s enough to understand all emotions. God bless the slavs.

  35. Smigel play hs129 in air rb’s pls

  36. Didn’t even realize it was you in the #2 clip, I remember that game like it was yesterday

  37. 2:42 he’s doom music kicked in that’s why he pulled off a mission impossible heist and now the soviet police is after him

  38. Black mesa research facility

    How u get swastika in wt???

  39. smigol what the fuck is that thumbnail

  40. can you try get 5kill in tank realistic battle with ultra low graphics at rank IV UK

  41. Taktyczna Herbatka

    Yoooo Smigol mozna jakos z toba zagrac moze ? : p

  42. 2:49 Holy Cancer Maneuver Batman!

  43. I don’t even play WT

  44. Don’t download trash eagles

  45. I’m gonna need the mp4 file for this banging tune tho

  46. That F-104 was having repair cost flashbacks lmao

  47. Polska gurom kekw

  48. jak ja tu dawno nie bylem 😀 myslalem ze mi sluchawki padaja, dzieki ze mnie zrobiles w chuja w klasycznym stylu Smigola 😀

  49. epic server everytime i play wt

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