Equipment 2.0, Balance 3.0, Arty and Map Reworks/Bans + More! | World of Tanks Developer Q&A #2

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World of Tanks New Communication and Equipment System, Artillery/SPG Rework, T95 Chieftain and Object 279e. World of Tanks New Maps, Reworks and Bans. World of Tanks Spring Balance 3.0 and Bots. World of Tanks 2020 Anniversary Rewards.

The Armored Patrol:

WoT Vspishka Stream Developer Q&A – 26th April 2020

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I do not know what is going on in World of Tanks at the moment… Maybe because they can not be in the office is affecting them positively, because they sharing a lot more what is going to the game in the future with all those developer Q&A sessions.
In this episode I am going to cover one Q&A sessions between Russian content creator and the head of game design department Egor Rodinov. They cover many interesting question about some of the problems in the game and about the future of it.

Let me know what you think! 🙂

And this is not going to be my final coverage of the Q&A videos, more to come, because they keep more!



    1) 1:03 – Today’s Episode Sources
    2) 2:06 – The head of the game design department
    3) 2:55 – Top 3 things he is involved in at the moment
    4) 3:59 – Spring Game Balance 3.0
    5) 4:47 – Blueprints (Problems, plans, etc.)
    6) 6:50 – Equipment 2.0
    7) 9:15 – 6th sense will be built in
    8) 9:50 – Chieftain and Object 279e problems
    9) 11:37 – Small maps rework!?
    10) 13:12 – More map BANS?
    11) 13:26 – Mountain Pass rework in work
    12) 14:07 – How Bushes work + Fishermans Bay
    13) 17:07 – Artillery Rework ideas
    14) 21:36 – Bots in WoT
    15) 23:00 – New communication system
    16) 23:39 – Shell velocity equipment
    17) 23:50 – 3rd marking
    18) 24:41 – Daily mission changes?
    19) 25:10 – Ruinberg in remake
    20) 25:40 – Corridor maps needs to be in the game
    21) 26:40 – Steel Hunter 2020

    Quite a lot of things, what do you think about all of this? BTW, this is not the final Q&A sessions I have for you, stay tuned! 🙂

    • social3ngin33rin

      @20:30 I’d rather have tactical rebalance of pay2win rounds

    • social3ngin33rin

      Wargaming needs to remove more invisible solid textures on corners, the ground, and rubble mounds,

    • Can we not put in Smoke screens and support shell on atry instead of stunning? wargaming already have the assets ffs

    • U havet seen bots for a long time?
      So check this guy: “140wn8”.
      WG does nothing to eliminate bots from the game.

    • Aleksandar Milivojevic

      After 5+yrs of gameplay (with some quits, and comebacks) I stopped paying (paid mainly for prem acc) for the game out of the protest for quite some time. And here is my protest list:

      1. BROWNSH*T: I was hit in my Guard (yes I know it is a bad tank) for 1100+dmg: stun, crew killed, modules, tracked… game over. Well someone will say “it happens”, but this kind of crap happens more regularly, at least American line players know what I am talking about (regular 500dmg hits). And then 3 of them per team…. Arta is wrong on so many levels…

      2. JIHADI HILUX (WV): Model is the size of a school bus, size of hitbox as mosquito nu*s, defying any law of physics (BUT THIS IS ARCADE GAME… aha… with more complex pen/ricochet algorithm then NASA installs on own simulation of space debris hits), with installed cheat mode, and build with screen of wheels. And those comments “you don’t know how to aim” comes from brownie or toyota players, cuz they know how to aim… sigh… Situation: Perfectly ambushed t9 toyota with T49: outcome->300dmg & flat tire, not stopped him at all, bzzzz me like a monkey (locked me by clicking the right m.b. on a scenery moon) with regular 400dmg hits with tracking… and we are same tank class!!!!… “you can not track this sh*t because it doesn’t have tracks”, YEAH it rides on balloons… Clown tanks…

      3. EXCLUDING MAPS FROM ROTATION: When I check Ensk and/or Mines for not seeing that sh*t again, it means I DON’T WANNA SEE THAT SH*T AGAIN!!! It happens I saw those maps in every session, not uncommon to see them twice… I don’t care if I had to wait 5mins more, I do not wanna see them EVER! “But we’ll make sure to see them less in rotation…” No, I see them quite often and sometimes twice in the session, before or no other maps at all… Delete this feature, or fix it, I am fine with both.

      LESSER ISSUES but still annoying:
      1. Prevent gold spam somehow or at least, full gold ammo outfit (do I have to mention to prevent brownies to shoot gold at all???).
      2. Stop platooning 279(e). I saw a full platoon of those. Abomination.
      3. MM is somehow better then it was, but 15:1 battles is definitely MM problem.
      4. It takes the whole era for WG to change some obvious things. They brainstorming first for a couple of months, then test on the test server (btw test server produced so many irregularities so far I can not count anymore, why not to put changes on one of the RU or EU servers and see how it goes, you have multiple of them), then prepare for May victory parade couple of months. and Halloween and Valentine’s day, and New Year and then S.A.R.S., and COVID and ANARCHY IN UK… WTF??? Just change JSON array value of stupid WV to ground resistance.
      5. Do not force players to play arta in campaign missions, or at least make it much easier.
      6. Small maps in t9+ games… This is ridiculous.

      To be honest, there are some positive changes over time which I welcome:
      1. It is somehow easier for new players (this comes with WG business model which is not such a game improvement)
      2. Although the economy didn’t change much, there is plenty of other income for free-to-play players: Bunch of missions, here and there “free” prem vehicles, rewards which can be sold for silver etc. Without prem acc I find now days is much more comfortable to play with expansive tanks (e.g. Leo)… To be honest, I am earning playing with Tier 9 vehicles overall.

      OK. This is my 2 cents of current game state & meta. IF YOU LIKE A GAME, PAY FOR IT, and support developers. I won’t do it simply out of protest stated as “major issues” simply I believe it can be changed overnight at least some of them. Pls, that phrase “you can play other game if you don’t like it” leave it for kids with no pubic hair yet… I spent too much time with WOT, have a full garage of end line tanks with a good crew, and now just “change the game” and start all over for… 5yrs…

      I could send this comment to WG but I do not wanna be humiliated for being answered by BOT, at least I have some dignity for myself. It is well known WG only pays attention to “community promoters” (or something something they are, no offense, like those people…), and they are like buffer or filter for what the game really needs and what WG really hears. It is not same, and who gives a damn should this tank be buffed for 5mm here/there or should this rock look different when there are two tumors in the game UNCHAGED for more then a year (if I recall correctly): JIHADI CAR and ARTA! You don’t believe me??? Check the two most hot topics on the official forum.

  2. Power creep speed. Power creep view range. Power creep penetration. Uh oh. Add HP. Tanks become permavisible damage sponges instead of sneaky or armoured vehicles. Game gets dumber. Now, let’s add more power creep equipment…

  3. SPGs should become visible to everyone whenever they fire. This will force SPG players to make a decision about whether to fire, force them to reposition, force them to take cover. They can then have their damage-dealing role restored and be given other roles. Simply changing the ammo will not solve the main problem: they are low-risk passive gameplay.

  4. All in all it is good news, except when wg tries to simplify something, it makes my nervs blow up! Why, why and why WG so desperalty need to make all so frendly to new players!? who asked me “does game simply enough for you?” when i startet to play back in 2012?
    i also hate when they try to make all map sides so similar with same % of win chance, who cares does one side have 10%-20% more win chance, all it maters is a variety of posibilities not so equal chances. Equality kills tension, excitement and uncertainty in gameplay ! (talking abot maps who looks like they printed based on mirror reflection side folded in half ) What we realy laks here is all old maps to come back . It will kill the feeling of repetition.

    Also, game should be slower, battles must last longer, the excitement must come back into play, it is most important thing WG should work for !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – i’m sure no one likes fast ending games in 3-4minutes

  5. The arty changes are crap, instead of three different types of dmg-shells they need to implement smoke-shells the mechanic allready exist in frontline, and the opposite sth like napalm shells wich disable softcover for a given amount of time(wich can be reduced by tanks inside it via their firefighting crew skill)

  6. Hy , i want in this post to talk about tier 9-10 huge problems in this curent meta :

    1 the number of credits gained after each battle !!!! – it is an absolut joke , the credits should increase tier by tier !!!
    – this is a huge problem , even if u play decent or make a good battle u are – on credits without using gold !!!!!!
    – at least u can gain minimal the repair cost of your tank or at least 70% procent of that !!!!
    – on standard account it is imposible to make credits playng tier 9-10 !!!! – fact – and what will be the point to work and get a tier 9-10 tank !!!!
    – this is a major problem !!!! –
    – the number of credits should be increase gradually tier by tier is logic and make sense !!!!
    2 the penetration of standard ammo on majority of tanks are a joke – u need 270+ preferably 290 or 300 to make some damage !!!!
    – i get the premium ammo but still is again a huge difference !!!
    – the heat is a joke on majority of tanks except TD’S and that is not normal , it is to low !!!! u cannot make 150 or 250 damage in best case scenarion and u will be heat with 500, 600 + it is not normal !!!!
    – the premium ammo is super expensive !!! and yes u cannot penetrate in some cases even with that , but is huge better then standard one and heat !!!!
    3 the armour is a huge problem especcialy with the big one’s maus , type 5 heavy and so one , against gold is useless !!!! and the damage they make with the gun is hilarious !!! – and again is not normal !!!!!
    – no player will chose those line’s it is a huge waste of credits … and time … full of frustration…
    – i just say to make each tank armour accordingly with their type !!!! – no better and not bad somwhere at middle like it suposed to do …
    4 the number of xp on tier 9 are same a nonsense !!! to low !!!!
    – like credits , xp should be increased with each tier that way is logic and normal !!!!

    In this current metastate it is no worth play tier 9-10 – huge credits lost , in majority of time – no penetration , fast games , the bot’s are to weak !!! – to much frustration !!!!
    Even with premium on tier 10 is a lost lost situation – a little better on credits and xp but overall a big – !!!!

    I get the money part , yes it is a businnes i get that but even so it is at least 80% super unfair with players !!!!
    I get the premium ammo , i get the premium tanks , i get get the premium account , i get all but still majority of players are free to play account !!!
    and they probably are 75% or more from totall players base !!! – they should count too !!! like it is logic and normal !!!!
    The game has a brilliant ideea , great graphic , great sound, great fps rate , and so on but has major flaws on core part the gameplay !!!!!!

    Good Luck all .

  7. I think this update will be released at 20th WoT anniversary…GG WG

  8. Wolfgang Walden

    Bot detection – “works as intended” – not at all. Ridiculous as all claims made by those belarussian greedy retards.

  9. They shave down the damage of arty first, cos morons in heavies whined forn dying from occasional ammorack explosion. Then arty got accuracy reduced, cos they hit to much (evarage was 30% at the very beginning already. And the splash was added to “compensate” for reduced dmg… Now they whine bout to much concussions anddmg modules? Why not frakin remove arty from the game at all? But then those little kids would not have an enemy to curse at… Maybe wheelers, as they are OP at this point.

    Challenger was said to be treated as his own category, wheelers should have be treated also as different category, as their presence changes the balance of whole battle. Especially if oneside has two wheelers and other has two oiutclassed lights…
    At this point WoT is almost purely arcade game… Who got better computer, better internet connection, and was givenen better Rnumber from Rigged Number Giver… And those who got premium account and tanks especially, those hits most, with actual penetrations, and wins most of their games.

  10. I think its stupid that you dont get spotting damage from shooting at wheeled vehicles tires so it slows down and other players are able to hit it.

  11. Mátyás Kovács

    I like playing on mines at any level, until my team wont kill itself on it.

  12. about the Mines map , your opinion is like mine’s xD

  13. why not add all the maps to all the tiers and allow to ban maps per tier (i.e. 4 maps per tier). Let the community choose what maps it wants to play and not the muppets at WG.

  14. Sadly this does not deal with the biggest flaw in WoT: that people win when they lose. You can make progress on your personal missions, unlock tanks, get rewards, make money, all the time losing and causing your team to lose. And this has become worse over time, with more achievements given out when losing games. What’s the point of a game made to lose?

  15. Oh look the whiny bitches are here again

    baN ARty, It rUinS tHe GAmE


    Just stfu
    Deal with it

  16. “It will be effective exclusively against those vehicles that it is aimed at – moving light targets”

    “Artillery prevents camping”

    What the fuck

  17. Hvad we need is options for ban 3 vehicles you dont want in your game….😀

  18. Minsk map is way toooooo loud.

  19. I’m cautiously optimistic about the crew revisions now that I’m hearing they’ve eliminated the unwieldy ‘squads’ concept.

  20. Totally agree Dez most players agree that mines and ensk should be capped at tier 8 max..

  21. crzy battles 🙂
    tnx Dnn 😛

  22. Andrew Gledhill

    Minsk map is most balanced map in game. What a croc of shit. Ever tried to play arty on Minsk. You cannot hit cock all, no matter where you go.

  23. Looks at the shell hits in the top left… 5% gold ammo…. 😂😂😂😂 Sure WG sure 😅

  24. And a real Fadin’s to finish, nice

  25. holy shit, that first replay was a nailbiter. I have no clue what you were talking half of the time 😀

  26. More maps i can block?!! Yes Please.

  27. I disagree entirely on removing Ensk and Mines from high tier is not the communities view. Neither of these maps should be anything above tier 6. It’s also the reason I have both of these maps blacklisted. I don’t mind there being less maps in the rotation as long as these 2 get removed

  28. Georgiii Vaagner

    Call me weird but I like the maps players hate, such as Mines, Paris, Minsk, Ghost Tows, …
    Also, why do WG feel the need to make everything more simple?

  29. get rid off gold ammo

  30. Why is it so hard to balance tanks like 279 or chieftain. People are still going to have them so I don’t see this “offending “, if its for good of the game. If you are going to get offended by having your OP tank nerfed that you no one should feel sorry for you. They are not ok even in randoms yet alone in competitive environment. Community should have to deal with stuff like this because someone might get offended….

  31. Will wargaming ever learn? They have been trying to balance arty is a meaningful andvfyn way, but arty is and will never be fun for this game. It is a plight on the game and I guarantee of they remove it, the game would be so much better.

  32. Donnie Montgomery Jr.

    Sounds like they are going to make the game way worse before maybe ok.

  33. Crew changes and equipment changes are one step too far for many I feel and the wasted time playing spent to get items or skills they may remove is a joke…. and we are really not satisfied with quantity of maps full stop.

  34. I have to be honest after 5 years these are some good news. I might play or do content again after june.

  35. its being going down the 10cent arcade route for a long time! i caught onto that ages ago, shame the developers don’t realize that charging plAYERS $100 FOR A TEN CENT GAME IS LAUGHABLE AND INSULTING 🙁

  36. Banning maps doesn’t work as it is ! The map is banned only for clasic battles it is not banned for encounter or, that defend/atack mode. I banned Empire’s border and i get it every 4-5 games only i get it in encounter mode, yes in clasic battle no, but in encounter I’m so sick of it !

  37. please don’t make any more videos with that annoying female commader voice (UK) in the background. awful

  38. Some really interesting and imo good ideas coming.
    I have made some similar suggestions in the forums so they must be good 😉
    Phasing in equipment was one I thought if they added Equipment slots consumable slots and even crew skills gradually then new players could get used to them.
    It would also prevent someone like me putting a 4 skill crew with full equipment and consumables into a tier 3 or 4 tank and ruining games.
    Well maybe not me but a good player.

    Ways for tanks to protect themselves against SPG HE fire yep another one they pinched I suggested defensive vs offensive or balanced equipment set ups.
    If I add a superheavy spal liner to my type 5 heavy then throw in large repair and med kits I can mostly ignore artillery.
    Crew casualties are extremely rare, internal module damage again very rare.
    Its tracking optics and hit points only and often not even damage just critical hits.
    Suggested a doctors kit similar to a toolbox kind of thing and a doctors skill/perk so waiting for those to be added.

    SPG HE that deals more damage or damage pus stun.
    I can kind of see how this works though I always thought the stun was due to concussive effects of large caliber shells exploding and shaking up the crew so they lose focus and become dazed.
    That seems to go with more damage than less but its a balance rather than realism they are aiming for so im ok with that.

    Mines I have a love hate relationship with.
    Given the current MM if you remove it from tier 8+ we would barely see it as I see tier 8 tanks in my tier 6 and 7 tanks so wouldn’t get on mines when that happened.

    we live in exciting times

  39. kinda starting to sound like WG is gearing for Modern tanks…

  40. How about they rework frontlines a bit, and limit the wheeled vehicles the same as they limit arty. Would make the mode a hell of a lot more enjoyable

  41. Did not see any bots…..😂have you played in a tier 10 random game lately?

  42. Make Artillery Great Again !!!

  43. heard all these things for years now games dying they won’t fix anything just more talk.

  44. I wonder what steaming pile of shit wg will hand to us as an spg rebalance

  45. More maps bans is really move into right direction but this woun’t be an issue at first place if their map were with better size like War Thunder and provide more option for different roles.
    Being so open is really something very good that almost all big companies need to take example off, but still i’m so disapointed with them that i’m sure in the end of the day they gonna found new ways to screw everything but at least community have more options to shout out loudly.

  46. RoastLambShanks

    I dont even know what Steel Hunter is… is it some sort of weird game mode?

  47. CCTV Cayak Crime TV

    oh great idea … less equipment slots and options on a tier 5 playing against tier 7. Make it even worse again guys. Agreed equipment and crew could have a 2.0 update of mechanics. Devs pls start to reflect this on -1+/+1 matchmaker effect first.

  48. And what about ghost shells??

  49. CCTV Cayak Crime TV

    Frontline shows WOT can handle large maps now. Pls give us larger maps where flanking and visibility really works. Mines with choke points is horribly boring at high tier.

  50. CCTV Cayak Crime TV

    As long as there is reward tanks and improved equipment in ranked it is pointless to play it. That’s not a level playing field for real measure of skill. It should be sstrictly tech tree only and standard equipment and crew. No improved equipement, no bonus crew member and no exclusive tanks. Either this is about skill or sth else. It does and should not matter how much grind you invested anywhere. Just because “have been there 5 years ago” is a unsurmountable barrier that does disable a new player from proving their skill right from geet go.

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