Equipment 2.0 Guide – World of Tanks

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World of Tanks update 1. released equipment 2.0 with new pieces and changed performance – here’s EVERYTHING you need know!


World of Tanks a online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:


  1. I would disagree about vents, while sure its very good piece of equipment, but on many tanks its just not worth it. For example, I would bet money you would do better on E100 with extra 10% hitpoints than vents, or as you mentioned, gld on batchat instead of vents, whats the point in improving everything if you cant hit shit on that tank + aiming bit faster reduces exposure time, thus saving hitpoints.

  2. He never mentions about this new equipment breaking the game totally, I wonder why emmmmmmmmmm

  3. I played from 2013 and this was my last update i have enough of this shit

  4. I am using a turbocharger alongside the improved rotation system and bond vents on my E 75 TS. The combo basically allows me to rush and change position like I was a medium, like a mini E 50.

  5. What would be the best loadout for a speedy tog?

  6. Everything is conspiring against heavy tanks the speed meta gold new equipment super heavys should get two survivanility slots in the hotfix. So type5 maus e100 60tp too?

  7. This game should be renamed MARIO KART TANKS

  8. Christopher Browne

    Hey Will great video thanks! By the way how is your beautiful OP Russian wife doing? Has she cooked you any delicious food from that region yet?

  9. TOG, Hardening, turbo, vents

  10. Think of the improved aiming like this: TDs like the Grille 15 cannot use events, I went for binocs, rammer and this unit. I barely miss shots now, only at very long distance.

  11. I’m just scared that Wargaming won’t release any equipment discounts anymore. Because they changed the prices of equipment at different tiers, they might think it’s less relevant now. But I’m still waiting…

  12. LUL, making assumption on “my experience” instead of using evidence and actual data…

  13. Bonds is way better because they want more people getting them, ie playing tier 10 which costs credits… a lot of them. Which takes premium accounts – gold – and real cash to play in consistently. Simple as that.

    Bonds = for the best players – best players = spend real money = best players pay to win. Which all comes down to Wargaming making money.

  14. my previews equipment works! im not changing anything i have 60 tanks

  15. Great, more disparity between unicum p2w and f2p normies

  16. Put a turbo on the TOG, went 17kmh and blew my hat off from the speed. Speed Tog is incredible lol

  17. Uninstall wot !!!!

  18. @quickybaby, What equipment would you use on the Defender?

  19. Great video at last someone who has really looked at this explains it all to me in 30 minutes. You and circon are the best CC

  20. 24:30 – I have a camo net on most of my arty’s too. Must have saved me many times from keen light tanks.

  21. Lol i love that T95 when we get the next equipament sale i will get them all out!!

  22. Alexander Schmidt

    I used to have 100 tanks….. now I have about 90 and only 20 have full equipment tanks… I am NOT amused!!! Cost millions and millions to reequip them !!!!!!

  23. Shorty you are the Best!

  24. Is this update also on console?
    Will it ever come at all?

  25. The core game mechanics have not changed. Until they do this Nope. I’ll take my money elsewhere… And so did 90+% of their player base.

  26. If you hate the camo net why do you have 11 of them in your depot? And if you say that i dont need the camo net what else you suggest to get my camo up?

  27. Poor ”free to play” players, peasant with no money..

  28. just here to write that I’ve not logged into the game since eq2.0 cashgrab kicked in, so not going to watch this video either.. have fun! gz WG you lost another player.

  29. Additional Grousers on Bourrasque isTop Kek.

  30. Andrija Brankovic

    Thank QB. This video was most useful!

  31. SanSanSanSanSanSan

    Please QB, for the love of god, stop talking down on the supercharger.
    they already nerfed it to the point the reverse speed bonus is only 2 km/h backwards out of mobility slot, which is horrendous and uselss.
    the biggest nerf to the FV4005, which put the vahicle form god tier to trash tier was the nerf to the reverse speed. this equipment could alleviate the issue somewhat in previous iterations of the sandbox, and now at 2 km/h it barely does make a difference, which is a shame.

    if they nerf it any further, it’s completely useless on all tanks.
    Seriously, it is an ok module on most tanks without mobility slot and only great on very few (incredibly slow) tanks.
    The things you talk about, mapcontrol, controlling the engagement and all that jazz is something 99,9…% of players will NEVER ever comprehend. and for those who can not, this equipment is not even remotely as useful as for you. for normal players, this is barely usable and pointless on mediums which already can go fast as is. i don’t give a rats all about if my progetto goes a tiny bit faster. I vcan’t figure out any merit to using this over other equipment. and that’s coming from a player at 55,5% winrate, so not a scrub at all.

    Please PLEASE do not tell WG it’s op, because i like my Maus going every little bit faster. With the equipment, i can finally play it again. it has been gathering dust since a few years because in the current state of the game it just has no place. but with this equipment, it’s finally usable again.
    If anything, they could consider nerfing the engine power boost, but the top speed is crucial to make many obsolete tanks playable once again.

    for that reason i conclude that this equipment is a godsend.

  32. maybe look what the medium and heavy spallliner do today. they are the same as a superheavy.

  33. it’s so sad, someone with this knowledge of wot should know that this game depends on skill to win. For the majority of the player base there won’t be any difference if they use bond equip + premium consumables, they’ll just die in the first 2 minutes of the game anyway, or camp a red line in their high tier medium, watching their team die and blame the loss on them. QB, at your skill level all these things make a difference, but not for the majority of the players, they’ll just use your min/max premium experience as an excuse of why they lost the round or why they are at 46% wins with 30k+ games.

    How is the spall liner worth an equip slot ? When you spawn on prokhorovka with 3 artys it won’t make any difference any way. If you spawn on Paris or another city map you won’t need it, so why waste a spot for it in the first place if you can equip something you can use in every game and is useful for every second of the game.
    Same goes for improved config, its bonus will rarely be used.
    Improved hardening looks nice, but why take it over the golden 3: rammer, vents, stab ?

    commanders vision system, it is definately good, but I don’t think it is worth it in randoms, because you need to rely on your teammates to shoot at the stuff you spot and that is the problem, some are in a wrong spot or are not looking in the right direction, the other TD went afk and so on. Or you spawn on a city map and won’t use it at all.

    • You bring up a good point. Equipment value depends not only on the tank but on the type of map it’s used on. Maybe equipment 3.0 should allow 2 configurations for open maps and city maps. During the battle loading screen when you see the map and team lineups, you choose which loadout you want for that game. The ideal config for any tank on Prok w/ 3 arties will be different than on Himmelsdorf.

    • For the most part your comments are spot on. The “Golden 3” you mentioned has been the major equipment purchases for some time now. I have only recently returned to the game after a 2 year absence (too many illegal mods ruining the game at that time). I will say QB’s video does help explain the functions and abilities of the equipment. However, play style effects what equipment will work best. Everyone plays their tank differently; so what my work for you may not work for me. I agree with you completely on equipment and game play you current find with WoT.

      The cost of the equipment I expected since its all about them money players will spend and has been for several years, but it would be nice if Wargaming would allow a room to test equipment at now cost of demounting. This way players could decide for them self without forking over a ton of Gold to mount a piece of equipment only to change their mind a few battles later. Because if you watch several different CCs videos they all have a different take on what works best for each tank.

      As for your 46% with 30k battles, there are some very good players with a 46% – 48% win-rate with 30k+ battles. Been part of the Wargaming (WoT) over 9+ years and back in the day it was all about Clan Wars. And those battles counted against your win-rate, which they do not now. Unless that has changed as well. But everything revolved around Clan Wars. Good Clans dominated of course, but the little Clans battled every day. So their win-rates were affected (I personally have thousands of Clan War Battles that are part of my overall win-rate), so don’t count all sub 50% players as not having skill. Especially once you have over 15K battles you have to win at a 75% rate over 1k just to raise your win-rate 1 percentage point.

      QB’s video is informative, and “yes” another Wargaming way to up their profits. Expect more of the same over time. They will eventually get to the point that it won’t matter they will have made their money. 8 to 9 years ago the U.S. had 3 servers and on any given night over 90k players battling. Weekends you would see over 100K. Now what? 15 -18K is a good night?

  34. Well done, QB. A professional video. I spent my first hour of Saturday instead. Time well spent.

  35. You know? I don’t think I’ve ever dissagreed with QB in someting related to gameplay mechanics, but I will have to do it now because I just feel some of his info is not entirely accurate.

    First of all: Gun rammer. Rammer is a MUST for all tanks that can mount it and as such it should be mounted on every single tank that can mount it. The core idea of WoT is to destroy enemy tanks, so there is no reason to NOT do so 10% (11.5%) faster.

    Vertical Stabilizer. With the way aim time and dispersion values are calculated, VS is still the strongest piece of equipment there is. That 20% in stabilization works by REDUCING the penalties to the aim bloom, so it is effectively increasing your ability to to aim faster. So again, any tank that can mount VS SHOULD use VS.

    The thing about view range can be overlooked depending on your playstyle and the tank you are using, so there are no absolutes regarding any of the vision equipments.
    I would personnaly say that binocs are only for passive lights tanks and some turreted TDs like the hellcat or the skorpion G.

    Camo net: QB is somewhat right about this. It is a weak equipment but can be useful temporarily while you train the camo skill on your crew on that one sneaky, turreted TD, like hellcat for example. After you have a crew with full camo, drop net for someting else of your liking. Supercharger or improved turning mechanism are highly recomended on this example.

    Speaking of Improved Turning Mechanism, or ITM: it is a weaker VS with some very usefull bonuses. Absolutely great for tanks that cannot mount VS as the dispersion effect works the same way just with reduced effect from that of VS. Also the ability to turn your turret/hull faster is great for tanks that do not turn fast, so you can react to any situation faster. Specially powerful on turretles tanks.

    Supercharger is an amazing, borderline OP equipment, but I wouldn’t use it on tanks that are already fast enough. Also, supercharger on a tank with a gas-turbine engine? Are you for real WG??

    For all the other equipments I think QB was pretty on point. Some of them are mandatory on some tanks, some are not. It all ends up on what you feel your tank needs.

    If you made it through, then I thank you for taking your time reading my point of view 🙂

  36. Still destroying the game with every new patch they release.
    I swear, at this point the only class worth playing for f2p player is an artillery.

  37. Do you think the improved rotation mechanism would be better for the Super Pershing than a Vert. Stab?

  38. tbf turbos are a must in real life as well.(unless you’ve got supercharger or some highly specialized engine)

  39. Good players get better and WG provides them with even better equipment (not to mention clan wars reward tanks…). So the game relies on new player churn to keep going, because new players will burn out faster and faster due to good getting better gear to pound them to ground.

  40. turbo, camo reduction optic and those stabs are the only usefull modules

  41. What should I put on wz 132 ?

  42. best equipment on a Strv.103B to complement a turbo charger?

  43. your right QB it should be called spotting slot but since WG doesnt play their own game they dont know that “scouting” is a falsly spread word by the less informed community” your driving a scout and your spotting and not the other way around!

  44. And this whole, very informative discussion of the new modifications available is why I no longer play this game. It seems like a money grab, pure and simple, making things needlessly complex for no other reason to waste credits/bonds/gold while people try to figure out which obscure configuration will give them the best advantage. Super good players will be even better, while the average person will be crushed without knowing why. And for newbies; they’ll play a few games, then uninstall because the whole system is biased against them.

  45. it looks us not so good player below 50% win rate or family player We are domed , free to play , possible over a few weeks they will be players leaving wot if they have no chance of winning any more , so after time there be fewer below 50% players for pay to win to win over so then all that wil be left is pay to win against pay to win , enjoy spending your money??

  46. Šarūnas Malinauskas

    So can someone tell me what should I ne putting on my destroyers? Like my T-28 prototype?

  47. Hey quicky with the new update to equipment do you think you could do a really detailed video on what you think the best equipment is on some of the tanks in the game it would really help me understand where I could be going wrong with some equipment and that if you didn’t do then that’s okay I just thought I’d give a suggestion on a possible video for the future and for people like me who struggle at times with the game

  48. Got a link to your setting guide?

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