EQUIPMENT 2.0 – HUGE CHANGES – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks testing changes on the sandbox – here’s opinion!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Magnus Likes Tanks

    All I want is turbo spool noises and blow off valves in WoT lmao

  2. Devil's Advocate

    MOOOOOIST. Now the little duck will be more fun to play! I love the duck

  3. Hey QB,
    I agree with the point about fixing the stat-padders at low tiers and how new and old players, can test the different Equipment loadouts….Make them free so we can at least test them out without having to download a whole new GAME (test server) in order to test it out ourselves

  4. Wot 6 years ago: I won the city battle with my tank and im on my way in winning the game for my team
    Wot now: Haha, Ebr go zoom
    Strong doge weak doge meme

  5. Magnus Likes Tanks

    Can’t wait to get pixelsniped by 103B’s

  6. I would prefer they not make passive scouting campaign missions harder by removing binos.

  7. You guys need to be careful, they did something similar in blitz, removing consumables/ equipment for low tier tanks, and then they proceeded to make all of the low tier tanks perform almost exactly the same, it’s made playing anything tier four and lower almost impossible, it’s not fun and just teaches the new people playing that all the tanks are more or less the same. And then they hit tier 5 / 6 where the game goes back to normal. They also stripped a ton of tanks from the tech tree, making it just one line of tanks up until tier four or five

  8. Dont forget the gun laying drive

  9. Everyone: ‘The reverse speed equipment is useless’ Crusader SP: Hold my tea

  10. How to break a broken game…The tutorial !

  11. Magnus Likes Tanks

    +6 top speed will be insane on the 277

  12. Christopher Barnett

    I think this is the end of WoT. The wheeled vehicles were already broken, now they will be faster, harder to see and they will turn faster. IF you manage to shoot one with a 122 mm gun, you will just wobble a tire. Suicide scouts that are able to Yolo without getting killed, just stupid. Most importantly, WoT will not nerf them because of the premium tier VIII clown car.

  13. Too many changes at once can break the game and is harder to undo in the future.

  14. The equipment they mentioned are about the % of overall players that equip them not by effectiveness they are just showing the MOST equiped

  15. Devil's Advocate

    *eyes sparkle* yes please. Now for crew 2.0! WOT is alive!

  16. Tbh as good as equipment is it’s nothing compared to a 100% crew vs 50% is massive

  17. somebody just subbed to you and you got pissed and said dont sub when im making a video? really? 30:54
    maybe turn off the alerts next time so you dont show how meaningless it is to you

  18. Probuilders Sanderv19v

    does anyone know where the download is for the sandbox?

  19. So maybe i can spot invisible E25s in my light tank now?

  20. They did the same as in wot blitz

  21. Good and all but.. the Main Focus is.. What they gonna to do for our low tier Consumable and Equipments.. Refund us by Gold Credits or just Remove them forever ?? cuz by that changes differents between tier 1,2,3 etc…

  22. if you saw this video before reacting to it, why do you so overreact to the new consumables?

  23. I don’t like this, are we going to go to Icyveins to see the best build for each tank. I do like Quickies idea about free, or very cheap equipment for low tier vehicles. tier 1 should have all equipment slots and give new players the opportunity to see how they work. I like the idea of cost of equipment by tier, making them way more accessible for everyone. Oh, by the way, pay to play people will just invest in max skill crews. Still a large gap.

  24. I love your long videos QB. Make more if possible

  25. I’m already thinking about adding the additional forward transmission, coated optics, and turbocharger, for some real active scouting.

  26. Gld is popular because of all the arty players

  27. Imagine running a HP boosted KV5 ramming lower teirs.

  28. Claudius Roschke

    Am I wrong or will some of these equipments just make the Games faster as they already are?

  29. The new equipements looks interesting, I’m clearly looking forward to test those.
    But bounty and improved euipements should not have even higher bonus.. The fact that you can still have the bonus whatever slots you put it in is really enough since you consider the fact that it allows to a have a third equipement power up.
    But the worst would be the non-demountable binocs, moreover only for TDs, since its the only way to the new F2P players to compete a little bit.
    Also there is a sh*t ton of lights and mediums that desperetly needs binocs !

  30. Can you make a Video to the Objekt 430U und Progetto 65 Nerfs? Seems to be very interessting.
    Great Video about the Equipment 2.0:)

  31. World of tanks meets eve online many different tank fits

  32. More equipment slots would be better, atleast at higher tiers i think. So i can make my maus go 26 forwards and 19 backwards but still have room for a gunrammer and some other options.

  33. O jogo esta se perdendo aos poucos, veículos de rodas são rápidos demais fora da realidade difícil de serem acertados e quando acertados não recebem danos (os escudos do capitão América funcionam muito bem), os tanks pesados são os bobões no campo de batalha, quando um pesado encontra um tank leve ou um tank médio é o seu fim não tem como vencer um tank com poder de penetração dos médio e a agilidade dos leves, o jogo é só para médios e leves qualquer outro tipo de tank não tem vez.
    The game is getting lost little by little, wheeled vehicles are too fast outside reality difficult to be hit and when hit do not receive damage (Captain America’s shields work very well), heavy tanks are the goofballs on the battlefield, when a heavyweight meets a light tank or a medium tank is the end of it there is no way to win a tank with penetrating power from the medium and the agility of the light, the game is only for medium and light any other type of tank has no time.

  34. That fat ***** face is what I always imagined the WoT devs look like when having to suffer through this deplorably balanced game. I was spot on.

  35. I like the changes as a whole. And I like how they’re trying to introduce viable alternatives to the current staple equipments. But i’m worried about how some of the new equipment will change the meta. An ebr with a boosted top speed, improved camo, and a counter-camo would be brutal to deal with.

    But on the other hand, we could get a 19kp/h TOG II with 1716 hitpoints.

    I don’t like the dedicated slots. I don’t want wg to decide for me what equipment i should use. And I don’t like that binoculars are limited to TDs. That will be a serious nerf to a lot of passive scout tanks, especially at lower tiers.

    Non-removable camo, binoc, and tools is absolutely awful. Fuck that. Stock grinds will be even worse.

  36. 37:10 If I understood correctly, there is something else that can happen: You could put the bounty rammer on, say, a survivability slot and put another firepower equipment on the firepower slot. You would have a pretty big firepower advantage over people who don’t have bounty equipment.

  37. Looks decent overall, but please don’t limit binoculars to TDs

  38. i 3marked is3 with stabi, rammer and gun laying. worked good

  39. God damn qb. You sure have been bitching a lot lately. One equipment slot at low tiers is not gonna make a player that much better. Especially considering they now have to choose essentially between fire power or gun handling. Or other aspects if they so choose. So it’s not that big a deal. Even so. Unless you’re a dedicated low tier player. How much time are you really spending at low tiers? Most people just want to try and get to higher tiers or even mid tiers at least. Most low tier tanks already have a good rate of fire anyways and if you think about it no matter what. All low tier tanks are being made worse since they are losing equipment slots.

    Next, so what if YOU think the best load out is still gonna be to improve fire power or handling? Plenty others might not see it that way. You mentioned the Maus would be at a disadvantage if they didn’t want to use survivability equipment? Uhhh no dude. That’s just a trade off. You can make tanks work for YOUR play style. I think we can all agree that for only 5 classes of tanks there is a decent variety of play styles for those tanks. On top of that individual players have their own play style. You have the opportunity to improve more aspects of a tank to work better for YOU. You can now actually potentially make a shitty tank with shitty fire power to shine so much more in at least some aspect of it.

    I’ll end with this. T95 with increased engine power and max speed. Sounds like something I’d want to try out 😉

  40. If they want players to use it, they should give me the full credits for everything I do own. Then I can change the setup. Selling them myself will cost me extra credits. And that is always low. I also hope demounting you get is related to the number of tanks and equipment yoy own

  41. Object 260 with increased engine power…. Whooosh.

    • Its gonna be higher than the AMX 30 Prototype.

      Whoa. It can reach its 60 km/h speed without a slight downward slope. 60 km/h in Ensk, here we go!

  42. Finally they are addressing the WORST aspect of this game, and that is just starting the game for the first time.

  43. Clan Rivals – CRIF2020BOOSTERS and BPEU29PASS

  44. Where can I use this code fot T-127?

  45. Really good video, I agree with your opinions on the potential problems that the new system might bring up. 2 things that stand out for me the most are the fact that new players now won’t be able to use repair/first aid kits on their tier I tanks (which seems like a terrbile idea, considering that tanks now have much more HP and you are more likely to be forced to play with damaged modules for longer ammount of time), and the fact that with the Commander Vision equipement we will FINALLY have something to counter the whole red line bush camping meta that soooo many games devolve into, with no other way to do anything then face check the bushes or play for a draw. I can tell right now that I’ll 100% use that thing on most of my lights.

  46. I think this is just the first step to the new crew skill load out…

  47. Currently, your equipment is destroyed when you sell a tank if you dont spend gold to demount.

  48. Other Unqualified Username

    I was considering coming to PC because console is so irritatingly slanted toward wallet warriors, but this changed my mind. There’s no way.

  49. Martin Griffiths

    Is it just me BUT as a WOWS player and WOT player, isnt this “new” system just the WOWS system (think captain skills = equipment levels) ?

  50. Dave Asher Fabrigar

    The new “aspects” of world of tanks PC are available already at World of tanks Blitz.
    Although at Blitz they only put it on the rare premium vehicles.

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