Esoteric Tanking – AMX M4 mle. 51

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  1. SomeRandomGuy SomeOtherRandomGuy

    High quality on the release. Kewl.

  2. Is it like M103 ?

  3. I gave up on 65t. It’s soo fucking shit… And I’d rather have T30

  4. 120mm on Conway is for full-gold faggots
    600 alpha 4 lyf

  5. Dont play Conway with big gun..small “stock” gun is better ? 400 alpha with 6sec reload 4K dpm.. Im trying 3rd moe..but when Im really angry, I choose big gun..just for somr big hits..most of the times I use small 120mm on Conway

  6. Love this tank.

  7. i like convay but hes playin like shit recently

  8. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    Circ how do you think the Conway equipment loudout should be to make the best out of it? what is the best gun in your openion?

  9. How did a T-10 only do 196 damage, he had the side of jgd pz e100 at the aswell

  10. Conway forgot to play the game? i think its a requirement to be extremly bad at the game in order to work for WG.

    • it’s kind of their thing, employing people that don’t play their game, they just make changes according to russian forums. “What comrades? russian tanks not completely broken? No problem we buff, da!”

  11. seem like WG staff don’t play the game. no wonder tanks arnt balanced and MM’s fucked up.

  12. Dude; just how many goats do you have to sacrifice to RNGeezus to make some of those shots? 🙂

  13. Old Mountain Hermit

    Some say Circon’s beard is fake.

  14. Why would you aim. Aiming lowers dpm.

  15. Now down votes :v

  16. I’m grinding tier VIII now … I will take that damn star everyday on it and that’s it … is a piece of utter shit.
    Upgraded tracks do not at traverse speed (any other tank has it like that?) and I honestly do not feel any difference between stock and 3rd/top engine.. perhaps there is some mistake in game ?

  17. mrconway + circon best combination 🙂

  18. The new french MBT’s look cool

  19. Esoteric is a very esoteric word 😉

  20. Mr conway playing the conway hmmmmmmmm

  21. Honestly why do people not look at him ? They always look away. He must be paying them to show turret sides lol

    • I know. In my games any tank I look at is already pre aiming me. I don’t think I ever came across a tank that wasn’t looking at me.

    • I’d say just intuition and timing, That’s it mostly for me in my KV-2 for instance, at this point I almost have a 6th sense for it, the trick to it is patience, and have team mates that engage your prey

  22. Anyone else have to google “Esoteric” and realize the irony

  23. Conway derping on the Conway.

  24. Credits to the Lowe in a bottom tier battle also.

  25. I dont like the new top gun ont he conway, even when aimed it derps its shots too often. Cant believe i had to waste 80k or whatever XP on it when i was near the Fv4005.. i put back the original gun on it and loving the dpm and awesome pen on prem ammo when its needed.

  26. CC Rngesus……

  27. Why no effects of smoke….

  28. holy shit!

  29. Fucking WG… Nerf Circon!!!

  30. You know you can see your current personal mission in game, with key, right? RIght? Yeah, ofc you do

  31. Next Gojira hint? 😉

  32. Hey Circon!!! You must have cryogenic blood! God damn, what a game!
    pretorama EU

  33. Circon your total battles are higher than my win rate

  34. If the TVP had picked one place to be during the game and not drive halfway across it in the middle of the match, the cap wouldn’t have been pushed in such a rushed manner

  35. can anyone send mi circon mod???

  36. sircon why do you act surprised when you get those impossible shots, it happens for you, A UNICUM, every damn time

  37. Mr conway in a conway. Meta-memes

  38. ha ha , the ltwt gave it to you. couldnt take the pressure! gg lol

  39. @Circon nice video and gameplay… By the way, second phase for new patch (9.22) is released, and guess what, 257 V-armor remains!!!

  40. 2302 XP on this awesome tank and still have fkin Class 1 because WTF ater new line release. Just 4 lolz…

  41. I love how Circon always starts with 2 or 3 flubbed snap shots just so luck will be on his side for the rest of the game. LoL see again he Pog Champs it after a rusty start.

  42. I like the title.

  43. What is your load out? I have spa liner gun rammer and gun laying drive, but idk if its the best

  44. Satisfying

  45. How to throw a game in one easy step.

    Call now, our operators are standing by.

  46. Load the Skill rounds

    I fn hate that cap mission it is cancer who tf caps?

  47. 357 (roll) by the way

  48. It was already a nerf off chario for the 105mm, I’m talking about the massive slower shell velocity. But then it makes up with dpm, I’m like ok…. But this new gun. SMH……..

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