^^| EUH. Stream Highlight

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Source: SirCircon

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  1. is this from the Test server or main server?

  2. What mod is that!? it looks dope

  3. Circon enjoying arty? Is this even legal? :P

  4. Dayum, I need that arty view mod xD

  5. Obviously this is on PTR / Test Server, no tier 10 arty on live ;)

  6. leel :DDDDDDD I laughed so hardly because of horny clicker :DDDDDDDD

  7. How do you get that point of view? Not the straight down pov but the one at
    an angle.

  8. I’m now so sad that I didn’t tune in to the stream yesterday…:’c

  9. I cry every time. :’) 

  10. How are you getting the alternate arty view? O.o


  12. Best Stream EU.

  13. Robin Lortie-Lafontaine

    Arty: fair and balanced.

  14. was watching some of this on stream lol

  15. what is that mod?

  16. Arty, fair and balance (nope)

  17. The sad truth is: Do you see how much fun circon had? With not giving a
    shit, and derping other players into their faces? This is the reason why
    arty players exist on the live servers. When circon can have fun with arty,
    so can they.

  18. Is that a Mod or is it part of the testserver?


  20. lol arty looks fun now, that means it’s OP!!!!

  21. this man is so dirty :P

  22. Stop camping please!

  23. do u even arty brah?

  24. How can i activate that arty vision?

  25. What mod is that

  26. Kristian Krajewski

    I was thinking ” wth does EUH mean?” until I realized that’s how you spell
    the clicker noise^^

  27. Stop camping nobs ! 😀 

  28. holy shit this new perspective :o

  29. Did I really hear Foch say “arty is so much fun, I can see why people would
    play it all the time”? lol

  30. since when did you edit videos!!! how long has this been going on for? xD

  31. “arties are underpowered they need buffed” (you have no idea how often i
    see this on the live server next time i see someone say it im linking them
    to this video)

  32. to all of people asking for that view for arty… you risk being lynched by
    Circlings for playing arty, so better keep your questions to minimum.

  33. EPIC video

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