EUROBEAT INTENSIFIES ft. Type-16 (War Thunder)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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EUROBEAT INTENSIFIES ft. Type-16 (War Thunder)


  1. enjoy my phellow gamers
    please like and then unlike then like

  2. Hey phloppy whoppy could you take out the bb-1 and attempt to bomb a high tier vehicle??

  3. If you ever come near Cologne, this twin church things,yeah .still there.

  4. Great game. Play with this vehicle again 👍🏻

  5. let’s be honest, 100km/h isn’t as cool as 100mph

  6. And the us still doesn’t have the striker in war thunder 😭😭

  7. M1128 when?

  8. U should put on de ja vu

  9. hey phly play the amx-50 u never played it

  10. You think this was phast, phly?? Wait for the radkampfwagen 90 in the next patch. The Chadwagen!

  11. Its the Tactical Supra

  12. That XM-1 so adorable because of that teddy bear on his turret.

  13. phly “I can’t see anything” Me playing wt..I don’t see nutten me watching phly “I DON’T KNOW WHAT THE FUCK YOUR SEEING….”

  14. Can u phly the bf 109 k4,you didn’t since 4 years

  15. Japadrifts? wasn’t that another game?

  16. 5 hour energy drink this shit

  17. Phly it’s time you played the Waffenträger and demonstrated the power of 237mm pen German Science attempt #8

  18. i dare you add a epic thunder sound mod and replace all the gun fire sounds into sounds from japanese hen.. sauce i mean.

  19. why 2010s tank is here

  20. Another idiot using just 1tank, no plane, no AA. This f…. content makers shows a bad example for a players. And after I’m surprised why i have no team because everyone is playing just 1 respawn.

  21. Alessandro Ossiduri

    Is a Japan Centauro

  22. Finally you play this tank!🤟🤟

  23. *Initial D Theme Plays*
    Enemy MBT: “Y’all hear boss music?”

  24. Type 16: Jotaro
    Centauro: Giorno
    Rooikat: Jonathan


  26. what is wrong and not using Thermal scope? any thoughts?

  27. When we will see new german speed demon.

  28. This what amx 10rc is suppose to be like. Not the shit is actually be in the game.

  29. Alaska with nice roads.. come to Alaska in real life and your rental will be pleading for you to end it’s life. lol Love your work @PhlyDaily

  30. You video very fanny)

  31. Spees Techsupport

    9:56 this guy is hilarious, he’s like:”I’m being shot at, alright let me expose my lower glacis.

  32. Any tank: I’m gonna kill you.
    Type-16: **Sneezes**
    That tank: **Dies**

  33. I’m not a fan of this thing. If I’m playing a high BR wheelie boi, I’m taking the Centauro. Just personal preference

  34. “tank that shoots coronavirus”

  35. Of course it’s Touhou eurobeat

  36. Turret : * *Fck I need repairs !* *
    Phly : *Phuk my wheeeels !!*

  37. i love the sneeze thing, i’ve been doing something similar for a while too XD i’ll just go ‘achoo’ as i land the final shells on someone in wows from time to time

  38. Well… Centauro is not the only one anymore… I was surprised a couple of times by meeting Rooikat earlier than anticipated, now this. It just adds more spice! 😀

  39. I dislike phys gameplay simply cuz he forgets he has thermals …

  40. it sounds like a jetsons flying car.

  41. Oh?! Eurobeat on a phlopy whopy video.. a surprise but a welcome one

  42. im German hbu guys?

    Always wanted to know if phly has a lot international phellows.

  43. dafuq is wrong with you, change these stupid sneezing sounds

  44. ..was that a Hobbit lass sneezing 13:50..go LOTRO..

  45. the type16 is fun but the hull break mechanic on it is sometimes over the top

  46. The sneezing reminds me of my GF sneezing 😂 she got a anime sneez and she can do anime voice tooo hahahahaha

  47. Привет!

  48. Why is it Eurobeat tho if the music is weeb AF?

  49. That loader was like: Oh boy i sure love when a rod flying at 1700m/s hits my ankles.

  50. Phly you can’t but eurobeat in the title and then not have a eurobeat opening meme in the vid. It’s blasphemy. Doesn’t matter that you have eurobest like 10 seconds after *Cough*

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