Ever Wanted to see a Carry with Triple Arty? – World of Tanks

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  1. first view and likeuuuu, lets a go marioooooooooo

  2. piggy party

  3. 300 IQ game. Damn, I feel dumb after watching this. I should really develop arty paranoia syndrome too, but I mostly suffer from YOLO-in-to-have-fun disorder.
    Great video lemming

    • Omg, i love your “Yolo-in-to-have-fun-disorder”,

    • +Veranicus 90% of the time it ends in frustration though xP

    • +*MrPeabody* i played Ground war tanks for quite a while, it’s a copy of wot, i played that sometimes way. I didn’t mind loosing so i had fun 🙂 Like all good stuff, i enjoy them sometimes intense, but not often, that ruins it. I just embrased the inner Leeroy Jenkins fully . For example anouncing my complex lan by writing “Leeeeeeeeeerooooooooy Jeeeeeeeeeeeekins” in chat so everybody got the details, lol

    • +Veranicus Sounds like a blast haha. Cliff diving and ramming speed ftw!

    • +*MrPeabody* exactly, bro 🙂 That’s the spirit, haha.

  4. Gosh Lemming you have got to make a WT vid 😛

  5. you didnt manage to be arty safe lol, u got shot like several times, just lucky lol

  6. What’s a dingus?

    A girl called me that is that good?

  7. extremely good game

  8. Remove stun, arty gets a general ping of their location so they have to move every time they fire, I’m not an arty player but that how I would have it.

  9. Try carrying with 5 artillery

  10. U could have hit that obj 268 v4 at the begining as an early damage, right?

  11. You ever play E3 on this map from that same spawn and shoot the tanks crossing/fools on the top of the hill trying to shoot into base? It also has arty cover.

    PS. Where the 257 started out. I’ve carried a few games from using that spot and flanking out from there.

  12. Lemming would you get the new Swedish Medians?

  13. That was very informative. You play safe when you need to and it is something I need to learn. Great vid, thanks again.

  14. Tundra is a rubbish artie map. You got off lightly. The 261, with its low shell arc, can’t get over most of the hills.

  15. Crazy Russian Bot

    real men drive SPG, not OP Objects

    • Crazy Russian Bot “real man drive SPG’s” camps red line the entire match ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️fucking ffaggot, learn to play a real tank and stop camping you worthless idiot.

    • Crazy Russian Bot

      +oshitomaha dont worry. I also drive the gay MTs. Anyway, people who whine about arty just suck. If there was no arty they’d just whine about TDs instead or anything else to blame their sucking on.

    • +Crazy Russian Bot The game would be better without artys,without those fucking splashes

    • SPG is really gamebreaking on open-ish maps we’re just lucky that average player are to retarded to relocate and pre-aim TD spots and also blindfire and ofcourse shell-tracing enemy SPG’s

      but when i play my light tanks im glad that i have arty’s on my team because atleast 1-2-3 people are shooting my spots instead of those retarded TD’s who are camping at 600 meters needing to move up otherwise no render distance

    • +oshitomaha so triggered haha

  16. it’s 10 seconds to be fully unspotted from the last time someone spotted you I don’t know if you knew this as you were a bit early on the hill which is why you got splashed by 261 and M40 after killing standard B

  17. Lol @4:00 “I was thinking about pushing through but decided against it.” Don’t play you were blocking teammates shots for the damage ???

  18. During WoT classic 0.7 week I managed to carry loads of games even when there were 8 or 9 arties. And yes, that was terrible. And those arties were more terrible than current arties. Still, pretty enjoyable battle to watch.

    • Those arties weren’t even close to as bad as the ones we have now. They rarely hit anything and hen they did it was because you sat still for too long. Also i would rather get one shotted by arty than get pelted and stunned for 10 min even though im around a corner or behind a rock. Not only that, counter arty was a big thing so not all of them lasted the game.

  19. An AMX 40 is basically arty proof. It’s just that good. You should review it.

  20. Did u accept that WG job lemming?

  21. I got 2 ram kills in my TOG. it was 2 hellcats that drove into me but a ram kill is a ram kill. Top that.

  22. Well explained and thought out game play. Thanks

  23. This game would be so much better if they just dropped arty.

  24. Hff! If i lose 20% of hp due to arty i get 20% more focus points plus I know where their arty pen is and push towards 150% more motivated

  25. Hi Lemming, please do a vid on the t-34-3, its on sale (on EU) and i am unsure about buying it. Thanks ahead!

  26. Lemming, a vid on how to play tanks with low alpha, but quick reload would really help. I am not getting enough farming opportunities. Have a great day, sweet carry!

  27. Can you help me learn how to play 430-II and K-91

  28. Professional player :3

  29. the key to being good at this game is balancing between being to agresive and killing/wasting HP and to passive and doing to little with to much HP. if you can master the in between you will become a good player.

  30. you need to stop playing that tank

  31. The thing I like about Lemming is that everything he’s telling us (and more) is actually going through his mind during gameplay. Easy 300 IQ.

  32. delet war thunder. stay with u s

  33. I just wanna say fuck arty players, thank you.

  34. You’re wearing my favorite hoodie! Love that hoodie. Ten Tree is great and now it’s better.

  35. 6:07 wow a Russian M103?

  36. Nice 1 man… I like when you talk through your play’s because your smart!! 🙂 It’s helps us bots to not be bots, Cheers

  37. does your back get sore from all that carrying?

  38. Awesome work, very well played!!

  39. Hurry up and play the WZ-132… and take some HE for the bitter LT on LT memes.

  40. A great example of how arty removes map features

  41. Plot twist – HE played the artillery! Kappa

    But lets get real I could listen to your explainations for hours. Can you make an 8 hour audiobook of those for me at work every day^^?

  42. Okay, time for a joke: It’s an Bobj.140, so you carry instantly…

    You don’t carry game in russian tank… Russian tenk carries you

  43. Hey lemming, great video as usual, just wanted to ask what course you’re doing in uni. I’m in final year engineering undergrad lol

  44. Happy haircut ?‍♂️

  45. Three arty make a match miserable

    I know, I know, some old veteran is going to tell me about the days when there were five or more, I don’t even know how you would play with that many. It must have been a campfest, first tank spotted obliterated immediately.

  46. I thought that 3 arty will carry. Good vid nevetheless. 🙂

  47. You are super hyper focused man. Are you an alien? Do you have a genetic mutation that causes your brain to produce amphetamine-like chemicals naturally?

  48. have never seen someone so arty paranoid 😀 but hill is not that bad with arty, there is still plenty of arty cover, arty is problem when you fight for it, once you win it its alright

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