EVERY BOMB SIZE vs 500 L3 – What Will It Do? – WAR THUNDER

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Source: with Muffin

#warthunder #tanks #bomb

I every tank 1 vehicle against 500 L3 tanks to see how survivable each one is. Which nation do you think has the best? You might be surprised but let's find out.


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Map credit: https://live.warthunder.com/post/1059235/en/


  1. I like how you can see in the crater the l3s are just floating

  2. propig gaming 🇺🇦

    Muffin keep pumping out theses amazing videos!

  3. You should try something similar but with HE shells.

  4. What about 500 L3 vs big cannons ?
    Like sturmtiger, 15cm panzer (o forgot the name), SPJ FM/43-44, 2C Bis, KV-2 etc

  5. You realy put the game into is limite😂

  6. Am i the only one who notices that in all these bomb tests they miss out the 25kg dart bombs on the IL-2??

  7. Videos like this might actually look more interesting if you use immortality/godmode, so yyou can keep watching through the whole explosion and aftermath without death cams etcc

  8. What did the L3’s do to you to deserve this torture?

  9. 1000Lbs Bomb is actualy 500kg not 1000kg

  10. How do I get this to work? I got mission installed but it wont load. (btw this is a amazing video I like this type of content)

  11. Don’t say the Lords name in vain

  12. Don’t say the Lords name in vaij

  13. 500Maus vs every bomb? When

  14. I’m amazed the server hamsters didn’t spontaneously combust dealing with the blast, all those fragments and individual vehicles.

  15. Long live the mighty USA

    Please use imperial units

  16. Talk about l3 abuse😂

  17. Maybe you can test the kamikaze mechanic and see just how much damage it can actually do.

  18. The nuke💀☠️

  19. Fun fact: 1000 pound bomb is not a 1 ton bomb, its 500kg

  20. How did you set this up? TThose L3 aren’t players, are they?

  21. LB has like half the TNT than a kg bomb.

  22. Do L3 versus kv2

  23. Stiggiboy is dutch OMG

  24. I’m truly saddened by the fact that you did not test every bomb size in War Thunder 😢

  25. akarachai varamali

    6:10 bro killed so many L3s that he flew backwards

  26. how do you test that? is that a gamemode or some?

  27. you didn’t drop the FAB-3000 iirc

  28. Now do it with the m22

  29. What a about MOAB and FOAB?

  30. I wonder how many spawn points do it get for 500 kills

  31. 1000 kg and 1000 lb are kinda different?

  32. Didnt do tiny tim, sigh

  33. This is why the servers lag when we are in active games boys.

  34. I can’t imagine the lag

  35. Why does this not have even a thousand likes, so underrated

  36. 3:58 the difference between the 1000lb bomb the tornado dropped and a 1000kg bomb is massive a 1000kg bomb is 2204.62 lbs

  37. Nice video, but could you make one with EVERY bomb size?

  38. now do 1000 lol

  39. i wish ya’ll did nuke

  40. Bro thay need to add the Moab (mother of all bombs) next update

  41. why do you need to bee 13 to be in your server

  42. It’d be cool to see the bombs effective radius over a flat plain with the l3

  43. This is a war crime

  44. Gaming Channel Carlos

    What about the 25kg IL-2 bomb?

  45. 1000lbs are not 1000kg it is 500kg

  46. how the fuck does your game not violently explode your device into a trillion pieces with that many l3’s

  47. You should try maus vs object 279

  48. Do it with M22

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