EVERY KILL IS A ONE SHOT | IS-6 Russian Monster

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EVERY KILL IS A SHOT | IS-6 Russian Monster

Thumbnail by Abinavski!


  1. Watching your videos is one of the very few things that convinces me to keep grinding this game so I can hopefully hit that 8-10BR one day, I’ve been stuck on 4-5BR for a long time now lol

  2. Hey Phly, I was wondering what software you use to record your gaming? Thanks!

  3. Phly, I’m NOT saying you ever would, but, your attempt to convince us that “didn’t count!” would be like trying to tell Laura you didn’t cheat, because “there was no penetration, so it doesn’t count!!” lmao

    (but srsly, you’re a great person from the sounds of it, which I’m sure you know we all love your family and would kill you if you ever cheated on her ☺️♥️😙 lol)

  4. That was an ODD intro. 😛

  5. I have this tank. I love this tank

  6. I experienced some packet loss last night

  7. You killed a child

  8. intro made me lough a bunch thx for that hahaa luve it <3 <3 <3

  9. Bro stop with the click bate.

  10. IS 6: Russian monster
    Leo CHEAT-FS: Excuse me!

  11. Ronie John Encarnacion

    That’s not vegan curry, Phly. That’s just a wet salad.

  12. Tf was that intro lol🤣🤣👍

  13. POV: The Intro has traumatized some viewers:

  14. Well for those players that love using the machine guns on tanks. A single hit with machine gun and bye bye one shot bonus same with artillery. But, Hey! Who cares right? I always get my one shot bonus.

  15. Please play the m26 and show me why I am bad

  16. Day 97 asking for the best 5.7 fighter, the American spitfire!

  17. Day 02: Hey Phly, try out the French SAu 40 1.7 TD. It is very interesting and reminds me of the Foch

  18. Can you play the su122 that thing is sk fun at 2.3

  19. yes yes is-6 is this and that ask my m-19 pom poms how it went for him penned from the front x) the guy was so pissed

  20. 0:06 phly the little wisel is to never be underestimated that’s why it was laughing man

  21. Swedish Trumpet boi can one shot the IS-6

  22. Use this comment to approve PhlyDaddy’s new WT Crewmate voice pack.

  23. Can you please make a Video on the su22m3?

  24. You should play the m2a1, it only has 50 cals but its fast and can sneak on tanks sides, along with galers f3f-2 it is amazing at cas

  25. Phly can you try playing wad thunder on controller it is 100 times harder

  26. Can you please Phly the I-16 TYPE 10. Been requesting for over 3 years. Thank you

  27. Why is War Thunder the worst but best game at the same time, it’s like the enemy is always a smurf but the game keeps bringing me back, I really need some tips on how to play

  28. Mochdika Arkandesta

    Cant you use song on ur vid pls

  29. 😂😂 wish I could play like this,every time i get shoot i died or they leave me almost dead and finish the job with a 2nd shoot,also I never see people like this dude,he catch people distracted most of the time 😂 every time i see someone th ey are looking at me or they shoot first,still like this game better than WoT lmao

  30. I’mma get downvoted like hell for this but I don’t really care

    I don’t understand the point of the gameplay intros if we’re just going to see the same exact clip <2 minutes later

  31. That oddbawz intro xD

  32. Stalin tank he built by himselg is still OP

  33. My band my band myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy BAND!!

  34. 7:08 bmp: what are you doing step tank?

  35. 1:55 that “Oh” sounded like a discord ping and made me a bit confused

  36. Hey anny1 got a wt account I can have. I lost everything

  37. Packet loss…I just love connection problems ! 🤕 One game I was getting connection problems warning and suddenly all the tanks just started slowly floating up in the air 🤦 WTF?

  38. Enough animation . working & single mothers are why the VA administration is being overwhelmed by Male Gen X & millenniums with total mental melt downs after servings in some of America’s easiest wars along side Panama , Grenada.
    When Ma boys were at work they provided little jimmy video games to occupy their time .While his mother was at work , little Jimmy spent hours planted in front of a monitor playing simulated war games .
    When the little Jimmy’s got involved in the real combat thing , total mental melt down. It never happened like that on my monitor

  39. Is6 su 11 pt 76 combo, need to see it.

  40. Phly please play the premium chi nu 2, play it on 5.7br the thing is a absolute beast! I’ve been ripping IS1’s and tiger 1’s easily with it

  41. Its actually 50% efficiency, and 50% gaijin fault for not giving soviet proper AAA until 7.7-8.0

  42. Very good intro. Very informative. Told me all I needed to know going into the video.

  43. Johannes Erwin Eugen Rommel

    Thumbnail: Soviet T95/T28

  44. Jesus, my AB experience of the IS-6 is regret …. might try it in RB now 😀

  45. there were times when this tank had a bug in the tower where instead of 200mm it had 300mm

  46. hi phly can you play the leo l44 plz
    its my favourite tank

  47. New player here
    How to be aware of enemy’s position when playing realistic battle?

  48. Yes despite 30% packet loss everyday, why am I still play this game ?

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