Every Nations Most Annoying Tank to Fight πŸ™„ | War Thunder

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  1. ..how the hell are you supposed to reload the r3 t106 FA? Is there an ability to access the breaches from within the turret?

  2. you forgot the King Tiger

  3. How about you use the hard ass version of Erika

  4. Churchill πŸ’€

  5. The STRV has good armor? Really? I have it in WoT and its so damn hard to actually use the sloped armor amd the angle doesnt get overmatched.

  6. If you hate do not like

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  8. Which Strv are you talking about, Strv 103-0 or Strv 103-B??

  9. is 2 is soviet tank, not chinese

  10. IS_2 is for soviet union

  11. As a 103-0 user who completed whole Swedish tree playing one I would say that’s shit. First shot u got = broken transmission which means long and painful death. It has broken hydropneumatic elevation and finally, it’s almost unplayable in urban combat.
    While there’s another thing Sweden have. The one beating shit from 7.0-9.0 balance. It’s goddamn VIDAR. Mobility, doomsday HE, laser rangefinder, top-tier thermal sight while most of ones opponents didn’t have even stabilizer or rangefinder.

  12. Russia – > 2s38

  13. @AverageNapoleonicDude1812

    turretless tanks are quite easy to knock out, attempt to circle them/shoot their tracks

  14. Bro the zsu 57, IS 7, obj 279, obj 292, IS 4

  15. wow still on the trend even tho its not the t-95’s real name wowww we con stop this now

  16. XaxaxaπŸ˜‚

  17. What about the ASU-47? That thing can litterally hide anywhere

  18. the hori production is better

  19. The WZ305 is the real hidden gem, it can kill tanks and planes with ease

  20. ” Tutel! *Music, music and more music*”

  21. @manfredhulterstrom5000

    Bro studied since 2014 for this vid

  22. Why is Germany so criticized about 1930s 😭

  23. India?

  24. Uforgot the fact that the strv can dance

  25. I’d argue the entirety of the german tech tree is annoying to fight. Everything past the early panzers is OP.

  26. The zsu is annoying but not as annoying as the 2S38 by any means

  27. That M51 can pen a tiger angled, basically meaning that ANYTHING at that BR is screwed

  28. I’m sorry the Soviets made the is 2 not the Chinese

  29. Meanwhile that one yag-10 3km away preparing to vaporize your tank with a round with enough explosive filler to turn the inside of a tank into a paste:

  30. France: its france

  31. really says something when the chinese and israeli vehicles on this list are neither chinese nor israeli

  32. @robertarmstrong8716

    Russian one brings me back to Mercenaries on the PS2

  33. I don’t care about sweat I just don’t want to stink

  34. Izzy just has a simple m 10

  35. 2S38 for Russia
    WMA for China.

  36. The casually racist music πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  37. Sulphuric acid in pollution πŸ™€

  38. TutelπŸ˜‚πŸ˜ƒ

  39. How the fuck did you not say they u-sh 405 for sweden

  40. M51 actually can’t penetrate T29, T34, T30, Tiger 2H, Tiger H1 if angled, most of russian tanks as well

  41. R3 T106’s gun is extremely unstable making it hard to hit anything unless you are completely still. Also its armor can be penned from the side by a 7mm machine gun..

  42. The Israeli Sherman is a pain in the butt honestly, 600 pen :’)

  43. Italy: did someone order pizza?

  44. @lollikabosso.w.n7153

    I love how apparently, Chinese best tank here is a soviet bunker busting tank

  45. The TOG
    The Maus
    Anything with reactive armour
    Any Artillery vehicle that 1 shots everything with over pressure

  46. a yes T95, good armor in a BR where everyone can literally kill it

  47. Bro the t95 looks like a burger

  48. is 2 is soviet, chinese

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