EVERY SHERMAN in War Thunder || PART 2

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Source: DOLLARplays

War Thunder every Sherman tank gameplay PART 2

Today I'm continue playing with every Sherman tank in War Thunder.


Intro: Look Where That Got You – Mattie Maguire

Background: Nenor – Bills Bellst
Jürgen Brischar – Disco Dynamite
Show Me The Funk – Jon Presstone

Gaining Season – Lupus Nocte
Grooves Happen – Rasure
Time Bender – Philip Ayers
Two Sides – Martin Klem

Outro: On the Way Home – Steven Davies

# #WarThunder #worldoftanks

The M4 Sherman, officially Medium Tank, M4, was the most widely used medium tank by the United States Western Allies in War II.
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  1. Question: WHY HE’S TAKING 🅷🅴 AND NOT USE IT!!!!?????
    Answer: He forgets to use it.

    Okay now I’ll have Sherman nightmares for working past week on these Sherman videos lol
    I hope you guys are enjoy it, I’m trying to cook more content lately.

    We’ll go heavier next video, but my 180t heavy yet 😉

    Btw does anyone know when is the next update coming out?

  2. Amazing Sherman compilation, love it ^^

  3. Daniel David Da Silva

    Very funny

  4. Your awesome and awesome video

  5. Thr Israeli sherman is my favourite. If you land a hit it will either 1 shot the enemy or do major damage. As long as you use it as a tank destroyer instead of as a medium tank you are garunteed to succeed.

  6. I enjoyed the videos you put out but I’m so bad at these kinda games so it’s more fun watching other people play im absolutely horrible lol thanks for the great content maybe pick the game back up idk lol we’ll see if my confidence gets a spike 👍

  7. Great now play every Patton tank (M60s included)

  8. bloody brotha you forget to play the Sherman II (the yellow one) in the bri’sh tech tree 🥺☝️

  9. There is another sherman in the italian tech tree. The italian sherman firefly but with discarding sabot round.

  10. Kartoffelschtock 3D

    Damn man. Where do you always get this sick sinth music? LOVE IT!

  11. Please bro use HE

  12. A thing you have to remember with the calliope is that even if the 75 is stabilized, the rockes are not

  13. what about the T14 and the m4a5

  14. The Sherman’s have always been very capable platforms under rated a lot of the times

  15. Le SA 50 chez la France est un monstre

  16. 25:14 gta heist type ah music☠️

  17. next is panzers and t34 etc from other countrys

  18. what about the m10, Achilles, M36, M36B2

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