EVERY SHERMAN in War Thunder

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Source: DOLLARplays

War m4 Sherman tank gameplay

Every nation in War Thunder have their own Sherman medium tank. I'll be playing with all of them .


Intro: Look Where That Got You – Mattie Maguire

Background: Call Waiting – Future Joust
Midnight Run 80s- Gerardo Garcia Jr
Show Me The Funk – Jon Presstone

Jürgen Brischar – Level Up Your Life
Destination – Oleksii Abramovych
Two Sides – Martin Klem

Outro: On the Way Home – Steven Davies

#tanks #WarThunder #worldoftanks

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  1. I was planning to do this for a long time. I hope you guys will enjoy 😉
    I’ll try fit the rest of it in part 2

    What I should play after I’m done with Sherman video?

  2. Fuck that dominated 1.7 when that sherman was on 2.7 it was too powerful cuz you could just angle or just be like normal and even then you would boince all the shots

  3. Tigers are the reason I always carry a couple rounds of APCR in my Shermans. Even if the regular shot can’t go through, the composite shell can still rip through the armor and set off their ammo.

  4. The best way to play every tech tree is to play the shermans

  5. HEAT on 105mm Sherman is great its just that people don’t understand how to utilize it

    They see HEAT and think its HEAT Slinger and try to use it that way, whilst in reality its HEAT shotgun, one for close range, face to face, goat at aggresive playstyle

  6. pizza and dollar, perfect

  7. Lord Dollar! Please grant me the music you use here 2:45

  8. Thans for spotting that puma.
    Sincerely zaric 030 5:38

  9. DɾҽαԃϝυʅVαɳɠυαɾԃ

    I’d love to see the M4/T26 in wot. Would be interesting. Kinda like a revalorisse but american

  10. Mihajlo Djordjevic VaYiZi

    U had that stug 3 aimed sideways and ypu shot the angled way of his back i mean how ? Side shot was easy kill with 105mm

  11. Profitablius Maximus

    You bringing out the third SPAA (or fourth even, looking at you Flakbus) with Germany had me rolling lmao

  12. It pains me to watch you fight things that can just die to BE just use HE and it would be over way quicker that dicker max would have been dead

  13. Profitablius Maximus

    I just realized I’ve probably never seen anyone carry a match as hard as you have with those 5 ground + 8 plane kills. 8 planes is an insane amount of spawn points you just scrapped. Holy hell.

  14. The German Sherman, Uff it is a fortress and lethal with that ammunition, Now the French m4a2, Uff that thing takes the most out of it

  15. Do panthers now

  16. potato mc guacamole

    Welcome to the world of passing from American tier 2 to tier 3 aka pure hell

  17. Why didn’t he load HE for the 90mm Italian thing

  18. _“The Sherman is an invasive species.”_- Dude on WT’s forum

  19. I’m pretty much a noob in warthunder but give me the M4A3 and I guarantee that as soon as I get to the battlefield without being damaged I can hold a position.

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