Everyone FORGOT this tank in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

's a medium with a win ratio in World of Tanks but why has everyone forgotten about it? Do you know what it is?



  1. I haven’t forgot this tank. I love it.
    Though it would be nice if the PC version of the 121 had the gimmick of it’s blitz mobile counterpart, which is crazy good aim time. From pineapple at 60 kmph to pinpoint at stop in under a second

  2. 6:40 That’s one of unbelievable situations I never get in my battles. If I was in 121, I’d be crushed by a normal opponent in E-50. But this guy just wanted to stay on the open and give to QB all of his HP. WTF!?
    Skill calls them tourists. I call them bots. And I see them only in CC videos, but never in my battles.

  3. Is it me or do the shells and consumables look different?

  4. Cookie Command Gaming

    New video idea : The tank no one plays, the 113

  5. I sold it after I got the 121B… it just doesnt hold up to the 121B imo… and why have a lesser of a tank version when you have the better in garage ya know.

  6. If 121 is forgotten, the 113 was erased from memories

    • I remember the 113, and have been one of the best performers in it on NA before. It’s pretty well a meaty medium. Quite enjoyable, especially with its 7.28 second reload for 440

    • lol yeah before I read your comment i didnt even remember it exists in the game. Same with the T42 premium tank

  7. That skin is horrendous

  8. The only forgotten tier 10 tank in WoT is Type 5 Heavy

  9. I play a 121 with my 7 skills T-59 crew – it’s awesome.

  10. 121 is my favorite medium tank!

  11. Justin Raug Veggerby

    Quite a coincidence – I recently took my 121 for a couple of spins and I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome 😉

  12. Kenneth Fortugaleza

    I would rather play an m48 patton

  13. This is my 1st Tier 10 tank armor is crap back then, raced for laughs with my clan mate’s tech tree FV4202 on sand river, goes towards northern hill to see whos faster, all is good before reaching foot of hill, and from there never saw the FV again lol

  14. Personally I treat this like a fast heavy so I set my crew up with increased track/turret traverse and terrain resistances

  15. The Atlanta Fisherman

    This was my favorite medium tank in the game when I played. I enjoyed so much stomping on overconfident 140’s and 62A’s…

  16. I’m playing the T-34-2 and i think i will stop at WZ-120 since i bought 121B. Challenging tech-tree but satisfied when you can figure out how to play them.

  17. Poor judgment. Too much waiting.

  18. Thanks to Eminem nobody forgets Dre since 1999, but I bet you forgot about Hoobastank! This is the Hoobastank.

  19. 121 is my comfy tank for pub. It does well everywhere other than in hill fight (although playing chinese lines should already trained you in utilizing low gundep), and the combination just oddly works.

    My only problem with it (alongside with other meds) is how weak the medium tank field mods are, especially this type of ‘versatile medium tanks’. I’m not saying that they are completely useless, but unlike other classes where field mods could transform their gameplay, for meds they are just small bonuses here and there. Especially that last suspension field mod, 30% suspension HP (meds never relies on high suspension HP anyway?) vs repair speed and traverse speed. Eugh

  20. Wargaming: sees this video
    Also Wargaming: *somebody is going to get nerfed tonight*

  21. My conclusion on 121:
    + Good alpha dmg
    – That stock tier 9 is horrible (WZ-120)

  22. We just gonna ignore how object780 alowed QB to dominate the right flank and win the game???. Unsung heroe

  23. Lonemark | KingOfTypos™

    I wonder how the 121 in PC will play out if it had the stats of the one in Blitz (very high reticle bloom whenoving, but very fast aim time)

  24. Try playing the 113….

  25. Even before the buffs I’ve enjoyed it very much.
    Chinese light tanks as well, particularly the infamous 59-16 with the autoloader. It was such a fun tank to play with.
    Too bad they removed it in order to add a whole glut of overpowered autoloaders along the way.

  26. u just dont stop talking dont ya

  27. So happy to see you play the 121, I absolutely love that tank and is one of my favorite t10s

  28. 113 is just as fun

  29. The Anonymous Gecko

    Problem with watching all your streams is i already have seen all your big games

  30. Play the m103 please

  31. Everything is MADE IS CHINA. From high quality electronics, chips, computers etc to simple cheap items. So stop being hypocrites.

  32. kajzoo showed people this tank slaps hard. I don’t think he forgot it.

  33. i remember when this thing was required in Clanwar

  34. QB, any chance of playing or showing more T4 and T5 games? As someone getting back into WoT, I don’t want to dive straight back into my T7s and 8s, and it feels like there’s a lot of get used to again :’D

  35. the 121 was my first medium tier x and i only have great memories with it. there are ofc better tanks but id still call this one underrated

  36. Qb is little bit late with this one:d

  37. Udes 15/16 also has 440

  38. The 121 is my first and only tier X tank, I love it! Im a horrible player but its the only tank I’ve ever been able to get a master class in

  39. This is one of my favorites. Like a more fun obj 430u. Also I think the K-91 is more forgotten than this one

  40. My first tier X medium and I still like it!

  41. I’m still in the tier 8 T34-2, full developed exept the top engine and it sucks hard. no speed, bad gun (long reload, no pen), no armour. lucky, only 28k xp to go for the tier 9.

  42. It’s better to play udes than 430u or 121 as medium it’s far better.
    And tanks like 5a cheif v55 and what not are as agile as 121 and they would sneak up yo medium spots and fk u in the face

  43. Not a bad game for low rolling almost every shot.

  44. 6:34 NNN reference 😀 ?

  45. QB mentioned the Type 59. Been playing world of tanks for over 11 years and still having nightmares about the Type 59 when it first came into the game. It was such an OP monster. It was more feared than the 279e or chieftain is today. Rock on tankers and Sir QB

  46. The grind to get to this tank is SO bad. Especially tier 9…. 181 pen at the start…

  47. I never forgot that tanks its very good beating heavies

  48. I use it for onslaught

  49. I love my 121, and is one of my most played tanks. Love to see that it is getting some loving attention again by others.

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