Everything New in 1.6.1 + Future Updates and Tanks! | World of Tanks Update 1.6.1 News

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Source: DezGamez

Update 1.6.1 New Features and Updates – Multinational Vehicles, New Camos, Kampfpanzer 50T, Turtle Mk.I, Object 703 Version II. Patch 1.6.1 and The Future of World of Tanks.

Update 1.6.1 live and in this episode I am going to let you know everything you need to know about this new update, all the new features. On the top of that, we can talk about the future a bit, because this time it was not the biggest patch, content vise, but from the patch notes we can see many hints about the future updates.

It comes with multinational vehicles, new camos and test vehicles for supertest players. Vehicles like Kampfpanzer 50T, Turtle Mk. I and double-barreled Object 703 Version II. We were able to test new Bond shop, vehicles for Bonds, but it didn’t come with the initial launch of the patch.

What do you think about it?


  1. This is for you, all the lazy Beasts not wasting time to read any article about WoT! 😉 I still love you tho…

    Enjoy! 😉

    • Gorston Gorstontopus

      @DezGamez cause i would like to help ya

    • DezGamez =. Star of the Multi – Universe, it’s DEZ. ; b

    • Of course they don’t put the FKin bond shop in the live servers… I was so excited to update my game and see what I wanted to buy, for me it was the only feature I was looking forward to in this update. Again disappointed.

    • TuxedoedErmine Naswall

      Its weird how on console theres the amx chaffee that can use both American crew and french crew anytime you like but only counts as a french tank… plus was moved to tier 7 but kept its 600 health so is weakest tier 7 light tank in the game

    • DezGames, you have accomplished an internet first – making a thumbnail funny enough to make me laugh.

  2. WOT is not interesting anymore…

  3. Name of song playing in the background?

  4. I am ready to uninstall the shit

  5. Change your Tanks nation, or to put it another way, change from Soviet to any other and get a free nerf

  6. The Pudel and Bretange would be cool Tanks to switch the Nation

  7. Nice video by the way the ruby change nation does not work for me it keep say error switching configuration regardless of crew and I have I alot of barracks space

  8. Damn. They didnt add the tanks for bonds feature

  9. lmao special features?
    we put in more gimmicks and bs because its cheaper and easier than de-rigging the game or making quality of life improvements. Also what will come?
    even more greed obviously

  10. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    Now it still miss a marathon to win a T34.85 Rudy…

  11. No one wanted double barrel tanks…

  12. Nice new Icon Dez. Does this mean more Polak meds are coming?

  13. Aries Arthur Garcia

    i have a question anyone can answer please…how can i put my udes16 crew to udes 15/16 once i buy it?????

  14. Ranked Battles? Whats this ? What are you implying Wargaming EU?
    – Wargaming North America.

  15. Is this the precursor to adding other nations? Ones that perhaps don’t have any or enough vehicles of their own. But Wg can make some more dollars because people want to play their own nations tanks.

  16. Not digging the double barrels. I wish they would activate the smaller canon on the m3 lee. And a few others like that.

  17. Have a hard time getting excited about this game anymore.

  18. The “Ranger” camos IMO look much better if you put them on post-WW2 tanks. They just don’t look right to me on older tanks.

  19. Again useless update. WG still keeps excusing not doing balancing changes because of the ammo rebance… yeah sure! But just spend our entire team resources on some offspring concert nobody cares about… instead of doing cool things like animated crew members in open tanks or actually balance this game, cant see 1-15 or 15-1 anymore.

  20. Nice review, shame they haven’t addressed British Lights…..

  21. Will I need to retrain the dog to speak Polish?

  22. 1000th like! 🙂

  23. Retropaintball clips

    Why did they remove the ID tags?

  24. I think they are bringing leviathans onslaught back in HD

  25. I not all that excited really………………multinational tanks sound cool, at 1st I thought like german captured t34’s, kv1’s, or like the tv-5 panthers, ya know captured tanks, what wg doing somewhat interesting crew wise at best, I don’t really bother with ranked battles, cameos look pretty cool actually but costing gold yeah no, much as I’d like to decorate my old keep tanks not gonna happen. As for the premium tanks, the turtle kinda interesting, object interesting but not new really, that tier 3 us tank that us a double barrel feature I forget it’s name but yeah, prem tanks that I’m probably never gonna get and gonna have to deal with the power creep that comes with, my tanks that have been in game since it launched dam near and are struggling versus power creep prem tanks……..so yeah not really looking forward to more auto pen tanks. BTW great video as always Dez, have a good day!

  26. yeah Dez in World of Warplanes you have to pay 100k credits to change the nationallity of a plane, but it can be changed to all the natios, not only between 2 or 3 so is kinda balanced for that (also i play WoWP, because i think is more fun than wot, but not as competitive)

  27. Nice Shit update

  28. Gvozden Čekićević

    Can we collect votes and ask WG to give you to test 2 gun beast!

  29. I really like the ranger camo but I don’t have that much gold to buy it.

  30. A two-cannon tank has been in the game since the very beginning… The Maus has a coaxial 75mm gun next to the 128mm, so it’s always been “there” so to speak, but it just hasn’t been enabled.

  31. Only update i want is to the British light tanks.

  32. how about bonds shop, I thought that was coming soon

  33. How is it on console you just simply move the crews around like normal with same nation crews and on pc they make it more complicated than it needs to be lol

  34. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Are you kidding that the unic multi-national vehicle is russian? Oh, what a surprise in this game, got amazed!

  35. Nothing fucking new in this Game! WG is still braindead like hell and releases premium tanks before getting the MM fixxed! Yeah… this idiots fixed their 3 5 7 shit.. but are not sill able to make competetive teams! I’am nearly done with this shit! But hey.. noone will care… besides of WG assholes not getting real money from me for this piece of shit sortware!

  36. We only care about TANKS FOR BONDS!!

  37. Wow Dez, loving new profile pic

  38. Christmas Loot Boxes? Check.
    OP Premiums? Check.
    Unbalanced mid-tier arty? Check.
    Terrible map design? Check.
    Mines and Province at tier 10? Check.
    Russian Bias? Check.

    Welcome to the ‘future’ of WoT :/

  39. I just want a patch where you can play in tier 10 without getting poor after 5 battles

  40. I think OBJ 277 and OBJ 268v4 got nerfed dome more in this patch, too…

  41. Boo-hoo, free BIA crew lol

  42. Most exciting patch ever

  43. What patch..


  45. Double barrel guns seems so interesting and novel, and yet i cant get myself excited about another object, probably even premium at that, first they gave them spaced armor, and thats fine, then they gave them V shaped boat hull, and thats not cool, then they gave them reverse autoreloading, and that is seriously uncool, then they gave them the 279 early ( that one picture we all saw on the internet and joked about wargaming adding to the game), then double barrel gun system, im frankly bored of crazy russian prototypes (objects).

  46. New update, same sh. t…. Game dying…. So many AI Bots….. Player Base???? What about New player??????!!!!!!

  47. Hello, I hope you are able to answer this question for me on either video or reply, because I know a lot of people thinking the same. I play world of tanks on the NA server as I am Canadian, and I have been thinking a lot lately about how much I’d rather play on EU server due to the bigger population. However, I don’t want to restart my account as I am proud of 3 marking many tier 10s and having special vehicles like t22, obj.260, and various CW tanks. Do you think WG should merge NA with EU servers and does WG have the capability to do that? You being you, I’d assume you have contacts and maybe some insight as to if this is possible. Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you:)

    -A friendly Canadian

  48. Regular tank?
    Not premium?
    Arty but not fifi (leFh…)?
    No real explanation of what is included.

  49. Are you sure “regular tanks” dosent refer to non-SPG:s?
    After all, WG love to nerf artys

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