Everything You Need about Update 1.9 | World of Tanks Patch 1.9 Update Review

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Patch 1.9 Update New Tech Rework, HP Increase/Buff, Collector’s Tanks, Removed Tanks. World of Tanks New Changes. World of Tanks Update 1.9 Patch Review.

► Official articles about World of Tanks Update 1.9: https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/1-9-common-test-1/

This time let’s take a look at update 1.9 in World of Tanks, because test server is up and running, let’s dive into to get some hands-on action! 🙂

What do you think about all of this?

►Tanks in action / мир танков :
– All the tanks!


  1. Dez:”T21 is a medium tank” aswell “g1r i dont think we had this tank before”
    Me: is he drunk or something !?!?

    • T21 was an oopsie, but G1R still looks stupid and dont remember it. 😀

    • @DezGamez it happens ! At the end of the day we are all people and not robots everyone makes mistakes 🤣😛

    • @DezGamez IIRC it was added sometime when they added second french line, i presume many players didn’t see some of those from lower tiers (me included)

    • @DezGamez Please try this vehicle out! Talking about tier 5 derp tanks, everyone mentions M4 Sherman, Sherman III and the PZ IV H, but people forget this tank. In my opinion the G1R is quite underrated. If I recall correctly, it has the highest shell velocity for any derp gun at tier 5. It’s a hidden gem! And one of the first tanks I 3 marked. Please play a couple of battles with it. I promise, you will like it a lot! 😊

    • I had to go look up the tech tree for the T21 and G1R. I don’t remember them either.. must have free XP past them years ago or were they added into the tech tree later?

  2. Please hear this clearly. We in the community rely on you and other Contributors to make it clear on the forums and to the WG employees with whom you have personal relationships that wheeled vehicles should not be buffed….indeed they absolutely should be nerfed. They have ruined game play.

  3. Edsel Earl Dausen Convento

    FFS buffing wheeled tanks OMFG WTF there too OP they need to nerf the speed espeacially going reverse

  4. If I already have the JPanther II and they turn it into a collectible tank, how are they going to compensate me?

  5. I hope they buff the old KV-4. I want to play that HT again :c

  6. so does anyone else think the t54e1 needs a little armor buff as well if it is going to have to corridor brawl with an e75 or conquer and such? and why reduce it;s speed? the defender at teir 8 didn’t pass it fast enough? if that’s not enough they messed with the dispersion? so now there’s NO WAY it can turn to hit an ebr 105 which can NOW kill it moving backwards even better. what did luitenant dan say? “””well that’s just perfect!”””

  7. i just recently went down the e4 branch. at the t28 prototype i went ahead and opened up the t28 as well as the t30. i’m glad i did cause thats not a thing anymore.

  8. When they say sharply when reversing and letting go of forward key they meant they will make it do the same backwards as forwards as its too difficult to turn sharp when reversing but really easy when forwards, but i disagree with the changes they made to make them slower just before they were released because they are too easy to hit now it was just really bad players complaining, also the boost start was a good addition to them idk what peoples problem with them are. Artillery are the real **** and they should be removed they are meant to be the counter to heavies but they completely delete them

  9. one good thing i see though is, if you go down the IS7 line let’s say. as soon as you get there you have 2 tier tens because now you have unlocked the T62A. plus i bought the 140 and didn’t want to play the T54 that much more to get the T62A. glad i didn’t now, all i have to do is buy it. that’s cool. that will be a real haul for new players if they go down a russian line and then a french line. that’s two tier tens and a tier nine unlocked for free for the price of two. 12,200,000 dollars gets lets say IS7, Foch B, then AMX 30B, AMX30, and T62A. yep… that works.

  10. Nerf the damaged wheel ..
    Buff the gun..

  11. Will they add more collectors vehicles over time?

  12. Im just researched kv2 and want to get s51 , now its moved… And I need to research again from tier 2 to get s51, ?

  13. So why didn’t they buff the Obj430U? That needs a buff just as much as the wheeled vehicles? Great to hear that we are now going to a tech tree that is appropriate to the intellectual capacity of the users who are used to the Polish and Czech tech tree.

    BTW: trowing out the majority of the low tier tanks in the tech tree will mean that inexperienced players will move on to higher tiers even faster. So we will see even more people at mid tier who don’t understand the game (yet). Gee thx Wargaming!

  14. Who wants to buy closed beta account?

    Now I’m done with WG. Buffing wheeled vehicles…

  15. Buff TOG HP….KV2 Muhahahahah!!:)

  16. Sad they didn’t “simplify” wheelies out of the game

  17. Love how wg still refuses to actually do anything with real changes like balancing gold ammo or making matchmaker better

  18. its very simple why they remove so many low tier tanks, cuz new players faster reach higher tier tanks, and on higher tier will be hard to play without premium account.
    its everything about money right WG ?

  19. I miss old amx elc speed 🙁

  20. Colector what? Ok then, where si Foch 155, Fv 183, Fv 215? They was removed from tech tree as well.. Nice waste of time for me to get T-62A when now I can buy it everytime I want…

  21. In my opinion whelled vehicles should get rochet engines and indistructible whelles, but remove them the gun… only active spot is theyr main gun… how can a regular tank compete with whelled cars when they move so fast and sharp and also do 500 explosive damage with at least one critical hit… how can any tank compete with that…?

  22. Ok I like the idea of taking lower tier arty from the game for newer players.
    BUT what’s to stop the clubbers still having access to the lower tier arty via the collectors shops?

    It seems they are just moving these elsewhere instead of actually dealing with the problem?

  23. Steel The Ironbreaker

    Your R’s are really annoying. To the point where it’s funny. Not hatin’. Just pointin’ out unnecessary opinions.

  24. New maps? That’s what I would like to see. Leave alone or better yet delete the clown cars.

  25. WTF, yes who said the bullshit of buffing the wheeled vehicles, when IT NEEDS NERF. Lower speed, ability to track them.. or better removed from the game

  26. Raul Colenbrander

    I am interested in the compensation rules etc. I have a lot of tanks that are going to be removed so yeah.

  27. What happens to tanks that you have researched but you don’t own them, and they are moved to the special tanks. Do you need to buy them and research them again?

  28. My 30.01P is a heavy now, and capped at 45km/h as a result 🙁 – still love it though.
    My KV-1S has a sub 9 second reload now on its derp however, so I’m still happy.

  29. WG needs to desperately nerf autoloaders

  30. This won’t lower variety at lower tiers at all, because there are no new players in WoT.

  31. Is the low tier arty (tier2-4) in the colletor section?

  32. Ok fuck you again wg no no wg Wargaming that ppl to know your name fuck you buff wheeled ? Omg this team suck really suck

  33. kv13 is my favorite tank to play, it is one of the best rammer at low tiers 😉

  34. Hello pls gift me su130 pm my nickname in wot is ruzalb pls🥺

  35. ffs WG… can you give me any more reasons to stop playing WoT and play WThunder instead? WT doesn’t have 80mph wheelies or stupid stunning arty… IJS

  36. Cant wait for the T32 changes, my T29 crew is itching to go. 🙂

  37. And what happens for eg if I grinded Jadpanther 2 which now is replaced in tech tree with Ferdinand? I have to research tier 8 again in order to continue the grind??… *supposing I dont have enough time until the patch to research tier 9*

    *For anyone interested* : They actually adressed this issue. If u already have Jadpanth 2, the tier 9 will be automatically researched for you to compensate the “loss”.

  38. Hey Dez what happens for people who own collector’s tank (for example T-62A) do you get the obj. 140 for free or what?

  39. Dat One Ninja, Yo

    How will this affect vehicle research progression, though?
    For instance, if I want to play the Jagdpanzer E100 line, but I chose the Jagdpanther II instead of the Ferdinand–once the changes are implemented, would I then have to go back and research the Ferdinand as well if I wanted to progress to tier 9 since my Jagdpanther II would then become a “collector’s vehicle” and no longer be a part of that research track? I don’t exactly want to play the Ferdinand; the Jagdpanther II seems better to me.

  40. Fuck, this game is getting more and more STUPID. In mean time buff all Rashan tanks, and please just delete useless German tech tree….

  41. WTF again wheeled bufs , this is a dezaster.
    1- EBR ruin this game
    2-ARTY TOO (1 arty per team is ok)
    The old problems remain :

  42. again best video dezgames . from me after 7 years wheel cars should not be in game , and not buff them so you even more cant shot them . or i shot them with borsig big gun and wheels absorb all . WTF . WG need goto army and make more research France call them armoured cars or vehicles not tanks . soon we will have Lamborghini with gun on top 😀

  43. another shit patch that breaks the game further f…. IDIOTS (WG)

  44. T67 is gonna take a big nerf as well… Increasing dispersion in movement, reduced back speed, increased aiming times… I don’t care because I have done 142 battles with it just check my wot life… haze__bird

  45. Reduce EBR’s turning circle…..imbeciles.

  46. I love your voice DezG, Good Job You!

  47. What about kv-1s? It turns to old fashion?😅

  48. Get ready for a lot more bad players in toptiers. They did a simmiliar change in WOTBlitz… Average wr of my teammates in t10 is 45% to 50%…

  49. How fucking disconeccted from the community are War gaming WHAT THE FUCK , why buff Wheelers wtffffffffffffffffffffff.

  50. hy all , this is a personal opinion/ guide WOT in current meta state :

    Be aware the game is full of bots!!!!!!!

    The good parts are :

    1. it is free to play
    2. great graphic
    3. great sound
    4. great effects
    5. easy to learn

    free to play player account / majority of the players !!!!!

    Now the gameplay experience / Reality – practically the core of the game :

    tier 1-4 – easy to progress fast credits and experience – the gameplay is like counter strike !!! – no armour on vehicles
    -in top of that is pz-1-c – a bully tank with amaizing firepower but no armor stresfull for newcomers !!!
    – they want to change the armour part but i have my reserves
    – a fun tank for tier 4 – Matilda – decent armour but has amaizing firepower
    – the tier 4 are garbage against highier tier ( a joke really ) – but u play majority of the games with same tier or 1 lower and 1 higher …
    Tier 5-6 – decent credits – good progress
    – the heavy’s are almost bulshitt against high tier …
    – good credits and fun tank to play – OI , KV2 – both play with durp gun
    – tier 5 tank are intermediate – not good tanks – the heavy are a joke
    – against tier 7 or 8 – the tanks are …. absolut crap
    – i speak about the heavy’s because they must have at least the best armour among other tanks in game !!! – and that is almost with few exception a joke…
    Tier 7-8 – here will start the frustration on players …
    – the tanks are totaly garbage against higher tier and decent against same tier ( depend on tanks not all ) – study the tech tree – and good against lower tier
    – the bad thing the majority of the matches u will play against same or higher tier !!!
    – the progres start to be slowly – the expence of credits will go up – so will start to be not so fun to play
    – for credits here u can play the tech tree tank that u want to progres and u can play a tier 5 premium reward tank m10 ( the french antitank) – for example
    – if u play 2 games 1 with tier 8 exaample and 1 with tier 5 will almsot in majority of the time will be ++++ on credits !!!
    – the match experience it absolut bulshitt – the credits also !!!!!!!
    Tier 9 – the progress will be super slow !!! – in majority of the time u will be – on credits
    – for play this tier u need at least 1 mil credits –
    – the game play will be super expensive !!!!!!
    – the heavy’s almost all are garbage for the armour part ( Mauschen , Type 4 heavy ) – they sad they have most armour :)) – it is a joke
    – the penetration without premium ammo is garbage !!!!!!!!
    – the damage with heats – are a big joke – u make 50 or 200 dmg in majority of the time and u will be heat with 500 , 600 and so on …
    – here u could try the TD’S they have some penetration ( standard ammo ) – but crappy armour …
    – the light tanks are a verry good option here ( u could do credits ) – repair is not so expensive …
    Tier 10 – if u want to be competitive u need gold ammo !!!!!!!
    – super expensive gameplay !!!!!
    – the good lines for go to reach tier 10 : Italian line – with Progetto !!!! – a verry good tank
    – the russian td’s – verry good penetration !!!!
    – the swedish lines all tree ( verry good autoloader tanks )!!!!
    – the german td’s – hard line to play ( Grille ) – but with super penetration !!! – is for hardcore players …
    – and they are other depend on each one preference
    – french autoloader arty is super fun to play with …

    Stupid tanks in the game :

    french weeeelie :)) !!!! – totaly overpowered with speed and penetration !!!
    and the stupid double barell tanks !!!!! absolut crap ideea – what;s next the atomic bomb or the weelie with 2 barells!!!! :)))

    The up facts are for free to play player , no gold ammo , decent time spent in the game etc … THIS IS REALITY for MAJORITY OF THE PLAYERS … !!!!!

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