Examples of Actual Light Tank Gameplay

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Source: LemmingRush

By no means am I a great player, but the meta for light tanks terrible, So i thought id give a different perspective as well as grind my ru for this one. Hope it was Enjoyable & Informative.


  1. This is only available in 360p. Makes me a sad panda.

  2. 360 P cause YT is slow… great…

  3. Hello bitches. Im not first, but my profile picture is a motherfucking bird, so i hereby formally declare myself the supreme leader of this comment section. Everyone who wants to leave a comment has to upvote my comment and reply with “oh my glorious leader” then you can write whatever the fuck you want. Oh yes i nearly forgot. FIRST

  4. Unlisted club!

  5. i just want to know why i am included on this list ahaha

  6. omg that situation with the jag hahaha

  7. lemming, do u want a reaaaaly nice lt to play and hf??? play the t71 ;D

  8. Hey Lemming, I’ve noticed you aren’t running a directive with your chocolate, I’d recommend you try it, sure it will only work when you get set on fire, but its a whole lot better than losing 1000 HP in a battle because you chose food instead of a fire extinguisher. (not to mention module damage)
    I’ve lost potential Kolobannov medals because I got set on fire while running food instead, 2 bonds is pretty cheap and as long as you get rank 1 or 2 every week, will be more than enough to afford this.

  9. Hey Lemming, since you are grinding the RU i have some tips for you (got it 3 marked if that might make my tips more convincing). I’d advise to take at least 3 HE, since it’s high pen, which is useable against other lights to boost your nerfed DPM and give you an edge in close combat. Or against stuff like T110s, T95 and so on. Secondly based on your viewrange circles i assume you run vents to boost your dpm and aiming time. It’s nice, but with BiA, rations, sitAw and optics you have ~485 m viewrange which rips other scouts and tds camo. You’ll notice that you light alot more lights (pun intended) throughout the game. And undeniably even on maps like Himmelsdorf and Ensk 490m VR and 36% camo helps you in the early and lategame

  10. “Ilya red” has a channel just about LT play worth a look

  11. Why do you only carry 1 hep?

  12. I genuinely just love your commentary. You are so chill and find humor in situations that i get frustrated in. It is so awesome to watch. Thanks for the great vids Lemming!

  13. Yep the JP E100 was not also a mistake 12:55

  14. How do I beat the game like you?

  15. Can you make a guide on jpze 100….

  16. Until they fix the scout nerf literally no reason to play them outside of novelty, the slight mobility and the camo mechanics aren’t even that big when comparing them to mediums like bat chats or the armoured russians. Excellent gameplay as always lemming!

  17. Sweet I was in the 2nd game

  18. please Lemming break long videos into 2 parts, i don’t get to watch other half most of the time.

  19. XxxFallenMetalRebelxxX

    Can you Please cover the T-54 like you just did with this RU…in a couple videos so i can see you cover all the maps i know this is a big ask… since you are so busy with all the tanks you play and everyone you are trying to help out…you rock man i and learning so much from watching all your videos…im just still trying to get that 1st mark on my gun…im now bouncing between 60% and 63 % with your help from that last short video on the t-54 thanks you so much for that i really appreciate you helping out like that …you rock…just since watching your videos i have increased my personal rating from 3469 to 4551…thanks for all the videos you make….you really made this game fun again..for me anyway…thank you again..

  20. looks like paper medium tank game-play to me.

  21. RU drove me mad. The gun is just too unreliable. If you can flank enemies and fire from point blank range it’s great, but any shots over 50m are just asking for a miss or a bounce. Somewhat bizarrely I had about 1700 WN8 with it which dropped to 1400 since the LT re-balance (I’ve not played it since then) whereas my Blackdog had about 1500 WN8 but since the rebalance has gone up to 1800! (I have been playing this a lot for credit grinding).

    I have been thinking about having another go at the RU ( I moved its crew to my Leopard PTA, and stripped out the equipment), but if a majestic Unicum is finding it a ball-ache, maybe I should write it off.

    As for the HEP, I find it derpy as fuck. Yesterday I managed three full pens in a row from 300m against a KV-3, all over 300dmg, which was nice. Normally though, I hit Skorpions and Swedish TDs for 100dmg, or miss from point blank range, or the fucking shot goes between the gun shield and the gun, or some other form of RNG BS.

  22. “Can I make it through here?” Gets dicked by jpz “fuck” ??? quality vid lemming

  23. I really like that cheeky “I don’t understand” followed by a split-second footage of a guy’s stats at 16:23 😀 Snarky Lemming humor as always.

  24. Hey It's Franklin Hidden

    your my favorit wot content crestor keep it real man

  25. Lemming…pretty sure actual light tank gameplay involves scouting

  26. WOW! Thanks for the clip Lemming. Looking forward to your next live cast.

  27. Thanks LemmingRush, I always learn something from your videos, and I just love the sarcasm LOL

  28. Holy fuck, at 15:40, how the hell did you get away?! lol

  29. 6:23 – SkalfPark : Lemming teach me how to scout :O , and now you make a video about “Examples of Actual Light Tank Gameplay” , great thanks 🙂

  30. Great content Lemming :). Just your overall sweeping statement for LT play perturbs me a bit, but great video nonetheless.

  31. 16:01 I like how the WG employee says “rape” in chat.

  32. no optics?

  33. 12:43 made me laugh way harder than I should in my office……

  34. A question remains : how do you play the other types of tanks ? You know, like heavies and TDs…

  35. I really like the RU the mobility is king. I also like the WZ131, WZ132 and the HWK12. My play is no where near your level but i can make silver on any win.

  36. Marshall Allshouse

    What I like about this video is that it proves skill is not correlated to really anything but just reading positions and recalculating accordingly

  37. I love these live action games.
    So, do you comment over all games until you get a good one?
    Obviously, you’re not going to show a bad game right?

  38. Henri Liimatainen

    Why not just climb A1?

  39. you can climb quite nicely on windstorm…?

  40. You SHOULD check IlyaRed LemmingRush. He mains light tanks and excels at it, really he’s just a beast so everyone could learn a thing or two from him 😉

  41. so, do you think light tanks are really underpowered? (some of them, not the Type 64…)

  42. hey lemming.. man i sold all my tier10s yesterday. they nerf my BC soon. and i just cant play obj140 with 500 wn8 bot tier10 teammates non stop.. even tho im close to t54 with 3 marks. tier9 is the new tier10 for me. so how can i grind tier9 e50 while the line sucks so badly man

  43. Yay! I had better games in my ru than at least some of them Lemming had. I am so happy right now, I can die.

  44. ATeamBalkanGames

    He didnt get clicked…

  45. Any tips for the T54 Lightweight? My average in the tank is 2.000+ damage per game but my win % is only 37%… it may be because I havent played a lot of games with it (less than 20), but I dont like the red number :/

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