Excellent British Sniper – Sherman Firefly VC – New Premium Tank

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. Would you give up new tank releases for more refined game mechanics

  2. BTW Circon, did you get this tank from WG or you bought it yourself?

    • he got it for free. from now on all CCs get new premium tanks for free in exchange for making WG looks good. 😉

  3. It's not what you think

    Nice hair circon.

  4. Yo, it’s 4am why are you posting vid… Oh yeah, he’s 6 hours ahead of me…

    So like are you saving the *Big* damage Firefly game for later? Or are you really gonna let Jingles have all the fun with that one? Personally since you hit it big maybe make it a directors cut video like the Foch 155 HE “Director’s Cut” video…

  5. General Obi Wan Kenobi

    I really love my Cromwell’s gun. Fast, accurate, but a bit low on DPM… I like the Firefly’s 17pounder too. It’s not gonna happen but I’d play it more if the Firefly got a slight damage and reload buff. Especially the reload.

  6. That blind scout snap shot POGGERS dude!

  7. 95% of the player base, including me, are not playing the same WoT. The economy does not facilitate the use of premium consumables, we have to play stock tanks, with average crews. I lost a carry yesterday in my 7/1 after outplaying four remaining players alone. Why did I lose? Because even after finding an angle to kill shot the last enemy, I had to take a 3/4 aimed snap shot to kill the arty from about 150 metres. My shell misses completely, he then snapshots me before I could reach cover. This is reality.

    • Thing is tough, circon has 4+ skill crews. He most of the time runs food, all his tanks have equipment. That will most of the time help with things like hitting more snapshots etc.

    • xiaobaozha I just got to tier nine a few months ago after playing this game since 2012. Haven’t spent a dime on premium consumables or premium rounds.

      Although I did fit some of my favorite tanks with the gun rammer and stuff like that. But only when they went on sale.

    • I try to get equipment on sale as well, and most of the time I buy them in bulk for the tanks I am going to grind sooner or later.

    • After about 2- to 3000 games you can get very close to this. You just have accept that youre not gonna have amazing stats because the stock grind can be very hard. And that you have to think which tank you want to play, you cant just transfer crews. Also premium consumables and shells cant be used that often. Doing the campaign is a great way of staying competitive, doing t55a missions right now and thanks to that im starting to get a decent amount of high tier vehicles.

  8. as jingles said, we hate you 😀

  9. Circon show that spicy 5k damage Firefly game <3

  10. should have let progetto get his 8th kill .. considering he helped you alot at the castle and not only

  11. how do you get it? i cant see it anywhere ?!

  12. I love how this is the exact second game after yesterday’s game. keep em coming circon!

  13. Why does he always gets good rng? Rng always shits on my head.

  14. Thumbs down for not letting the Progetto get his Radley Walters….. the greed is big in the unicums

  15. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    You could have let the Progetto get his Radleys… :/

  16. I remember back in 2013 when I drove my Black Prince for the first time, the first tank that I had BiA and Vents the gun was laser accurate, then I realized the gun for me was the 17pdr.

    It was funny to see an IS bounce and then you pew pew like 3 times before his reload killing his commander and his gunner by shooting his turret.

    Laser accurate guns like this are one of the best feelings in the game because it rewards good marksmanship instead of derpy russian guns that depends of RNG.

  17. Y’all know that the AC 4 Australian tank has similar but also slightly better stats than the Firefly right? Why buy a slightly more pay to win Firefly clone, if you can get a Firefly of a different name with 60% more gun depression?

  18. Should let progetto have the Radley

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