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Today I'm playing Excalibur – an EXCEPTIONALLY British tank in World of Tanks!



  1. Why would WG make a statement and what difference would it make?

  2. I don’t like these “opinions” where someone who has no idea about the whole situation makes comments in defense of Ukraine. Why so? Because there are no comments about the language law which stops 20 million people in Ukraine to use their own language or about the people of Donbas that want independence, etc. But as usual, we could talk about the fact that not a single comment you can find under Iraq, Pakistan, or Afghanistan videos when the US did the exact same thing along with NATO, every country in NATO sent their men in those countries, which makes them no better but worse than Russia. In my opinion, all of these people are simply spitting in their own faces, it’s just a trend to show up the flag of Ukraine. On the other hand, ofc the war should not be the solution but again, where were all the comments for that 20 million people before the war? Nowhere!

  3. Pecunia non olet

  4. Very well done on the first part of this video quickybaby glad you are pointing this out a bit completely fine you not uploading it hasn’t been that long anyway lol completely understand specially you living so close to what’s going on in the world

  5. Pure class comment, QuickyBaby. Alas, as an officer of the French Army, I am not anymore allowed to play such games as WoT or Warthunder, just in case it could be used to spy. It’s quite absurd but have no choice here. I will continue to watch your videos 😉

  6. Such an amazing and sincere person quickybaby always hilarious and always find an alternative way of trying to always see things in a positive light and be a peacemaker that’s one of the many reasons I love your content and always will support your channel

  7. There is a country harassed, bombed, civilians drying, milion of people suffer and they are on the edge of starvation.

    You thought of Ukraine but its Yemen today, harassed by UAE and Saudi.
    Yet you think that is ok

  8. Can you do the same for palestine, kashmir, lybia, syria, iraq, afghanistan and all other country been in war at the moment?

    • Of course not because he is British. When they attack everything is ok.
      Tired of double standards in this world.

    • Funny thing is westerners complain about Russia today in Ukraine. Yet they invade other countries and bomb them killing their civilians. The biggest hypocrits in the world are anglo’s and americans.They will not win against Russia of that i am 100% sure.

  9. Well, yes, of course it is hard for the ucranian people having an invasion going on on their country, but what happens with the people from the Donbass region on Ucraine? They have been bombed for 8 years and no one moved a finger to help them. They received cheerfully the Rusian invasion, and the NATO did nothing to stop the ucranian goverment from bombing this people (violating the Minsk agreements). They pushed Russia with their agressive movements, so, in my opinion, the only evil here is NATO and their politics.

  10. Massive end game!

  11. Wish WarGaming would add in the other aspects of this tank; The fact that it’s amphibious & has 8 Swingfire Anti-Tank missiles.

  12. Perfectly said mate. Well done

  13. Luckily I play WT. Gaijin would never oppose a war

  14. I enjoy it immensely, that dpm can really stack up some games

  15. Do you think that some of the German lines need a alpha damage buff to compete with some of the high alpha damage auto loaders namely the panther and panther two

  16. How can you support a company in a country that support the killing of people in a free country?

  17. youre wife is from Belarus lol…and they invade Ukraine with Rusia lol…and u talk this shit?

  18. Great game!

  19. Here is a possible idea for twitch/youtube, you could play the tanks you have the least battles in at each tier. 🙂

  20. Bad things happen when good men(and women) do nothing.

  21. What about aggression to Serbia in 1999. ?

  22. Love how the side of your vehicle sports “bring the heat” the Lefh did just that but failed nevertheless

  23. 2:40 as far as I understand it pretty much everyone is against the war in Ukraine, the most of the Russian population is, the Russians in ukraine who Putin is “saving” are even against it. It’s just Putin and his few closest followers who supports it.

  24. This is my reply to your “Hi everyone! i dont usually…” since i cant find it to reply there i will do it here. My name is N.M. im 42yrs old and I am from Serbia.Plyin WOT since 2012 and from time to time I follow your content about WOT. I’m very disappointed in your attitude and even mention of the situation in Ukraine on the gaming channel. What’s scary is the absolutely biased way of thinking classically pro-Western not to say the BBC way of thinking, so I wonder if you Westerners have TV on your shoulders instead of your head because your story is the same as watching your media, are you like people able to independently think and at least investigate what you’re talking about? You’re such hypocrites.
    When you bombed SRJ /today’s Serbia /then you called it the Merciful Angel. When Russia defending its national interests (forced by your Western interference, far from your borders) to attack Ukraine, Then you call it aggression?
    When you extort a move like this from Russia , You are violating the agreement with it that NATO will not expand eastwards you represent Russia as the aggressor even though the entire Western world, including your country for past 20 years and throughout history, has trampled and deposed legally selected summaries all over the world, then it’s the spread of democracy and when Russia does the same it’s aggression? Hypocrites
    Not to mention the fact that the states you attacked were thousands of miles away from your borders, none of them bordering you. How come you give yourself the right to do it far from your borders while blaming Russia for the same thing at its borders? Hypocrites.
    Remember the crisis of the 1960s , when the USSR tried to install its missiles in Cuba , whose regime allowed it because it was a sovereign state , how did the United States react ?- as a danger to his own safety! Then we narrowly avoided World War III. As a result, the United States has tried several times to overthrow the government in Cuba, even though diplomatically the crisis has been resolved and the war has been avoided, the USSR has not planted missiles on Cuban territory precisely because of U.S. interference. No country was on the side of the USSR and Cuba at the time, they kept quiet,how so? Hypocrites
    Where were you in 1999 to raise your voice against your country’s policies and its part in NATO aggression against my country? I was in the army and on my 20th birthday in April I “celebrated” under your democratic bombs. It was Tony Blair who was among the loudest advocates of bombing even though we did not attack any NATO country or any foreign country. You have violated UN Resolution 1244, which has been a dead letter on paper for 20 years and you speak only of international law when it suits your interests. Hypocrites.
    If you answer me that you were a child then, your father could have rebelled, protested, your people could have raised their voices but didn’t, you kept your mouth shut and lived your lives while here ,under the flood of your democracy bombs, was legitimate targets, in addition to military targets u bombed hospitals, bridges, schools, trains, refineries, city districts and entire cities, buildings, civilians, refugee columns… hypocritically calling these people collateral damage . It’s your democracy, in fact, the unprecedented hypocrisy I felt on my skin in the midst of a “civilised” Europe at the end of the 20th century. Your country was the loudest when NATO troops were supposed to kill in Serbia. You killed with a tomahawk and a 3-year-old child sitting on a potty , and that wasn’t the only child you killed. You English invoked death not only then but throughout all your history hiding behind a cup of tea and lordly titles, English cold and restraint, coldly justifying other people’s sufferings to the interests of the country. Isn’t the pillar of your UK diplomacy the saying of a lord that if you choose between the truth and the interests of the state, no doubt choose the interest of the state? Hypocrites.
    You have tried to declare my people, through a United Nations resolution, genocidal, those of you who have slaughtered millions around the world, enslaved, you whose history is full of bloodshed even in the 20th century. What were you doing in Africa? Hypocrites.
    Where were you when the states of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya were demolished? Where were your comments when Syria was attacked? You didn’t sympathize then? You didn’t need to express your opinion then? Hypocrite.
    Can I interfere in your internal affairs by asking why Wales and Ireland have football repression but not independent states?
    You should, like all westerners, be ashamed, stick your heads in the sand like ostriches and at least shut up when you’re not able to be enough people to admit that it all came about precisely because you , with your actions that caused what was happening in Ukraine. If you were the people like you pretended to be, if you were really civilized, you wouldn’t let the last UN session be a disgrace to the bone.
    I suggest you learn and study the history from a fat books and check three times what you’ve read in other sources. Things are not black and white.

  25. I just want modern tanks in wot

  26. Tank you Sir for such an anouncement, of which I personnaly approve every word.

  27. i like how you are not allowed to have an opinion in 2022. I remember someone saying something else in 2021 which enraged people, and the company said “His opinion does not represent the vision of the entire company” and no one got fired.

  28. Hey QB sell all your Russian tanks

  29. Funny thing is you westerners complain about Russia today in Ukraine. Yet you invade other countries and bomb them killing their civilians. The biggest hypocrits in the world are you anglo’s and americans. You will not win against Russia of that i am 100% sure.

  30. I’m talking a tall THE FUCKING DIESLE IS $2 a liter

  31. I already hate arty players in WOT but the ones are coming to Kiev and trying to blast (innocent) people away is just something else. Please stop this fking bullshit.

  32. War Thunder is literrally making a sale on t72s that are invading Ukraine rn i m speechless

  33. I urge everyone to stop playing this game!!!! This game comes from the criminal country Belarus!!!

  34. I urge everyone to stop playing this game!!!! This game comes from the criminal country Belarus!!! If you keep playing this game you will support Russia in the war against Ukraine!!! You certainly don’t want that!!!

  35. No matter where they now are this game was developed by Russians, Russians invade Ukraine, done playing this Russian made game…..pay to proceed, get ur money elsewhere WG

  36. full review of mission tanks?

  37. Радо Желязов

    Hi, Its’not improtant, but I want to share my decsigion. I stpped playng on 24-th. I will not play until this war is over. I will not support WG with my money, because they are the Belaris company and Belarys are invaders too.

  38. Thanks for the update QB, and thanks for all the content.

  39. You, as British, should be the last one to tell anyone about the war, invasions and killing innocent people since you are the member of the specie that : 1. had human zoo where instead of animals they show black peoples 2. You invaded 90% of countries thru you history 3. You are the source of more-less all evil in the world.
    Ofc we all want war to be ended soon as possible as we know that ordinary people will suffer the most, but you need to learn why this happened in the first place.
    Cheers and continue to trash WG.

  40. No one cares what you think about Ukraine, people are here to watch videos about WoT

  41. Funny thing is you westerners complain about Russia today in Ukraine. Yet you invade other countries and bomb them killing their civilians. The biggest hypocrits in the world are you anglo’s and americans. You will not win against Russia i am 100% sure.

  42. FYI, : Media Lies About Ukraine/Russia DEBUNKED! YouTube Copy and Paste in your browser. The shortest, fastest explanation.

  43. I like that in the middle of this match, nobody spots yet arties keep destroying tanks. Felt good to see decent players with those.

  44. No one has been paying enough atention to the real and possible implication that present day events will possibly affect the trout population in the comming months, or even years.

  45. Αποστολος Γιαντσης

    WHAT ? PEACEFUL COUNTRY? They been bombing those 2 russian friendly towns since 2014 they utilize neonazis in their army and they are so many videos of them raping amd burning alive people supporting russians in those areas , i dont support Russia neither Ukraine , because they are both capitalistic and imperialistic states killing and supporting their purposes , NATO USA and russia us responsible for all this not russian and Ukrainian people , same happened in Yugoslavia , NATO USA and Russia eith their allies like china and North korea are killing innocent people all ove the world , NO TO IMPERIALISTIC WARS

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