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  1. Its gonna get a nerf its how warthunder works

  2. gonna get upbr soon

  3. Phly please stop bullying completely new players to the game. You killed nothing but 1.0 – 1.3s who were all likely level 10 and below. This is just mean.

  4. Yea ; welcome to fun-land! BTW I already run it with the strong 2.3 lineup that Italy has, and only a few 3.3 tanks gives it an issue (like the 1st T-34, StuH, or the always OP M4A3 105). But if u want to play on 2.0 the AB 43 is also there!

  5. Day 347: Play the J7E or the Q5A

  6. I went I to this expecting the thumbnail to be a photoshopped tank hybrid but wow it actually looks like this

  7. its the colonial bardiche tank from foxhole lol

  8. If i buy the battle pass with the 150 bonus points wil it be enough from Level 1 to 14? in battle pass?

  9. Turan Smuran, that FC 20 Bis is nasty it really is a great Italian plane at that BR.

  10. Love you please play M26 thanks

  11. Rip Ash 13:39 07

  12. 3:00 – 50mm of frontal armour and that guy’s machine gun still penetrates at 200 yards and knocks out your gunner.
    The fuck is wrong with this game?

  13. love how a 1944 tank is at 2.0 like wtf

  14. 8:57 😆😆 his laugh

  15. Did I spot an Ashe007 cameo?

  16. Can’t help but think how many people checked back for a double take on the new Turan tank and got destroyed

  17. Phly got a question for you, tanks are fun aircraft are awesome but I never see you do any ship videos anymore or at least not lately, I know it’s tough to get into a Navy fight in War Thunder but still it would be pretty awesome if you could put some of those videos together too 😁

  18. Come on, we know the scam; new shiny OP so ya gotta have it, then it’ll be nerfed to make way for the next shiny. I can’t tell you how rarely I see the majority of event vehicles a month or so after they become available. Boring Gaijin Boring.

  19. you kept saying bravo but you kept going to Alfa after you said bravo

  20. Disgustingly good and also magical because I just shot one on the turret ring, killed both gunner and loader and it shot back at me a second later….

  21. Love the video, also here’s a bit of an odd fact I learned: you can kill the T-50 with 50mm HE shells if you hit the side

  22. I watch phly for the noises he makes after each ground run.

  23. Great video

  24. The battle station?

  25. The Legion is not Amused

    Look. Peak tank performance.

  26. I dont want to say it too hard, but the BP is really suck this time. I mean some of the reward is OK, but it is still the worst BP in the history.
    PS. The plane is not bad, but it should not be a 75 level reward.

  27. 15:21 Some Crash with Ash

  28. Ruined hopes and dreams today

  29. Why the fck are the crew speaking subhuman language, thets not hungarian. 😑

  30. TheMaltesefalcon204

    This would of been a great tank… if it wasn’t used so late in the war…

  31. They reset war bonds forcing people to pay for Tanks in one example $1500 AU

  32. Imagen playing your First few rounds in2.0 and you get obliterated By phly again and again

  33. Thank you phlydaily now every one use the turan😞

  34. This tank is like an juggernaut

  35. Phantastic premium vehicle. OP as f*ck! As it should be. Well done Gaijin, well done. Hope they don’t move it up BR 👍

  36. Finaly I’ve been waiting for this!
    Hungary made contact😂

  37. ‘in a very good position here’
    In AB you’d have been dead about 10s earlier.. where you sit there is basically asking for a side turret shot in AB.

  38. Basically a Pz.IV F1 with actual armour under 800m and at 2.0…
    All the PT76-57 haters going to whinge about this too?

  39. I swear that every time I use my turan I always get team killed by artillery or a low iq bomber or low iq fighter

  40. is this tank battlepass tank or what?

  41. Mantas Mickievicius


  42. Is it just me, or does this one look like a Bardiche from Foxhole?

  43. Nagy Gergő Gábor

    The sadest part is that it has italian crew voice. I would like to hear like “ott van b*zdmeg” after you kill someone

  44. Guys what we say to pt 57 bye bye

  45. Hungarian tank on polish map. Nice

  46. Ok I’m confused pz 2 c penned but nothing else did

  47. Sometimes i wish you wouldnt use max’d out crews for your vids. The 10.0 br’s, sure, but at lower br’s where most players are, they are never going to be anywhere near 150+, and crew knockout, repair time etc, is going to be nowhere near the experience in what you show in the vids. Just a little gripe i guess, and i realise you are trying to promote for gaijin. Others probably enjoy the seal clubbing type vids, so i get it.

  48. Please make a video about the Germany Mi24
    Day 1

  49. hey phly, can ya go into how to use Do 17s and ju 88 C-6s effectively in air RB?

  50. You should try the M51 at 7.7 with an Israeli jet, I’ve been doing that and the heat seems more consistent

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